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Petition published by Bill lynch on Mar 26, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Irish government to reform the cancer system so that alternative, natural treatments take priority over conventional treatments when treating a cancer... more
Petition published by Selda Aksoy on Dec 27, 2013
Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Adalet Bakanligi'na: Yargitay 9. Daire Baskanliginin 25 Aralik 2013 tarihinde Yakup Kose hakkinda islemedigi bir suctan dolayi verdigi 7 yil ve 10 ay hapis cezasinin bir an once kaldirilmasini, bu asilsiz ve dayaniksiz cezanin zaten... more
Petition published by Victoria Salter on Dec 19, 2013
We, the undersigned, demand that China stop requiring products to be tested on animals before being sold in the country.

We are particularly disgusted that China requires somewhat... more
Petition published by Ptsd Support & Global Awareness Campaign on Nov 27, 2013
What is PTSD?
Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) is an Internationally recognized disorder as set out in the DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria published on May 18, 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association... more
Petition published by Ride2Win on Oct 21, 2013
We, the undersigned, insist, that by the end of 2013, the game will have a new team, new devs to be completely dedicated to World, or at least some devs that know how to add/modify some things in the game, and hopefully can do some great adds or... more
Petition published by K. Dawson on Sep 20, 2013
We the undersigned call on Edmonton Public School Board to:

1) Mandate quality comprehensive sex education that is: medically accurate, age appropriate, inclusive, non-judgmental, choice based... more
Petition published by Melanie Rothman on Sep 04, 2013
We, the undersigned, call on Eurostar to revise their new policy on musical instruments.

We wish to travel with our instruments hassle-free, as was the case... more
Petition published by Simon Munslow on Aug 23, 2013
Our demands are as follows:

1. Statements to the media and public by politicians and senior bureaucrats should not treat firearms and hunting in a misleading... more
Petition published by Laxey Manx Electric Railway Sub Station on Jul 21, 2013
We, the undersigned, call upon the The Department of Community Culture and Leisure to support the retention of the Laxey Manx Electric Railway Sub Station, the Mercury Arc Rectifiers and all associated electrical... more
Petition published by Staci Teague on Jul 14, 2013
To prevent a confessed murderer from joining society. I ask you to sign this petition because a confessed murderer will not be serving a life sentence for... more