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I found GoPetition easy to use and a great way to get community support. The petition was able to achieve the desired results of the community.
I found this site fantastic and thank GoPetition for allowing us to use the site.
I'm rating GoPetition a 10.
GoPetition is really wonderful. I appreciate the service. I will recommend it to many people. 9/10.
This site is fantastic for petitions - easy to use and effective. 9/10.
The GoPetition site is great. Thank you. The petition was successful. Savannah received the CBD oil the next day.
Buddy T., May 3, 2015
Help Savannah Talley
Everything worked perfectly and was easy to use.
I am rating GoPetition a 10 ++++

Purcellville Residents fought for their small town and made their voice clear. The Town Council were inundated and the apartment developer pulled their application just days before the public hearing before the Town Council.
Thanks for the opportunity to author this petition. You get a '10'!
Robert W., March 22, 2015
Save St. Patrick's Cathedral!
Amazing site. Will recommend you if anyone needs to set up a petition and will use again if needed. Thank you.
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