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Petition published by Tom Foreman on Oct 20, 2011
212 Signatures 
Target: The Obama Administration

Petition Background (Preamble):

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The Obama Administration created a We the People online petition site in September, 2011, which promised an official response would be made to every petition that acquired at least 5,000 signatures within 30 days of its creation. This author submitted a petition similar to the one at the bottom of this page a few months later, but it expired without acquiring enough signatures. Since then, this page has been maintained at GoPetition for anyone else wishing to endorse it.

Whether or not this new petition is successful, this page's chronological list of open petitions will be maintained as a public service. Signature totals will be updated daily as a general rule.

Every signature total you see below is linked to its petition's WhiteHouse.Gov page. Bear in mind that petitions expire after 30 days if they fail to cross 2 separate thresholds:

1. 150 - to become visible to visitors at the WhiteHouse.Gov petition site, and therefore here as well. Authors must prove the viability of their petitions by somehow acquiring this initial support on their own. And thus far, the vast majority have failed to make it.

2. 100,000 - to generate an official response from the Obama Administration. This second threshold was initially set at 5,000 when the site was launched, but was raised to 25,000 a week later after "more than 375,000 people" had already created accounts. And it was raised to its present level of 100,000 in January, 2013, because: "In the last two months of 2012, use of We the People more than doubled. In just that time roughly 2.4 million new users joined the system, 73,000 petitions were created and 4.9 million signatures were registered."

Open Petitions by 30-Day Expiration Dates
(Signature totals for petitions that have qualified for responses by acquiring 100,000
or more signatures are highlighted in red. Petitions are normally removed from the list
the day after their expiration dates, but those with at least 100,000 signatures can still
be viewed and signed at WhiteHouse.Gov while waiting for their official responses.

October 24

(486) have the Department of Justice investigate the killing of John Crawford by a member of the Beavercreek, Oh police dept.


October 25

(702) Stop The Misuse of Our Military - Stop Sending Military to Fight Ebola

(434) Release all of the JFK assassination files NOW and pardon ex-Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden

October 26

(554) sanction Aeroflot airlines and ban international flights of Aeroflot.

(216) award the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, NDSM to members of the Armored Cavalry and supporting Units.

October 27

(2,118) Make Halloween a federal holiday as it emphasizes our American heritage and is a family tradition celebrated since 1911

October 28

(1,244) Stop selling any weapon to Hong Kong Police force because these weapons are used to attack peaceful citizens.

(780) Reverse Federal laws against Marijuana.

October 29

(90,005) Use all legal means to free ukrainian soldier Nadiya Savchenko, who is a political prisoner of the Kremlin regime.

(5,524) Recognize Fibromyalgia as a disability and create funding for research and study.

(300) We petition the Obama Administration to: support the Withdrawal of human rights prize that EP awarded to Hu Jia in 2008

October 30

(3,721) Immediately stop all incoming flights from Liberia and other West African countries where the Ebola virus is present.

(1,950) Ban entry to the US for any individual who has recently visited or holds a visa from an Ebola infected nation

(777) Address the imminent threat posed to the American people by the Ebola pandemic

(352) to recognize the service and sacrifices of the military "BRATS"

(341) School lunches are too small

(332) Don’t let Hong Kong SAR, China to be another Iraq or Ukraine

(314) Reverse our nation’s “No Child Left White” policy.

(202) Give H4 visa holders the right to work or own a business

(191) Investigate Jehovah's Witness' leaders for real estate fraud, ponzi scheme and terrorist plots against world governments

(185) Stop Funding Oil Company Profits With Taxpayer Dollars.

October 31

(47,239) Have the FAA ban all incoming and outgoing flights to ebola-stricken countries until the ebola outbreak is contained

(4,975) restrict travel from regions affected with Ebola to protect the citizens of united states from widespread epidemic.

(2,396) Prohibit the billing of customers / consumers for streetlights

(968) Stop allowing travel to and from the United States by people who have been in areas of Africa affected by Ebola.

(781) Take IMMEDIATE Steps to Protect Americans from Ebola, including refusing entry from persons coming from infected regions

(312) the WHITE HOUSE must have to revoke "One China Policy". It's the wrong policy to make China grow and threaten Asia and u

(298) Declassify The 28 Classified Pages Of The 9/11 Commission

(251) Urgently "Protect our President"

(245) Petition to the President of the United States

November 1

(2,438) Ban all flights from Ebola-ridden countries in West Africa.

