Gopetition shoots hole in doughnuts

Published on Aug 08, 2004

It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, Spike SMH July 29, 2004 that Krispy Kreme has come under attack from a petitioner at SMH writes, "Yesterday, we received an email promoting an online petition to boycott the chain, which has a strategy of flooding media outlets with free…

Child rape petition the talk of Washington Radio

Published on Nov 20, 2003

News coverage has closely followed an online child rapist petition as it continues to recieve growing community support. The petition is aimed at increasing the ridiculously light jail sentence that was delivered to a confessed rapist. The most recent appearance of the petition in the news was on the Dori Monson show on news radio KIRO…

Petition features on "Brisbane Extra" TV show

Published on Nov 17, 2003

A Gopetition hosted petition aimed at generating Immunisation Funding for Pneumococcal Disease was featured on the Brisbane TV show "Brisbane Extra". The petition can be viewed by clicking on the following link. Immunisation petition 

Petition features in King County Journal

Published on Nov 17, 2003

Recent popularity of a petition that aims to extend the prison sentence of a convicted Auburn child molester has not gone unnoticed. In fact it has quickly generated over 2000 signatures and continues to gather pace following continued media appearances, including the article in the King County Journal. To read the article, click here. The petition…

News from Sri Lanka - 27 October 2003

Published on Oct 28, 2003

Sri Lankan news portal has reported that is hosting a petition entitled Ban the LTTE Terrorists  from Canada.The petition urges, "Do not allow the LTTE to use Canada as its International base for terrorist activities. We urge the Canadian government to do what is right and immediately ban the LTTE…

St. Lucia Animal Protection Society features

Published on Apr 21, 2003

The St. Lucia Animal Protection Society has fatured as the host of an important petition against the advent of dolphinaria in the Eastern Caribbean. The petition can be found at The St.Lucia APS feature may be viewed at

Gopetition features in the Star Telegram

Published on Oct 16, 2002

Texas online newsite, the Star Telegram, has featured and the growth and popularity of various online petitions. The article is reproduced in part below: DFW*com Posted on Wed, Oct. 16, 2002 Sign on the dot-com line By Helen Bryant You name it and there’s an online petition for or against it. Even Spongebob…