Olympic mascots and logos are known for being awful. It's part of their charm, actually. Remember Cobi?

But very few induce neurological disease, so London is ahead of the curve. On Tuesday, Epilepsy Action said 22 people suffered seizures from watching a Web video to announce the logo's release. The video has been pulled, and basically everybody who didn't design or commission the logo wants it changed, but officials are sticking to the concept.

Meanwhile, a debate rages at www.gopetition.co.uk where the three most active petitions are "Support The London 2012 Logo," "Scrap The London 2012 Logo" and "Replace The London 2012 Logo."

Looking at it, we see a bunch of disconnected and oddly shaped pieces, floating, that could just as easily drift apart as come together.

Oh gosh, it's a drawing of Europe!

Source: By John Ryan
Mercury News