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1. Let us off the lead

This is a campaign by responsible dog owners and their supporters, seeking a fairer and more realistic set of rules for today's world.

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2. Redesign Ottawa Senators Jerseys

Over a year ago, Gatineau native Jacob Barrette started a petition that ended up with the Sens taking him up on a design team for the new heritage jerseys. However, the jerseys we regularly wear at home and on the road are still a league worst.

I plan to contact the sens about this after 1000 signatures (Barrette got 1800+), and will include my own concept and three others.

If you have one, send it to me at

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3. Keep Emily Fisher Charter School Open

It was announced on March 2nd,2012 that Emily Fisher Charter School in Trenton, New Jersey will be closed June 29th. The reason is because the test scores put the school in the bottom three percent statewide.

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We can no longer support the dumbing down agenda of America. This show exploits not only the Italian youth in America, but alcoholic debauchery, unsafe sex, drug usage, domestic violence and profanity of all kinds. There are no morals or ethics.

Big egos, lack of intelligence, and shallow pursuits are not what this generation or the younger generations should be looking up to or aspiring to be.

Enough is enough of allowing this trash to continue while the Jersey Shore makes millions of dollars, our economy is falling.

Hard working Americans are losing their homes, children are starving, politicians corrupt. We must turn our attentions to more constructive pursuits & causes.

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5. Stop Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is a disgrace to America as a whole. America is putting people on TV that do nothing but party and fight all the time. And this show is on during a time when our children have access to the television and they are looking at these people as role models.

Dressing like whores and beating up people, all in the name of getting drunk, is not what our children need to see. Besides the fact that all of those people make me sick. This is not what we want our children to aspire to be. We need real role models, not these rich, spoiled brats.

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6. Please Make Dryptosaurus The Second State Dinosaur Of New Jersey

Dryptosaurus (meaning "tearing lizard") was a genus of primitive tyrannosaur that lived in Eastern North America at the end of the Late Cretaceous period. A famous painting of the genus by Charles R. Knight has made it one of the more widely-known dinosaurs.

Dryptosaurus was 6.5 m long, 1.8 m high at the hips, and weighed about 1.2 tons. It had relatively long arms with three fingers. Each of these fingers was tipped by a talon-like 8 inch claw. These claws lend a meaning for the type species aquilunguis: eagle-clawed.

In 1866, an incomplete skeleton of Dryptosaurus was found in Barnsboro, New Jersey by workers in a quarry. Paleontologist E.D. Cope described the remains, naming the creature "Laelaps" ("storm wind", after the dog in Greekmythology that never failed to catch what it was hunting). "Laelaps" became one of the first dinosaurs described from North America. Subsequently, it was discovered that the name "Laelaps" had already been given to a species of insect, and Cope's lifelong rival O.C. Marsh changed the name in 1877 to Dryptosaurus.

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7. Putting Jersey on the weather map

The Channel Island of Jersey is calling for your support to help end forecast ‘discrimination’ by getting Jersey up on the weather map!

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8. No to Jersey Shore in Sea Isle

The infamous, Jersey Shore, "supposedly" is to be filmed in Sea Isle the summer of 2010.

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9. Demand Those Responsible Pay Back The Missing Education Dollars


Audit: Willingboro school officials faked financial reports in 2005.

TRENTON - Senator John H. Adler today asked State Attorney General Stuart Rabner to launch a criminal probe to punish those responsible for misappropriating millions of taxpayer dollars in the Willingboro Township School District.

"As we tell our children, there have to be consequences for wrongdoing," said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill. "Taxpayers need to know we will dig down to the root causes of wrongdoing and punish those responsible."

In a report by State Auditor Richard L. Fair, it was disclosed that Willingboro officials approved a grossly under-funded budget for the 2005 fiscal year and then falsified reports to cover up the shortfall, causing a crisis which was abated only after the Legislature sanctioned a $10 million bailout loan.

"It is unconscionable that New Jersey taxpayers should be asked to tolerate and to subsidize what very well may be criminal behavior," Senator Adler said in a letter today sent to Attorney General Stuart Rabner. "As a taxpayer, I am appalled. As a State Senator, I appeal to you for a corrective remedy."

The Auditor's report noted that the Willingboro School Board said its vote to approve the budget was based on "falsified" information supplied by district staff. In July of 2005, the board suspended School Superintendent Alonzo Kittrels.

In the wake of a school district deficit set at $5.9 million, three Willingboro schools were shuttered in the district of 5,600 students.

