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GoPetition is a leading international petition hosting portal that offers advanced global hosting and software services to a variety of customers. GoPetition has a multi-million membership base with reach into more than 75 countries.

GoPetition is a for-profit, non-partisan business and has no political affiliations. Our aim is to provide quality campaigning software and tailored petition hosting services empowering individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, NGOs and government organizations across the world to win social action campaigns on a wide range of issues.

While GoPetition is neither an activist group nor a social venture, we have helped many campaigners achieve relevant social outcomes, including economic, moral, legal and policy objectives. Our clients have included organizations ranging from the Taiwanese government, Members of Parliament, numerous nonprofits, NGOs and a variety of commercial entities. We also have numerous individual clients who simply need their voice amplified and heard.

GoPetition fosters a work culture that offers great software and advice to clients that helps them reach positive outcomes. If you are interested in working with us to this end please contact us.

Job Opportunities List

There are currently no vacancies available.