A petition has been started which calls for the installation of street lighting in the , following a recent spate of crime there.

In April 2008, gair rhydd reported the alleyway behind Cambrian Point to have been the scene of several muggings.

Now members of the community have rallied together with the hope that introducing lighting to the currently dark path will reduce crime in the area.

The petition is being organised by students and will be shown before Cardiff City Council.

Local Cathays Councilor Jon Aylwin has offered to present the petition to the council.

As of last Thursday April 8 support had reached around 350 signatures.

But some local residents do not agree with the proposed lighting plans, claiming it could affect their privacy.

It is hoped that if lighting were installed it would be low-level, in order to cause minimum disturbance to nearby occupants.

The amount of security at Cambrian Point has been increased since the recent muggings.

But Caty Matterson, the Cardiff University student behind a Facebook group promoting the petition, still thinks more can be done to improve safety in the area.

She said: “Ideally, CCTV would also be an enormous improvement. Students should also have more awareness of their own safety.”

A paper copy of the petition is currently at Cambrian Point reception.

The e-petition can also be signed at http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/18771.html.

Source: gair rhydd