November 2

(1,821) Apprehend Terrorist group leader 梁振英CYLEUNG, and his terror group Caring Hong Kong Power and silent Majority

(1,013) Unlock public access to research on software safety through DMCA and CFAA reform

(457) stop dolphin slaughtering in Japan Taiji

(207) Explain to the American people the connection between the Christian/Newsom torture/murders and White Genocide

November 3

(4,978) Free Carlos coy (spm)

(3,058) Reschedule Cannabis to be Regulated as Alcohol

November 4

(1,396) Encourage timely permanence for children in foster care by enforcing the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997.

(396) Put Cancer ribbons on the White House for every month and not just Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

November 5

(174) Investigate Jehovah's Witness' Leaders For Health Insurance Fraud/Scam

November 6

(1,104) We Petition the Obama Administration to make Zoophilia a Felony in All 50 States!

(1,045) Stop Wild Horse Round Ups


(266) Denounce supporters of White Genocide who welcome Ebola to the U.S.

(239) Require that Insurance Companies offer PPO plans to Individuals and small groups in all states.

November 7

(46,308) Officially arm the People's Protection Unit (YPG) of Syria to defend ISIS from destroying the Kobane community

November 8

(10,141) pardon Todd Gurley for any possible wrongdoings and ordering the NCAA and UGA to cancel any investigations.

(8,317) Change the Columbus Day Holiday to Indigenous Peoples’ Day

(4,720) Clemency for Robert Shipp-Life Sentence at Age 20 for 5 months Involvement in Nonviolent Drug Conspiracy-Served 21 yrs.

(3,573) organize official White House celebrations to recognize and endorse Columbus Day and the Italian American community.

November 9

(257) Get a memorial skate park built

November 10

(193) Proclaim the Second Saturday of March as National Narcolepsy Awareness Day as Part of National Sleep Awareness Week

November 11

(2,652) Recognize Endometriosis as a qualifying disability and fund research for a cure.

(164) Sanction Me 2

November 12

(3,134) Drop Columbus Day as a federal Holiday, add election day as a replacement. There's nothing more American than voting.

(1,134) Let police do their job in Ferguson MO!

(421) Don't Hijack the Beef Checkoff

(238) Investigate Jehovah's Witness' Leaders For Child Abuse Cover Up And Protecting Child Abusers

(202) Release Anthony A. Pichardo and give him back his legal permanent resident status.

(165) SUPPORT "our nation's 'No Child Left White' policy"!

November 13

(809) To Denounce the Unauthorized Violence on Protestors by Hong Kong Police on 14 Oct, 2014

November 14

(14,290) Support Albanian Human Rights & Equality in the Balkans !

(1,201) I would like to propose a new law called Megans Law. It would require directional spikes on all entrance and exit ramps.


(858) To petition the government of Japan to end the dolphin drive hunt in Tajai Japan .

(442) Create a White House Council on Transgender Individuals

(185) Why should Permanent Residents wait for more than two years for their family to get to USA ? Stop Family Separation

November 15

(1,392) Restrict travel into US from all Ebola stricken nations until such timeethere are no Ebola cases in USA.

(1,305) Allow kindergarten teacher Esther Johnson to remain in the United States.

(339) Compel the Saudi Gov't to Halt Sheikh Nimr's Execution, and to Free Him and the Other Political Dissidents Immediately.

(281) Allow Enlistments immediately under the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (Mavni) Program

(193) Recognize November as RSD/CRPS Awareness Month. RSD/CRPS is a debilitating disease that affects all areas of the body.

November 16

(193) California Citizens Urge President Obama To Provide More Flexibility In The Management Of California’s Water Resources.

November 17

November 18

(256) Dismiss Education Secretary Arne Duncan

(187) Pardon Charly Wingate

(185) Ask DOJ to immediately investigate Charles Koch's influence of Kansas City federal wire fraud conviction of Terry Brown.

November 19

(5,696) Declare an executive order for all executive departments and agencies to be closed 12/26/2014, for a four-day weekend.

(1,270) Expedite visas for foreign nationals and their families who assist U.S. military fighting terrorism.

November 20

November 21

(573) Press charges - Casey Nocket - fines,max community service,jail time,etc. for - (defacing NP & NM)


We petition the Obama administration to include expiration dates in its lists of open petitions, or create a new list in chronological order.


There are currently 2 lists of Open Petitions (All Petitions and Popular) provided at the White House petition site. Neither of them displays expiration dates, which makes it impossible to quickly determine how much time each petition has left to acquire enough signatures to ensure a response. And because the commitment to answer all those that reach the 100,000 threshold is one of the major attractions of this site, we believe that expiration dates are one of the first things that visitors need to know.

Deciding whether or not to sign petitions can take a lot of time, after all, especially on issues we are so unfamiliar with that we need to seek out additional information.

The Review White House Petitions Site petition to The Obama Administration was written by Tom Foreman and is in the category Government at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , ,

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