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Petition published by Tom Foreman on Oct 20, 2011
228 Signatures 
Target: The Obama Administration

Petition Background (Preamble):

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The Obama Administration created a We the People online petition site in September, 2011, which promised an official response would be made to every petition that acquired at least 5,000 signatures within 30 days of its creation. This author submitted a petition similar to the one at the bottom of this page a few months later, but it expired without acquiring enough signatures. Since then, this page has been maintained at GoPetition for anyone else wishing to endorse it.

Whether or not this new petition is successful, this page's chronological list of open petitions will be maintained as a public service. Signature totals will be updated daily as a general rule.

Every signature total you see below is linked to its petition's WhiteHouse.Gov page. Bear in mind that petitions expire after 30 days if they fail to cross 2 separate thresholds:

1. 150 - to become visible to visitors at the WhiteHouse.Gov petition site, and therefore here as well. Authors must prove the viability of their petitions by somehow acquiring this initial support on their own. And thus far, the vast majority have failed to make it.

2. 100,000 - to generate an official response from the Obama Administration. This second threshold was initially set at 5,000 when the site was launched, but was raised to 25,000 a week later after "more than 375,000 people" had already created accounts. And it was raised to its present level of 100,000 in January, 2013, because: "In the last two months of 2012, use of We the People more than doubled. In just that time roughly 2.4 million new users joined the system, 73,000 petitions were created and 4.9 million signatures were registered."

Open Petitions by 30-Day Expiration Dates
(Signature totals for petitions that have qualified for responses by acquiring 100,000
or more signatures are highlighted in red. Petitions are normally removed from the list
the day after their expiration dates, but those with at least 100,000 signatures can still
be viewed and signed at WhiteHouse.Gov while waiting for their official responses.

March 4

(3,352) The need to investigate how cps handles cases, instead of letting children back into the hands of their abusers!!

(765) Award Sgt. Frederick Bonner The Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions. KIA, Vietnam 12/31/68 US Army.

March 5

(4,958) Reduce Standardized Testing in Public Schools Across America.

(3,102) Require all parents to vaccinate their children, or be charged with child endangerment.

(506) Mandate higher lactation room standards for federal employers.

(436) Return Alaska's Land Rights

March 6


(327) Terminate USDA Melinda Haag For Continued Harassment of Legal California Medical Cannabis Caregivers & Harming Patients


(243) Please reconsider portions of the proposed Bureau of Land Management budget.

March 7

(2,401) Classify Refusal To Vaccinate Children As A Mental Disorder

(736) State of Emergency :Stop Law Enforcement Shooting Family Pets

(637) Prohibit Longline fishing in Puerto Rico and around the island!

(471) Remove FDA Roadblocks and Approve Ampligen for Use in Treating M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomeylitis)

March 8

(431) Free Justin Kapla, a US citizen unfairly tried and imprisoned in Mongolia.

March 9

(487) To give Carlos Coy a retrial he was charged for 45 years in prison with no evidence in his case.

(228) Demand Venezuelan regimen to have ALL political prisoners RELEASED IMMEDIATELY specially Raul E. Baduel & Alex Tirado.

March 10

(2,141) award racing legend A. J. Foyt the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of his contributions to auto racing

(424) Free Hilarion Cajucom, a plea for help & justice from his US citizen family for unfair trial & imprisonment in Mongolia.

(370) Take executive action against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for ordering a ban on same-sex marriage licenses.

March 11

(961) Address concerns about logging and burning in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in western Kentucky

(336) Protect the rights of civilians and organizations to fly model aircraft for personal, public service and commercial use.

(266) Repeal Income Limits on Student Loan Tax Interest Credits

March 12

(57,887) Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia

(29,435) to end the DRC Exit Letter Suspension for children legally adopted by American families.

(3,071) Protect Yellowstone National Park wolves from trophy hunting and trapping on surrounding federal lands.

(1,830) Tax US citizens by residency and not citizenship. Remove the FATCA requirements. We already pay taxes abroad.

(1,258) consider Mario Andretti for the Presidential Medal Of Freedom for his lifetime unmatched achievements in Motorsports.

March 13

(49,001) Respecting the sovereign nation of Malaysia

(27,448) Declare the Chapel Hill shooting of 3 innocent Muslim- American students a Terrorist Attack

(1,078) John C. Bogle Should Get the Presidential Medal of Freedom

(324) Push for States to eliminate non-medical exemptions to childhood vaccines, to protect the health of our children

March 14

(1,549) publicly condemn the execution-style killings of Razan Abu-Salha, Yusor Abu-Salha and Deah Barakat.


