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Petition published by Tom Foreman on Oct 20, 2011
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Target: The Obama Administration

Petition Background (Preamble):

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The Obama Administration created a We the People online petition site in September, 2011, which promised an official response would be made to every petition that acquired at least 5,000 signatures within 30 days of its creation. This author submitted a petition similar to the one at the bottom of this page a few months later, but it expired without acquiring enough signatures. Since then, this page has been maintained at GoPetition for anyone else wishing to endorse it.

Whether or not this new petition is successful, this page's chronological list of open petitions will be maintained as a public service. Signature totals will be updated daily as a general rule.

Every signature total you see below is linked to its petition's WhiteHouse.Gov page. Bear in mind that petitions expire after 30 days if they fail to cross 2 separate thresholds:

1. 150 - to become visible to visitors at the WhiteHouse.Gov petition site, and therefore here as well. Authors must prove the viability of their petitions by somehow acquiring this initial support on their own. And thus far, the vast majority have failed to make it.

2. 100,000 - to generate an official response from the Obama Administration. This second threshold was initially set at 5,000 when the site was launched, but was raised to 25,000 a week later after "more than 375,000 people" had already created accounts. And it was raised to its present level of 100,000 in January, 2013, because: "In the last two months of 2012, use of We the People more than doubled. In just that time roughly 2.4 million new users joined the system, 73,000 petitions were created and 4.9 million signatures were registered."

Open Petitions by 30-Day Expiration Dates
(Signature totals for petitions that have qualified for responses by acquiring 100,000
or more signatures are highlighted in red. Petitions are normally removed from the list
a day or two after their expiration dates, but those with at least 100,000 signatures can
still be viewed and signed at WhiteHouse.Gov while waiting for their official responses.

November 26

(106,270) Urge the FDA to re-work the deeming regs so that life-saving vapor products can remain on the market!

(1,311) Use an Executive Order to End the Marijuana Laws, a Law Based on Racism and Lies and Pardon all Marijuana Convictions.

(1,115) exempt reusable feminine products from FDA fee so that small businesses can remain open. Keep FDA out of your panties!

(373) Eliminate the requirement of home-based cloth menstrual pad makers to pay the exorbitant FDA fee to sell products.

(369) Pressure Turkey to stop attacking the Kurdish 'YPG' militia, a crucial ally in the fight against ISIL in Syria

(306) Visit Flint and Detroit to Investigate How Emergency Management Compromises Public Safety & Opens the Door to Corruption

(165) Send Immediate Aid and Assistance to Combat Indonesia's Fire Crisis

November 27

(2,420) Send Aid to Combat Indonesia's Fire Crisis

(2,349) Immigration reform for foreign STEM graduate students

(1,152) Publically ask Postmaster General & Congress to create a neundraising stamp called Stamp Out PTSD to Honor Veterans

(261) Individuals should be able to allocate pre-tax dollars from their paychecks to pay off student loans.

(212) make February National SUDC Awareness Month & February 8th National SUDC Awareness Day.

November 28

(461) Stop the unfair trade of steel coming from China and other countries.

(271) Pass Legislation to cover all of infertility treatments under the Affordable Healthcare Act

(271) condemn palestinian violence against israelis

(206) Make Krabbe Disease Testing a Requirement Among Current Mandatory Newborn Testing.

November 29

(190) Agree to presidential candidate Bob Whitaker's demand for tax audits of institutions that promote WHITE GENOCIDE

(186) Include in common core curriculum: DIVERSITY IS A CODE WORD FOR WHITE GENOCIDE

(184) Award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to each Woman in the video “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE”

November 30

(1,294) Reinstate South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields.

(506) Stop the resettlement of Syrian Refugee's in America.

(164) Simplify product-packaging labels in the United States by amending the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA).

(159) create an unconditional Veteran medical gold card where our veterans can go wherever they wish for medical care

December 1

(897) encourage ALL Democratic Party Superdelegates to the National Convention to vote for BERNIE SANDERS not Hillary.

December 2

December 3

(983) Pressure the NFL to remove the SuperBowl from Houston in February 2017 due to lack of Equal Rights Ordinance

(164) Reject presidential candidate Bob Whitaker's demand for tax audits of institutions that promote DIVERSITY!

December 4

(223) Boycott Porcelain Tub Restorations from government contracts in the Maryland and DC area for their disreputable acts

December 5

(541) Enforce international anti-slavery laws to free 35 million slaves around the world.

(310) Allow exploration of Antarctica. Or provide a reasonable explanation of why it is forbidden.

December 6

(7,001) Give Federal Employees a paid Holiday on November 27, 2015.

