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Prosecute Iraqi genocide charges in the International courts without delay

This petition was published by kurdocide-watch on Nov 05, 2011

To the organizations associated to the trial of those accused for war criminals, crimes against humanity and genocide.

To All human rights organizations:

Our understanding was the genocide perpetrators in Iraq could be brought before an international court, so as the court verdicts could have shaped an international dimension and the offenses were approved according to the international standards. Besides, the charges could have been implemented as emerged. Confined criminals will be a proper way to bring the big crimes to a halt.

During July 2007 the Iraqi high tribunal of crimes decided to detain and act against 423 of those accused, later on the Iraqi tribunal on August 10 2010 in a new outcome distributed arrest warrants to 258 individuals living in Kurdistan region, although some of the accused are now living in: Germany, Austria, Swiss, Holland, Briton…etc.

We are kindly asking:

1- To support bringing the accused before court so as to have the charged penalized and the innocents return to the society.

2- To ask those countries where the accused and charged persons are residing in, democratic countries should not provide comfort and protection to those accused of Genocide. It is job of the countries to act against those accused or charged.

Eventually we will remain grateful to your support and efforts and assure you on submission of required documents and papers when need be.

Kurdocide- CHAK

Kurdocide watch is an independent non profit civil organization acts in compliance to democratic principles and standards, working on genocide, war crimes, past and present violations against human rights in Kurdistan.

Kurdocide was established in June 1 2002 and have its branches and bases in most of the European countries and other parts of Kurdistan. Previously worked under the name of CHAK (Center of Halabja against Anfal and Genocide regarding Kurdish people- CHAK) on January 24 2009 obtained the current name, so far held three conferences and performs hundreds of activities on yearly basis.

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