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Petition published by Ivica Fonti on May 23, 2011
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Target: Hrvatski Sabor - Croatian parliament - SERBIAN GOVERNMENT
Region: Croatia

Petition Background (Preamble):

Those who are currently in power in Croatia,SDP government headed byZoran Milanovic,Ivo Josipovic the so called president have renounced Veljko Maric, they have not provided any protection for him, and his case has been put aside in a drawer, and they have left him at the mercy of Serbian antagonists, as if the man does not exist, it is obvious that Veljko Maric was sold to the Serbs !

The Serbian government headed by Tomislav Nikolić, who himself committed crimes in Croatia during the homeland war,has ignored requests for Veljko Maric to be transferred to Croatia.

Tihomir Purda was released because of strong protests, but someone is still in Serbian custody and no one is campaigning to free them. The Croatian government has not bothered to campaign to free Veljko Maric who is still in a Serbian prison. Which makes you think about Croatian government cooperation with the Chetniks and future arrests of Croatian defenders in the name of project the Western Balkans or EU.

Tihomir Purda je pušten radi snažnih protesta, ali netko je još u srpskom zatvoru i nitko se ne trudi izbaviti ga. Hrvatska vlada nije potrudila izbaviti Veljka Marića iz srpskog zatvora,što upoćuje o razmišljanju o suradnji vlade s četnicima na budućim uhićenjima hrvatskih branitelja u ime provedbe projekta Zapadni Balkan I EU! Zastrašiti i obnoviti Jugu!

Here is a letter hand written by Veljko Maric from his Serbian prison cell.

Ovdje je pismo rukom napisao Veljko Marić iz srpskog zatvora.

Link to letter =

(If you cannot view the letter then please contact the author of this petition.)


English: We the undersigned demand the immediate attention to be brought to the case of Veljko Maric who is in a Serbian prison in Belgrade Serbia. We demand his immediate release from Serbian false imprisonment. We demand the Croatian government led by Zoran Milanovic take immediate action. We demand that Croatian president Ivo Josipovic take immediate action. Croatian people world wide want Veljko Maric out of Serbian prison now.

Croatian: Mi dole potpisani trazimo hitno rjesavanje slucaja Veljka Marica koji je nepravedno uhicen I zatvoren u Beogradu u Srbiji. Trazimo od hrvatske vlade I premijer Zoran Milanovic da preuzme sve potrebne radnje kako bi Veljko Maric izasao na slobodu koja mu kao nevinom covjeku I pripada.

The OSLOBODITE VELJKA MARICA IZ SRPSKOG ZATVORA FREE VELJKO MARIC FROM SERBIAN FALSE IMPRISONMENT petition to Hrvatski Sabor - Croatian parliament - SERBIAN GOVERNMENT was written by Ivica Fonti and is in the category International Affairs at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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