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The online GoPetition service is fantastic. Using it was a tremendous help to our cause in influencing our school board to modify the original boundary proposal they had given to the public. The result of the boundary change will help children improve their academic performance and maintain more social stability through decades to come. Thank you GoPetition!
The site is awesome and easy to use. 10/10. Thanks also to all the Whovians who supported! The Doctor has been saved!
Zach, January 18, 2015
Save "Doctor Who," Netflix!
Once more, GoPetition was great, an extremely helpful site. 10 out of 10.
Thanks GoPetition for your support and advice. We won!
Rebecca Agius, December 18, 2014
Reinstate Upper Stoney Creek's Camping Sites!
Thanks GoPetition. The online petition was very easy to set up! 10/10.
GoPetition is a great site and very helpful. 10 out of 10.
This site is great. Thanks to GoPetition we are able to have a voice for those who cannot. 10/10.
GoPetition is Fantastic!
Samantha, November 13, 2014
Stop Dog Fighting On Facebook
The site is awesome!
GoPetition is a very helpful site. Thanks for making it available.
Shawn S, November 5, 2014
Help Bring Hank Home
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