Kathmandu, 21 March, 2013 - Animal Nepal has thanked over 4000 campaigners who signed petitions at GoPetition.com or Care2  against the brutal dog killings by the Nepalese police.

The campaign booked an important success when the Nepal Police admitted its mistake and sent out a circular to its posts urging  its officers to use humane methods to control stray dogs.

With the support of Volunteer Communication Director Shristi Shrestha and members of Animal Welfare Network Nepal, the petitions with 4000 signatures were handed over to the Nepal Police earlier this week. The Hanumandhoka Range Office has sent out a circular to all police post jurisdiction saying humane measures need to be used, and help from animal welfare organisations should be sought whenever needed. The office also send a letter to AWNN confirming that it will implement humane methods. The police requested help in educating its officers in animal welfare issues.

Already one police post asked Animal Nepal to help with the case of one aggressive dog. This shows that campaigns such as these can truly make a difference! It is extremely sad and upsetting that the dog in the video was abused so badly. We can only hope that it was the last dog to be killed in such a cruel manner in Nepal, and that this case will prove to be a turning point in the way authorities deal with dog issue.

Postscript: On June 24, Animal Nepal posted at GoPetition: Thank you everyone who signed this petition! We handed it over to Nepal Police, who has apologized and informed all police stations asking them not to kill dogs, and instead ask help from animal welfare organisations. For more info visit http://animalnepal.wordpress.com

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