(1,153) ¡No al IVA!

(919) appear on Unprofessional Fridays and play a video game on February 13th while he is visiting San Francisco.

(437) To Terminate The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers or PARCC Assesment

(190) Requesting Immediate Federal Intervention into Florida’s Flawed and Corrupt DCF Organization to Protect Children

March 15

(164) Have the Office of Personnel Management Review the Security Clearances of Manmade Climate Change Deniers in Congress

March 16

(72,028) Stop the BATFE from banning XM855 Ammunition.

(1,716) Mandate the CDC do a double blind study comparing the autism rates of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated control groups.

(333) return Keyla to her family.

(191) Stop the Holocaust continued by Bashar al-Assad Regime In Syria.

March 17

March 18

(828) increase transparency for tax-exempt religious organizations by requiring them to file Form 990.

(595) Open Our Skies: Let Norwegian Fly

(347) Declare May 19th to be Malcolm X Day and to decree it a national holiday.

March 19

(123,403) Demand Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson to withdraw indictment against Asian minority Officer Peter Liang!

(246) act decisively and quickly, with actions and not mere words, to support Greece and the new Greek government

March 20

(892) Recognize Endometriosis as disability. It affects 1 in 10 women, who's pain need to be managed & Doctors better educated

(261) Pardon Charly Wingate

March 21

(1,149) Stop Supporting Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: They are undemocratic and bad for America

(1,024) Require Vaccine Makers Submit Annual Independent 3rd Party Evidence Their Products Are Safe To Remain Protected by NVICA

(376) Initiate a civil rights investigation against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for civil rights violations.

March 22

(9,039) End the attack on the sport of Airsoft.

(632) enact The Matthew Casey Wethington Act for Substance Abuse Intervention (KRS 222.430-222.438) as national legislation.

(388) Give grandparents rights in the state of Florida and other states. Grandparent alienation is child abuse!

(204) Declare the MBTA a federal disaster area

March 23

(490) Josh's Law..Please make bullying a Federal/Criminal Offense if someone dies as a result of bullying.

(365) Recognize law enforcement dispatchers at emergency personnel

March 24

(1,222) Create a postage stamp supporting breastfeeding.The image of a mother nursing her baby sends a positive global message.

(1,064) Allow @Chippy_Nonstop's ban to uplifted and visa be reinstated.

(807) Pardon non-violent drug offenders. Free them all.

(276) Create a database to help doctors treat breast cancer patients. Require charities to spend donations on research.

March 25

(222) invite General James Mad Dog Mattis over for a 2 year sleep over.

March 26

(4,301) stop the Assyrian genocide. We the American people are requesting that immediate action to protect minorities in Syria.

(1,287) weight the ramifications of S. 213 and urge lawmakers to cease consideration of said bill.

March 27

(243) Proclaim the third week of March as National CACFP Week to promote USDA's program for child and adult nutrition.

March 28

(1,902) Order the DOJ to open an investigation into Chicago police operating an illegal "black site" interrogation facility.

(1,024) Create a federal child abuse registry that is available to the public.

(310) Acknowledge Existence of Chronic Lyme Disease & Co-Infections and Develop Legislation & Funding for Treatment

(277) Increase the National Institutes of Health budget by 7.5% per year over the next 10 years.

March 29

(1,006) Act now to save the persecuted Christians of the Middle East

March 30

March 31

(288) Lower the American flag to half staff nationally to honor the death of Fr. Theodore Hesburgh.

April 1

(156) We demand that President Obama recognizes publicly the Armenian Genocide and condemns its negation !

April 2

April 3


We petition the Obama administration to include expiration dates in its lists of open petitions, or create a new list in chronological order.


There are currently 2 lists of Open Petitions (All Petitions and Popular) provided at the White House petition site. Neither of them displays expiration dates, which makes it impossible to quickly determine how much time each petition has left to acquire enough signatures to ensure a response. And because the commitment to answer all those that reach the 100,000 threshold is one of the major attractions of this site, we believe that expiration dates are one of the first things that visitors need to know.

Deciding whether or not to sign petitions can take a lot of time, after all, especially on issues we are so unfamiliar with that we need to seek out additional information.

The Review White House Petitions Site petition to The Obama Administration was written by Tom Foreman and is in the category Government at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , ,

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