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Petition published by Tom Foreman on Oct 20, 2011
251 Signatures 
Target: The Obama Administration

Petition Background (Preamble):

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The Obama Administration created a We the People online petition site in September, 2011, which promised an official response would be made to every petition that acquired at least 5,000 signatures within 30 days of its creation. This author submitted a petition similar to the one at the bottom of this page a few months later, but it expired without acquiring enough signatures. Since then, this page has been maintained at GoPetition for anyone else wishing to endorse it.

Whether or not this new petition is successful, this page's chronological list of open petitions will be maintained as a public service. Signature totals will be updated daily as a general rule.

Every signature total you see below is linked to its petition's WhiteHouse.Gov page. Bear in mind that petitions expire after 30 days if they fail to cross 2 separate thresholds:

1. 150 - to become visible to visitors at the WhiteHouse.Gov petition site, and therefore here as well. Authors must prove the viability of their petitions by somehow acquiring this initial support on their own. And thus far, the vast majority have failed to make it.

2. 100,000 - to generate an official response from the Obama Administration. This second threshold was initially set at 5,000 when the site was launched, but was raised to 25,000 a week later after "more than 375,000 people" had already created accounts. And it was raised to its present level of 100,000 in January, 2013, because: "In the last two months of 2012, use of We the People more than doubled. In just that time roughly 2.4 million new users joined the system, 73,000 petitions were created and 4.9 million signatures were registered."

Open Petitions by 30-Day Expiration Dates
(Signature totals for petitions that have qualified for responses by acquiring 100,000
or more signatures are highlighted in red. Petitions are normally removed from the list
a day or two after their expiration dates, but those with at least 100,000 signatures can
still be viewed and signed at WhiteHouse.Gov while waiting for their official responses.

September 1

(65,296) Emergency helps directly to "Myanmar Flooding Victims "

(4,246) Change the laws regarding current and former military and their right to carry personal firearms on government property

(2,890) Extradite Dr. Jan Seski of Pennsylvania to the Authorities of Zimbabwe for Illegal Lion Hunting

(185) Find a peaceful solution for Middle East tensions, because war policy has failed

September 2

(6,502) Immediately locate several shipborne desalinization plants to provide potable water to drought-stricken Puerto Rico.

(802) Remove the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse cases: Pass Jessica's Law and Erin’s Law and a new proposed law.

(243) Immediately release All classified 9/11 reports

(185) Pay heed to a great many of marginalized Americans who believe the-two party domination has failed U.S

(172) Authorize the Department of Homeland Security to grant Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to Myanmar due to the floods.

September 3

(3,104) Ban all imports of all trophies from the hunting of exotic, endangered, and big game animals into the United States

(951) Ban puppy mills! Declare them illegal and free the imprisoned dogs.

(268) End U.S supreme court life time appointment, since the it has lost its independence

September 4

(3,453) Bring charges of treason upon Barack Hussein Obama

(2,806) Keep Obama's 2007 Promise to Label GMOs

(493) encourage the federal government to adopt open source technologies wherever possible.

(459) WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Bring charges of treason upon Barack Hussein Obama

(313) Designate lions as an endangered species and ban all imports of hunting trophies of endangered animals into the US

(154) Before Obama leaves his office, He’d better apologize his black people in Ferguson for calling them “criminals and thugs

September 5

(18,364) watch the Planned Parenthood sting videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress.

(1,767) Do not eliminate the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program

September 6

(3,228) Hold the EPA employees responsible for the discharge of mine waste into the Animas River in Colorado.

(1,479) Mandate paid maternity leave!

(1,402) To disbar Texas Judge Randall Rogers for violating First Amendment Rights

(555) Help Fort McClellan Veterans with their toxic exposure.

September 7

(13,204) Recognize Hunger-Striking U.S. Resident Surat Singh Khalsa & His Peaceful Struggle for Human Rights

(239) We want freedom of choice, no more monopoly for the two parties

(193) Let the State of Texas freedom to be an independent state

(189) Do more on Employment where 8,300,000 people have given up looking for a Job!

September 8

(224) eradicate the notion of the child prostitute, in language and law.

(185) appologize japan for atomic bombings in 1945 and destroy all nuklear warheads.

