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Petition published by Junaid Raza on Aug 31, 2014
Go Nawaz Go, we want Nawaz Sharif to... more
Petition published by LakshmanRao KantamSetti on Aug 31, 2014
On behalf of all the bank Pensioners I earnestly request our honorable Prime Minister to do justice to bank pensioners.

Pension amount should be proportiontely increased whenever wage... more
Petition published by Amadou Mahtar Ba on Aug 30, 2014
Citizens Call to Action against Ebola

As the Ebola virus becomes an overwhelming human catastrophe affecting public health, social institutions and and economic... more
Petition published by Suzanne Thorpe on Aug 28, 2014
We the undersigned call upon the Spanish government and the European Parliament to eradicate the local by-law prohibiting the feeding and neutering of stray cats by individuals.... more
Petition published by GemmaThompson on Aug 27, 2014
We the undersigned call for the government to make bullying a criminal offence whether in school or out of... more
Petition published by faithlesspakistanis on Aug 26, 2014
To: The United Nations’ High Commissioner of Human Rights

FP(Faithlesspakistanis) repeal the blasphemy law in Pakistan, we... more
Petition published by bernard qua on Aug 26, 2014
The board of currency to reprint the orchid motif currency note to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore's... more
Petition published by Save Kenya Diaspora Movement on Aug 26, 2014
We, the undersigned registered voters of the Republic of Kenya in the Diaspora, and in exercise of our sovereign powers, do hereby consent to the proposal to amend the constitution through popular initiative as envisaged under article 255 and 257 of the constitution to... more
Petition published by on Aug 26, 2014
We the undersigned call on the government to change the law as to how young girls are accusing innocent men of sexual crimes, and how they take what the girls say as truth.... more
Petition published by Matthew Swisher on Aug 26, 2014
Are you tired of having no control where your tax dollars go? The Government isn't even considerate enough to let you know where your tax dollars went. A reciept would be nice, but what would be nicer is to be able to decide how your money is spent.... more