Miri, Sarawak, Borneo: Last Tuesday afternoon, September 24th 2013,  3 men captured the mother of the small Hornbill family from Piasau. Faridah, Jimmy and their offspring have been watched and enjoyed by countless people over the past 8 years. They symbolise the struggle of wildlife to survive here in Borneo where so much habitat is being destroyed. Hornbills are totally protected species and are the national emblem of Sarawak. The Miri police arrested 3 men who led the police and Sarawak Forestry to her body (Hornbill - Faridah) - in a bin in Piasau Industrial Estate.

Please also sign and circulate this petition. The background to the petition is as follows:

Piasau Camp Hornbill Park should become a public nature park for the people of Miri, Sarawak - to walk, to run, to relax and to enjoy tall trees, birds, sunsets on the beach. Make Miri the envy of other cities.

Piasau Camp in Miri, Sarawak, was home to Shell expatriates for 50 years or more but its closing now and the lease will revert to the owner. Many people regard the area and its natural surroundings as part of the history of Miri.

We ask the government to take this opportunity to turn it into a positive legacy for the people of Miri and their children. We ask for a public nature park - accessible by all.

The petition calls for the following: I support the creation of a public nature park in Miri -  Piasau Camp Hornbill Park.

You may find further information here :

https://www.facebook.com/groups/105222886295606 and here,


Source: This news release by GoPetiiton has been modified from the petition and  information given by campaign director Mairead Boland.