(287) investigate and further protect students attending privately owned institutions.

December 7

(3,243) Make preventing genocide in Burundi an urgent diplomatic priority.

(281) Declare October 10th National ChooseKIND day

December 8

(25,946) issue an emergency visa to Qirat Chapra's parents in Pakistan.


December 9

(622) demand that College Board stop using "RECYCLED" SAT papers in Asia

(189) Get the University of Missouri Tigers OUT of the SEC.

(154) put a female on the $20 bill instead of the $10 bill. Change Andrew Jackson instead of Alexander Hamilton.

December 10

(4,557) Declare stillbirth a national health crisis and develop guidelines to advocate better screening.

December 11

(79,341) Demand The Release of Supreme Religious Leader of Sikhism, Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara, Head of Sri Akal Takhat

(831) Remove the words "In God we trust" from U.S. currency and as the official national motto of the United States.

(219) Completely separate the administration of the Social Security Trust Fund from Congress & pay back what was stolen!

(203) declare the Transgender Day of Remembrance a national holiday, in recognition of the loss of life to discrimination.

December 12

December 13

(2,912) Close the Borders to the Syrian Invasion!

December 14

(11,613) Place a Moratorium on all Refugee Resettlement from the Middle East in the Wake of the Paris Terror Attacks.

(6,261) Immediately cease relocating Syrian "Refugees" to the United States due to terrorist and ISIS ability to infiltrate U.S.

(951) Immediately halt the admittance of any refugees from an Islamic nation until they are completely vetted

(443) Stop the refugee trojan horse, Daesh has managed to infiltrate all over the world.

(312) Stop infiltration of Syrian refugees to the United States.

December 15

(337) Stop accepting refugees from Syria!

(207) Stop Indian Embargo in Nepal,

December 16

(65,930) Take action to fight secret money immediately – and redeem your failed money in politics legacy

(1,026) Create and fund a federal Office of Men’s Health dedicated to addressing health problems and risks faced by men

(406) impeach Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State for allowing refugees in the state

(199) Create an International Transparent Forensic Accounting System to end all funding of Terrorist Groups like IS/ISIS/ISIL

December 17

(1,154) Resettle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States in FY 2016, as he promised on September 10, 2015.

(683) A Petition to hold a Special Election to vote Donald J Trump 4the President of the United States effective in Dec.2015

(577) Classify the Ku Klux Klan as a Domestic Terrorist Group

(454) Mandate paid maternity leave in the US!

(387) Get better Prince George's County Public Schools lunch

December 18

(180) Create a Presidential Commission to study establishment of the Museum of the American People

December 19

(840) Exempt all military retirement pay from Federal and State income taxation.

(402) Provide Bernie Sanders Secret Service protection immediately as a leading Democratic presidential candidate and Senator.

(205) Recognize Dec. 6 as the official Abolition Day spotlighting final ratification of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

December 20

(49,981) publicly acknowledge Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year old American citizen from Sharon, MA, was murdered by a terrorist.

December 21

(3,137) Investigate the human and civil rights atrocities committed by the State of Utah in regards to adoption/Fathers rights.

(862) Cancel "Platon" billing system for long haul tracks in Russia

(212) Give federal employees Christmas Eve off as a paid holiday.

(203) Adjust the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It was not written to protect paedophiles.

December 22

(1,132) Launch an independent investigation into the death of Troy Goode while in the custody of Southaven Police.

December 23

(356) Launch a new investigation into the death of Army Private LaVena Lynn Johnson

December 24

December 25

(2,456) Petition urging the Congress and President Obama to intervene to stop violations of children's rights in Vietnam.

(1,839) An emergency call to the International Organization to help the victim NGUYỄN MAI TRUNG TUẤN 15 years old who is jailed

(155) Pardon Charly Wingate

December 26

(317) Puerto Rico demands action Now ! Freedom from maritime laws that stifle economic growth, by controlling trade rights.

December 27


We petition the Obama administration to include expiration dates in its lists of open petitions, or create a new list in chronological order.


There are currently 2 lists of Open Petitions (All Petitions and Popular) provided at the White House petition site. Neither of them displays expiration dates, which makes it impossible to quickly determine how much time each petition has left to acquire enough signatures to ensure a response. And because the commitment to answer all those that reach the 100,000 threshold is one of the major attractions of this site, we believe that expiration dates are one of the first things that visitors need to know.

Deciding whether or not to sign petitions can take a lot of time, after all, especially on issues we are so unfamiliar with that we need to seek out additional information.

The Review White House Petitions Site petition to The Obama Administration was written by Tom Foreman and is in the category Government at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , ,

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