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Review White House Petitions Site

Petition published by Tom Foreman on Oct 20, 2011
241 Signatures 
Target: The Obama Administration

Petition Background (Preamble):

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The Obama Administration created a We the People online petition site in September, 2011, which promised an official response would be made to every petition that acquired at least 5,000 signatures within 30 days of its creation. This author submitted a petition similar to the one at the bottom of this page a few months later, but it expired without acquiring enough signatures. Since then, this page has been maintained at GoPetition for anyone else wishing to endorse it.

Whether or not this new petition is successful, this page's chronological list of open petitions will be maintained as a public service. Signature totals will be updated daily as a general rule.

Every signature total you see below is linked to its petition's WhiteHouse.Gov page. Bear in mind that petitions expire after 30 days if they fail to cross 2 separate thresholds:

1. 150 - to become visible to visitors at the WhiteHouse.Gov petition site, and therefore here as well. Authors must prove the viability of their petitions by somehow acquiring this initial support on their own. And thus far, the vast majority have failed to make it.

2. 100,000 - to generate an official response from the Obama Administration. This second threshold was initially set at 5,000 when the site was launched, but was raised to 25,000 a week later after "more than 375,000 people" had already created accounts. And it was raised to its present level of 100,000 in January, 2013, because: "In the last two months of 2012, use of We the People more than doubled. In just that time roughly 2.4 million new users joined the system, 73,000 petitions were created and 4.9 million signatures were registered."

Open Petitions by 30-Day Expiration Dates
(Signature totals for petitions that have qualified for responses by acquiring 100,000
or more signatures are highlighted in red. Petitions are normally removed from the list
the day after their expiration dates, but those with at least 100,000 signatures can still
be viewed and signed at WhiteHouse.Gov while waiting for their official responses.

May 21


May 22

(1,199) disavow and correct the mistruths said by FBI Director Comey characterizing Poland as a Nazi accomplice in the Holocaust.

(722) Recognize Liberland as a sovereign nation.

(353) Allow motorcycle lane sharing on all public roads

May 23

May 24

(2,487) petition the South African government to declare farm murders as a priority crime in the country.

(437) STOP SPRAYING US!! Geo engineering our skies by way of aerosol spray coming from jet aircraft is genocide.

May 25

(283) File Criminal Charges Against Cloudflare for promoting terrorism

May 26

(486) Commute the Sentence of former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford whose warden recommended compassionate release

May 27

(12,475) Pass Legislation to cover infertility treatments under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

(11,020) Authorize the Department of Homeland Security to grant Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to Nepal due to the earthquake


May 28

(117,814) The undersigned hereby implore the Obama administration to return Kelly Rutherford’s children safely to the U.S.A.

(306) work with Asian animal rights activists and politicians to create laws that prohibit the cruel dog meat market industry.

May 29

(526) Address the epidemic of Lyme disease.

(282) ensure that all White House YouTube videos are captioned – from the moment they are made available to the public.

(194) Tell White Americans: "White folk, look at your own family, or families you know, and see it happening."

(192) Denounce Supreme Court for allowing that shirts displaying Mexico's flag must be turned inside out on 4th of July

(185) Stop funding Christian and Jewish “charities” that carry out White Genocide

May 30

(590) Speed up USCIS Texas Service Center's I-140, I-485 process

(525) Prosecute any citizen who desecrates the flag of the United States of America.

(195) Medicare--Fund Adult Care Briefs

May 31

(218) change ADHD and Narcolepsy medications from Schedule 2 back to Schedule 3.

June 1

(533) Request the government of China immediately stop all the land reclamation and construction on the Spratly archipelago

(168) Pardon Innocent man Brian David Hill and expunge all of his wrongful conviction in the U.S. District Court

June 2

(346) proclaim May 4th national Star Wars Day

(278) Ask Obama to call Brigadier general Jack Brigg in Afghanistan to be responsible to return my money that was sent to him.

June 3

June 4

(171) Stop selling and use of MMS/ CDS to "cure" Autism!

June 5

(225) Grant humanitarian parole to U.S. citizens spouses.

June 6

(403) Issue a visa for Miles Austin Honeycutt, so that he can leave Ghana with his adoptive parents, Curtis & Carrie Honeycutt

June 7

(1,691) Keep intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals living in community based housing in their homes

(163) Grant Eliot Hine Radio / TV the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with President Obama at the White House

June 8

(23,578) Award Yogi Berra The Presidential Medal of Freedom for his military service and civil rights and educational activism.

(456) Intervene and not allow Canada to store nuclear waste near the shores of Lake Huron.

June 9

June 10

(7,711) Mandate paid family leave.

June 11

(906) EDMC violated The Constitution - Dismantle this organization and forgive debt of affected families/students

(278) Abolish civil forfeiture.

(183) Halt broadcasting Russia controlled TV stations which incite hatred, show falls reports and threaten national security.

June 12

(159) Hold military officials accountable for failing to give care to SSG Thomas Rittal before he committed suicide.

June 13

(1,103) Keep Andrew Jackson on the American $20 Dollar Bill.

June 14

(1,407) Honors for HMLA-469 "Vengeance" Marines lost in Nepal.

(349) exempt reusable feminine products from FDA fee so that small businesses can remain open. Keep FDA out of your panties!

(312) Authorize by Executive Order a medal recognizing Service members who served honorably during the Cold War 1946-1990

June 15

(4,655) Investigate the government of Honduras for the embezzlement of public funds. Protect witnesses and secure evidence.

(156) Return Rachel Leach's children back to her due to CPS in Suffolk County, being bias as well as Hon. Judge Freundlich

June 16

(227) Give a Presidential Pardon to Edward Snowden for any Crimes Comitted

June 17

June 18

(200) USDA Hispanic Women Farmers and Ranchers Claims Process

June 19

(1,226) Pardon Charly Wingate

(265) Train Police On Racism: Allocate funding for programs that retrain officers on policing of minorities.. Now!

(216) To not pass the Trans Pacific Partnership. It harms the right to free use of the internet!

June 20

June 21


We petition the Obama administration to include expiration dates in its lists of open petitions, or create a new list in chronological order.


There are currently 2 lists of Open Petitions (All Petitions and Popular) provided at the White House petition site. Neither of them displays expiration dates, which makes it impossible to quickly determine how much time each petition has left to acquire enough signatures to ensure a response. And because the commitment to answer all those that reach the 100,000 threshold is one of the major attractions of this site, we believe that expiration dates are one of the first things that visitors need to know.

Deciding whether or not to sign petitions can take a lot of time, after all, especially on issues we are so unfamiliar with that we need to seek out additional information.

The Review White House Petitions Site petition to The Obama Administration was written by Tom Foreman and is in the category Government at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , ,

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