The State audit found that the district's 2005 budget set aside $13.6 million for teachers' salaries when the actual cost was $17.7 million and that a monthly report on the district's financial activity consistently understated expenses.

"Children should see that grownups who abuse taxpayers are held accountable," Senator Adler said. "Otherwise, we're all complicit."

Senator Adler served as co-chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Public School Funding Reform which recommended tighter fiscal accountability procedures for districts throughout New Jersey.

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10. Re-name the Island of Jersey to Zoobdude

Jersey needs to become an internationally recognized place to visit rather than a vaguely popular place for the British to go.

Simply by changing the name to Zoobdude, this will easily happen. It's a name for the future!

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11. Enforce New Jersey Law for troubled teens

I am currently struggling with my 15 year old daughter. It s been a long 2 year struggle that always ends up no where. No matter what I do for my daughter, it always turns out to be a dead end.

We are currently residing in NJ and becuase of the law regarding uncontrolable teens, it is very difficult for me to help her and keep her off the streets where she wanders all night and day when she constantly runs away. I know she is not in good hands out there and I also know she is using drugs and she allows herself to participate in unlawfull activities.

I need my daughter to be safe, but the law here in NJ is not letting me get this done. She is only 15, why allow her to do this to herself and her family. I am not able to get her in any programs becuase the programs here in NJ are not mandatory, if the kid wants to leave, they can leave....why?? that is not right. I know of other states where is not the same as it is here.

Inpatient programs are mandatory in NY and not voluntary like here in NJ. We need to enforce this. It is not fair to parents and especially it is not fair to our children.

Please help me get this done....

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12. Stop NJ Tax Hikes

March 26, 2006

Governor Corzine has proposed a $30.9 billion state budget that will impose higher taxes and fees on anyone who smokes, drinks alcohol, uses water, drives a car and purchases any merchandise subject to the state sales tax.

Stop NJ Tax Hikes is a statewide coalition of concerned citizens who are fighting to defeat Governor Corzine's budget proposal.

Join the debate and help us defeat these burdensome tax hikes.

Sign the petition today!

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13. North Jersey and South Jersey seperate states!

North Jersey and South Jersey act so different, and don't care about eachother, so how come we aren't seperate states!

We have North Dakota and South Dakota, North Carolina and South Carolina, we even have West Virginia! I am a strong believer that South Jersey should be its own state, away from North Jersey, I mean hell, we don't even talk the same way, and I have also noticed it a few of my history books from school, North Jersey and South Jersey are shown in different colors and have their own count number when it shows how different states voted for stuff.

As for adding a new star to the flag, no need to worry, Hawaii aways says they welcome people from the states, but then get pissed off when one of us so called 'in landers' decides to move down there. They can be a US territory, but they don't treat us like we're their fellow states, so why should they be a state when they don't like it when we move there.

But then again the Hawaii thing is just a suggestion. It's possible to dump Hawaii so when the change is made, we don't have to mess up our flag.

South Jersey should be a seperate state, and I wanna know who's with me!

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14. World Cultural Society

The signers of this petition agree: The World Cutltural Society is an important club and should be launched in Kinnelon High School.

We feel that this club would be optimal to cultural understanding in the town of Kinnelon, New Jersey.

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15. Keep the Nets in New Jersey

Katz wants to sell the Nets to Ratner, who is offering $300 million for the team. Keep the Nets in New Jersey with Kushner. If 75% of the NBA Board of Governors do not approve the move from NJ to Brooklyn, then the team cannot be moved. I whole heartedly object to moving the New Jersey Nets away from their hometown and state to Brooklyn.

I feel as though it is in the best interest of the league to keep the Nets in New Jersey, and therefore the NBA Board of Governors should consider all ramifications of a NJ-Brooklyn move for the Nets. One will clearly see that it is in everyone's best interest that the Nets stay in New Jersey.

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16. Keep Jason Kidd in New Jersey!

I am creating this petition to try and show Jason Kidd that us Nets fans really care and want him to stay, please take only a little time to sign it.

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17. PTWLL Baseball - give every child a chance

The PTWLL baseball organization is not treating everyone fairly. We would like to change this and make a difference so every child gets a chance to hit a homerun, or catch a fly ball, or just have fun experiencing the great world of baseball. But with the PTWLL your children may never have that wonderful oppurtunity. Please sign this petition. Make the children of Parsippany, New Jersey happy. Thank you for your time.

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