I am an Australian citizen and have been living in Bali, Indonesia for the past 3yrs, going through a difficult adoption process, while my husband and family are in Australia waiting. I have had KiKi since she was 5 weeks old, she is now 3. We were given a tourist visa to Australia in January, it was valid for 3 months, we only stayed one month. We did not overstay, we returned to Bali.

When I applied again, for a 1 year visa, it was refused as the DIAC officer decided that since I was going to sell my bike and TV - this proved I would never return to Bali with KiKi - it proved to him that I would overstay KiKi's visa. I provided DIAC with sufficient information to show that I would return, but the visa was still rejected.

DIAC hide behind phrases such as ".. what's in the best interest of the child ..". I believe "the best interest of the child", KiKi, is to be with me, her mother, the only mother she has ever known, and be reunited with the rest of her family in Australia. Please note that it is not uncommon here in Bali to find a child (newborn, usually female) dumped in garbage or in the river.

In the past 6 months there have been so many female babies found dumped in the garbage in the area where I live. In 2006, they found 9 babies from January til September, drowned in the river. Remember these are only the ones they find. Abortion is illegal here, this is what they do. If a child is born by cesarean, it costs a lot of money, and it is not unusual for the parents to walk out of the hospital abandoning the child because they cannot afford the high hospital bill.

Australian Immigration authorities never like to admit their mistakes, you only need to look at the Cornelia Rau and Alvarez scandals of a few years back. I need to be with my husband and family, KiKi needs to be with her daddy, we need green grass, clean water, a home...

You can visit the following sites: My URL: myspace.com/layonsari FACEBOOK: Bring KiKi Home and YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbeWHchKJGI (below):

Published by: Loretta Cuda