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Great site GoPetition.
Good facility GoPetition.
GoPetition is a great venue. 9 out of 10. Thanks to all who participated.
Leo S., February 20, 2015
Ammend the 9.9 horsepower limit in WV
I'm rating GoPetition a 10. This is a wonderful service that you provide and I hope you stay with us. Thank you.
Karras B., February 12, 2015
Save Doctor Who in America
I found this petition site to be everything I hoped it would be. Thanks for providing this forum.
Awesome site. Will be using it in the future. 10/10.
Ian B, January 31, 2015
Reinstate Steve Bertrand
The GoPetition online service is fantastic. Using it was a tremendous help to our cause. Thank you GoPetition!
The site is awesome and easy to use. 10/10. Thanks also to all the Whovians who supported! The Doctor has been saved!
Zach, January 18, 2015
Save "Doctor Who," Netflix!
Once more GoPetition was great, an extremely helpful site. 10 out of 10.
Thanks GoPetition for your support and advice. We won!
Rebecca Agius, December 18, 2014
Reinstate Upper Stoney Creek's Camping Sites!
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