Toady SFC Robert Allen Durbin published a campaign drive, Arlington National Cemetery Burial Honors (Enlisted vs. Officer).

The campaign calls on the Department Of The Army, who controls Arlington, to immediately change the current Arlington Cemetery Honors' Policy being carried out in reference to the lack of respect being rendered to Enlisted Service Members of All Branches being Killed In Action in support of the current Global War on Terrorism.

The petition goes on to state, "We request that all Service Members Killed In Action receive Full Honor Funerals in Arlington regardless of Rank starting immediately."

"In addition, we ask that the over all Honors Rendered as outlined in AR 600-25 be reevaluated for appropriateness of modern times, and accuracy of what is printed, and actually being done in Arlington."

"Specifically, more honors are rendered for Officers than outlined in AR 600-25, Chapter 6, and less Honors are rendered than outlined in the AR for Enlisted Service Members."

"The only way to verify this, is to consult with the respective Service Branch Honor Guards, because what is done, and what is authorized in the Regulations is in question."

Anyone wishing to assist with this campaign can sign the petition which will be submitted to applicable parties in Washington D.C. while  SFC Robert Allen Durbin is on mid-tour leave from Iraq in June.

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