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Start Members of Parliament on realistic salaries

Petition published by Leigh Martyn on Mar 28, 2012
21 Signatures 
Target: Queensland Government
Region: Australia

Petition Background (Preamble):

When elected by the people to government, many MP's are young and have only been voted in on a wave of discontent with the current government.

They have not had to prove themselves and in some instances have no work or life experience.

This inexperience is rewarded with a 6 figure salary. After the last pay hike, a state backbencher's base pay rose to $130,540 - more than double the average wage in Queensland. Allowances range from $36,652 to $72,741 depending on the size of the electorate.

It's time we the public, have a say on what pay is given and how the MP's are measured and appropriately rewarded!


We, the undersigned, and the public who voted you in, call on you Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier, to undertake an urgent pay review of your MP's and pay your staff appropriately.

An MP with no life or work experience, should start on a base salary of a minimum of $50000 and future remuneration increases are directly related to their performance for their electorate.

We ask that you ask the electorate how our MP is performing in order to determine if and how much a pay rise should be.

We voted you in, our taxes pay your salaries, it's time you listen to what the people want.

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