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Save BBC 606 Sports Forum

Petition published by King_Beer on Jan 24, 2011
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Target: Parliament

Petition Background (Preamble):

The BBC announced they were cutting their online budget by 25% and thus announcing that the 606 sports forums would close.

The forums has around 15,000 active users but also provides a haven for online discussion of sports from all over the world.


Dear 606 user.

By now you’re probably aware that 606 is to close as part of the online cutbacks announced by the BBC.

All hope though is not lost. Sure we argue, we wum, we troll, we lol, but we are a community. I have been part of these boards now for over 5 years, I’ve made friends that have come and gone, I’ve chatted for hours on end abouta variety of subjects with people I’d have never met otherwise. And I blooming well love this place.

Sure the 3 minute rule does our head in at times (especially when I realise I made a huge gaff in my last message and I have to wait to correct it).

Sure the 11pm closing causes us to wave our fists at the screen as you cannot post your fantastic retort and have to wait a full 10 hours before it can go up.
But it’s ours.

6 music survived because of the backlash they received, we can do the same! Register your protest now!

Your 606 needs you!

Please can i ask that when signing you leave your 606 Username in the comment box!

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