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Petition published by crystal_kms on Oct 05, 2015
We, Malaysian Inspirit, want Infinite Effect happend in Malaysia.

Inspirits, please sign this petition and let't make our dream come... more
Petition published by InspiritsMalaysia‚ąě on Oct 05, 2015
We, the Malaysian Inspirits, would like to bring Infinite and #INFINITE_EFFECT in... more
Petition published by Ananti Rajasingam on Jul 30, 2015
I am asking everyone to sign this petition to stop the destruction of our homes and land, Kim Teng... more
Petition published by ahmad hazery on Jun 26, 2015
Kami seperti bertandatangan ini memanggil semua badan dan organisasi BUMIPUTERA untuk BANGUN dan BERSATU agar penindasan ini di TAMAT kan serta merta. Dan agar pengusaha Bumi ini dapat berdaya saing di peringkat yg lebih... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 26, 2015
Therefore, we the representatives of The League Of Nations and citizens of earth call for the total withdrawal of Chinese military assets from the disputed water of The South China Sea.... more
Petition published by Rakyat Malaysia on Jun 23, 2015
In view of the strong reaction to Malaysiakini‚Äôs article, we therefore demand that Malaysiakini publish an acceptable retraction of the said column and publicly apologise to the Muslims via all its related media.... more
Petition published by Malaysians Say No To Heavy Vehicles! on Jun 17, 2015
Awal tahun ini, tujuh nyawa melayang di kilometer 326.3 lebuhraya PLUS apabila bas yg dinaiki cuba mengelak tayar lori yang tertanggal di tengah jalanraya.... more
Petition published by RacerRx on May 11, 2015
Hi all Malaysian clashers, I need all of you to sign this petition to ask Supercell to add the Malaysian flag for decoration on Clash of Clans.... more
Petition published by Mei sim on Apr 25, 2015
Please stop killing stray dogs when you catch them.

Put strays in the pound so dog owners and dog lovers can claim them. Let rescuers help them first.... more
Petition published by Ahmad Muscline on Apr 02, 2015
We, as members of Malaysia's democratic system call on the BN gov to re-consider the relevance of GST in Malaysia.

There are major issues with this policy that we are unable to... more