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Petition published by Nathan Pinno on Feb 08, 2016
We, the undersigned, call on Rachel Notley and the Alberta government to reverse Bill 10... more
Petition published by Marlene Clarkson on Feb 07, 2016
Urge the federal government not to pass sweeping regulation that will make many small shops go out of... more
Petition published by Mahmoud rashad on Feb 05, 2016
This petition aims to:

Ban the following workers and services from the site permanently;... more
Petition published by DubbedMids on Feb 04, 2016
This will be sent to her and the government and hope they put a stop to... more
Petition published by jordan on Feb 04, 2016
Facebook a publicly traded company will begins removing hate speech pages against breeds of animals, dog fighting pages (illegal in all states), and any religious or racially motivated pages; they will cease and desist shutting down pages than fall directly under the... more
Petition published by Zimbabwe socialist Group on Feb 04, 2016
We the undersigned call for government to implement free healthcare for all... more
Petition published by Ryan on Feb 03, 2016
We, the unified people of Singapore, stand together and call upon the government of Singapore to prevent Daryush Valizadeh and his following from promoting their hateful violent views in our country as well as empower ourselves to take a stand against the... more
Petition published by Mark Houlton on Feb 02, 2016
We, the undersigned, request you abandon the suggestion of any increase to the GST in Australia. There are alternatives.

We request you introduce positive debate on alternatives that will... more
Petition published by Jamie Clary on Feb 01, 2016
We ask that the Hendersonville city government study the costs and the logistics of picking up recyclable items at homes.

After that study, we would like the city to present the results for... more
Petition published by T.H. Johnson on Jan 30, 2016
We, the undersigned, being members of a group of people who are in favor of true justice through the revelation of truth, call upon all decent people of the United States and the world to sign this petition calling for a formal deposition of certain people at a... more