(164) Don’t spend our tax money outside

September 9

(5,597) Formally Investigate the Transphobic Violence Leading to the Rising Death Toll of Transgender Women of Color in the U.S.

September 10

(2,448) stop mining the Bonneville Salt Flats.

(881) Raise COLA for the Military

(219) Please nominate Charlie Papazian for the Nobel Peace Prize!

September 11

(6,267) Provide Bernie Sanders Secret Service protection immediately as a leading Democratic presidential candidate and Senator.

(1,249) Send Aid to The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico's drought relief

(480) A disability tax credit of $10,000 for parents of children and adults with autism staying at home.

(181) Change your policies toward Saudi Arabia, since it is a nondemocratic country!

(169) send Benjamin Netanyahu to prison for humiliating Americans here and abroad

September 12

(314) Force Gates Chili to honor the DOJ's ruling and allow Devyn's Aide to get training for service dog.

September 13

(78,823) propose a proper regulation for extending the STEM OPT before 02/2016 to avoid expected shock to both firms and students

(2,800) We the people demand that the city of Winter Park, Florida charge George Allan Burdock for animal cruelty.

(243) work with Congress on a solution to fix the marriage penalties against people with disabilities.

(178) Abolish the Federal Death Penalty

(176) Save Sesame Street from Privatization.

September 14

(1,527) Support Sen. Bernie Sanders efforts to make Federal Election Day a National Holiday.

September 15

(2,619) To recognize Ehler Danlos Syndrome (EDS) as a disability.

(167) seek peaceful solutions on international conflicts in order to decrease world immigration

September 16

(4,648) Grant TSA Officers the same rights as other Federal Employees

(626) urge the IRS to make changes to 2013-54 regarding the health insurance stipends for graduate & professional students.

(420) Declare the Wild Salt River horses in Arizona protected under the original Wild Horses and Burros act of 1971.

(170) End our criminal association with Israel

(168) Put an end to the most embarrassing act of injustice, The Guantanamo

September 17

(6,312) remove Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, effective IMMEDIATELY, as chairwoman of the DNC, Democratic National Committee

(1,965) Investigate the Department of State, Department of Labor of the State of New York for oppressing minority businesses


(178) Make the CDC explain why their position on circumcision is so different from other developed nations

September 18

September 19

(737) Publish Regulations Providing Relief Against Consequences of Lengthy Delays Suffered by Employment-Based Immigrants

(157) Improve local schools in Indiana!

September 20

September 21

(166) Dark of Hong Kong Government bully the weak family (father was unable, mother pass away and 3 children, age 5, 9, 14)

(160) Make Changes to Achieve Racial Equality

September 22

September 23

September 24

(4,269) Make September Dystonia Awareness Month

September 25

(560) “Prohibit Any Laws Mandating the Force and Requirement of Vaccinations of Any Kind, Now or in the Future”


September 26

(2,014) Allow filing of I-765 (EAD) and I-131 (AP) upon I-140 approval


September 27

(160) Stop the FDA from requiring Hampton Creek Foods to add eggs or change the name of their well-known product: Just Mayo.

September 28

(1,535) Send a White House representative to the funerals of all fallen officers.

(216) Alter the Common Core Curriculum to Include a Discussion of Human Trafficking.

September 29

September 30

(261) Make President Obama drink his own urine while filming "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" in Alaska

(227) help bring down the Great Fire Wall of China, who's shutting down the VPN services nationwide.

(223) Resettle Syrian Refugees in the U.S

(166) Help Bert "Buddy" Melvin Get His Purple Heart Medal

October 1


We petition the Obama administration to include expiration dates in its lists of open petitions, or create a new list in chronological order.


There are currently 2 lists of Open Petitions (All Petitions and Popular) provided at the White House petition site. Neither of them displays expiration dates, which makes it impossible to quickly determine how much time each petition has left to acquire enough signatures to ensure a response. And because the commitment to answer all those that reach the 100,000 threshold is one of the major attractions of this site, we believe that expiration dates are one of the first things that visitors need to know.

Deciding whether or not to sign petitions can take a lot of time, after all, especially on issues we are so unfamiliar with that we need to seek out additional information.

The Review White House Petitions Site petition to The Obama Administration was written by Tom Foreman and is in the category Government at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , ,

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