Unhappy with the blue fixtures along the 100 block of Bridge Street, a Phoenixville woman has posted an online petition in an effort to obtain signatures of others who share her opinion.

Christy Camarca, an 11-year resident of Fillmore Street, posted an online petition on the Web site www.gopetition.com late Monday evening ....

"I went on Google to learn how to write a petition, and this site was one of the first ones that Google came up with," said Camarca. "It is a free Web site. I thought it would be a good way to contact a lot of people in such a short way, not a time consuming, door-to-door way... I think if 100 people took the time to go to the Web site and signed, I think that'll be encouraging. The Web site does not sell this information to anyone else as well."

Source PhoenixvilleNews.com