Robert Sinclair and his team of investigators with Mid-Iowa Paranormal were thwarted by the Jasper County Board of Supervisors last week in their attempt to investigate possible hauntings at the former care facility buildings. The supervisors claim the care facility is too dangerous to allow anybody in, with broken glass and mold being prevalent there.

Now, Sinclair said, he and his team want to make another effort to convince the supervisors to let them conduct their paranormal research there. The men hope that a doctor’s approval to wear appropriate masks, as well as a list of signatures from local residents on a petition may change the supervisors’ minds.

“Just talking to some residents, they are interested in the case and have mentioned that this would help the county if we find evidence in this building to be placed on a historic haunted place (register),” Sinclair said. Apparently, the facility is listed in an encyclopedia of haunted places.

Sinclair said he has talked with several former employees of the care facility who have given him anecdotes that may indicate paranormal activity at the site.

“I know it’s haunted,” one former employee said, according to Sinclair. “I worked there for five years, and sometimes you would see things and there would not be anybody there. I worked on the third floor on the south end, and sometimes you would be sitting there doing paperwork and would see a figure go across the hallway and into the room, and when you go check there would be no one there.”

In addition to the stories of hauntings, Sinclair said he has heard other more personal stories, as well as the story that the newest wing of the care facility was built over a cemetery. Still, he insists, he does not want to stir up old scandals that may be attached to the facility.

“We are just trying to get county residents to back us up,” Sinclair said. “We have no bad intentions at all.”

Sinclair said the paranormal team was hoping to gather about 2,000 signatures to take to the board of supervisors in their efforts to gain access to the former care facility. The team will be in Newton Friday and Saturday gathering signatures. In addition, residents can sign an online petition at

Source: John Jennings,