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Ban free pornography in th USA

Petition published by Daniel Winter on Mar 27, 2013
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Target: Bill Flores

Petition Background (Preamble):

11 years old, this is the average age for the first Internet exposure to pornography according the Brigham Young University.

The largest consumer group of online "adult" media is the 12-17 year old bracket.

As children across the nation continue to consumer pornographic material, the material itself steadily consumes the youth of our nation.


The United States Congress should pass legislation to ban the distribution of free pornography on the internet.

By doing away with free pornography, access to pornography online would be restricted to consumers old enough to carry a credit card. If all online pornography required payment for access, verifying the age of a consumer would be easier to monitor and the government could more easily crack down on distributors of child pornography as all sales could be monitored and sites offering pornography for free would be shut down immediately.

Children all over the world could browse the web safely and the youth of the world would regain a degree of innocence.

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