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Reduce Australian Petrol Taxes

Petition published by Kellie Marschall on Apr 27, 2006
Target: Mr John Howard and the Commonwealth Government of Australia
Region: Australia

Petition Background (Preamble):

April 27, 2006

Since world oil prices soared to record highs, Australians have had to dig deep into their pockets at the petrol bowser. Motorists should be aware that roughly half the pump price is tax comprising an excise tax and a GST, thereby slugging motorists with an unfair tax on a tax.

After an unprecedented national campaign lobbying for fuel tax relief in 2000, the Federal Government agreed to review the way petrol is taxed and freeze the Federal excise at 37.7 cents a litre in Victoria. But costs are still high and, with GST on top of excise, if you wanted a $50 tank of petrol at $1 a litre you would be paying $23.40

With petrol prices now looking at staying at $1.40 a litre, in Victoria, if you bought 20 litres of petrol, it would cost you $28 of which somewhere between $9 and over $10 would be taxes, and this is ridiculous.



We the below signed people of Australia are ask you that you reduce the taxes placed on petrol. Prices are hitting the Australian motorist hard, and any tax cuts previously given (and more) have been immediately put into paying for the increase in petrol prices.

We ask that you please reduce petrol taxes so the people of Australia can go back to living their normal lives and not be held back by high petrol prices.

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