Fife, UK: Eden Park is a respite center for children with special needs. The center offers much needed support to the kids and their families. Fife council proposd to close this center to save money.

In response, Peter Jackson, a concerned local, started a petition campaign at GoPetition in February 2012. He explained the history of the matter as follows: "Please support our petition to prevent Fife Council from closing Eden Park Children's Respite Center, Cupar. The centre provides much needed respite to special needs children and their families in Fife.

Fife Council announced the closure of the centre in their budget (Feb 2012) without consultation with families or staff at the centre. The families and staff found out about the closure via the Fife Herald.

We believe this action by the council is wrong and should be reversed. The children use Eden Park regularly. It's staff and the service are an invaluable asset to the families. The centre affords not only the children respite but parents & carers respite at home too. The children interact with other children in a safe and friendly environment that would not otherwise be afforded."

Fast forward to June 26, 2013 and Peter Jackson has reported success. "Thank you to everyone who signed and supported this petition. Fife Council have today sent letters to all the families associated with Eden Park informing them that the facility is remaining OPEN. Your continued support throughout this long and arduous process was greatly appreciated. Thank You."

In a note to GoPetition he wrote: "Thank you to the GoPetition Team. Without your website and assistance this petition and succesful outcome would not have been possible."

Pictured: Eden Park Children's Respite Centre