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1. Freedom 4 Scotland

The people of Scotland were promised additional powers if they voted No in the referendum.

These promises were reneged on hours after the vote was declared as a No campaign win.

I and the people of Scotland believe that we have been lied to and that these promises changed the outcome of a Yes vote win to a No vote win.

I urge everyone who thinks Scotland has been lied to and should be an independent country to sign this petition.

Show your support and let the Westminster government know that we will not go quietly into the night.

We will fight for the right to be free.

We are Scotland and we will be heard.

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2. Ban and Illegalize Pornography

Pornography is prevalent everywhere in today's society. It should be illegal to produce, distribute, and to have possession of all pornographic media in all forms, including and not limited to print, video, and internet in the U.S. Those who argue that porn is harmless are uneducated on the effects of pornography and the damage it does to the user, the users surrounding relationships, and how the user views the opposite sex.

Pornography is proven to become addictive, causing users to become desensitized, causing them to seek out more perverse and more extreme types of pornography (including viewing aggressive behaviors and rape). Men who view pornography regularly have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexuality, including rape, sexual aggression, and sexual promiscuity.

Prolonged consumption of pornography by men produces stronger notions of women as commodities or as "sex objects." Pornography warps the mind and causes may physiological problems such as, self-esteem issues, question in sexuality, compulsion, perception, etc. Any recovered porn addict will stress the destruction porn takes on ones life and will share the struggles pornography caused them and what they went through emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Think of the younger generations, young girls thinking they have to act, look, and be treated in that manner. Young men objectifying these young women and treating them as such. In some cases this is already happening. Pornography needs to be stopped before it is too late. It is effecting both sexes presently and is gradually getting more violent and perverse, causing both men and women to lose respect for one another. It's Causing divorces, suicide, and crime. What will this world come to if this obscene destructive problem continues? Morality, love, trust, and peace has been greatly diminished by pornography.

I challenge you to stand up and no longer turn a blind eye to this destructive problem. Sign this petition, share it, be a voice. Help fight for this generation, and the ones to come. Banning pornography will be one of the best things to happen to this nation.

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3. Time for US Government Change

This is a Petition to make a change in America and the way the Government is run.

It is completely wrong that Our US Government makes more than our own MILITARY Does this has been going on for as long as I can remember and it has come to 13 years since 9/11/2001 so I believe that we need to make a change in America and how much our US Government makes each year and also how long the President is in office I say after serving a max of 2 terms in office that's all they should get to serve that should also go for the senate and congressmen.

No more life time career politicians no more life long benefits for them either they have to provide their own insurance and way of life like the rest of America does.

Stop Free Hand Outs for Drug Addicts People Non Willing to work And Illegals.

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4. Solve the Immigration Problem and do what is in the best interests of American Citizens

Below is a copy of the petition/fax I will soon be sending to the President, congress, senators etc. and possibly other representatives.

But, keep in mind Immigration is, for the most part, a Federal issue so please no radical suggestions.

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5. End workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is dangerous, more needs to be done to prevent it.

The psychological effects of workplace bullying can be devastating.

Are there certain disciplines in employment contracts that constitute bullying? If so, what are the offending disciplines and why or why not should companies implement new anti-bullying policies?

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6. Let's build AAP stronger and transparent

Aam Aadmi Party, India campaigned Delhi election 2013 claiming it is a transparent party. Infact, transparency is their motto.

The party claimed it will stand candidates who are honest, have good character and have no criminal record. The party ensured measures within the party to achieve the same. They had an extensive screening process that ensured candiates who satisfied above three criteria were selected for election candidature. However, how hard they try truth is that people with malicious intentions will become part of party and even win elections on their ticket.

We recently saw an instance where an elected party candidate had differences due to non allocation of seat. The party seemed to have pacified the minister but did not come out transparent in what occured behind the scenes.

Question is does AAP have corrective measures to take down candidates who are elected as MLAs or ministers but evidently fail to fulfill one of three "must have" criteria for representing people of India? Also, does AAP vow to be transparent in such matters?

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7. Review of the ABC

The ABC is a taxpayer funded organisation and as such must provide value to the community that supports it. Going by its output in recent times, I don't believe the ABC is meeting its obligations to the taxpayer. To determine a corrective path, a review into the following needs to be conducted:

1) The Australian Broadcasting Corporations Act 1983 to determine whether it's adequate in today’s advancing technology and to strengthen the ABC's charter to remove any ambiguity;

2) The ABC’s expanding media and online presence and whether this is making it impossible for independent media to compete;

3) Whether the ABC is suitably servicing the contract to run the Australia Network given recent events when it chose to promote the Guardian spying allegations story involving Indonesia. Considering The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade described the service as "enhancing the government's ability to pursue its broader foreign and trade policy objectives". With the objective of the network being: ‘To project a positive and contemporary image of Australia and promote a clear understanding of government policies’.

4) Whether the ABC board including the Chairman is abiding by the charter: Point 8, Duties of the board, with particular attention to a, b, c, d, which clearly states the duties being :

(1) It is the duty of the Board:

(a) to ensure that the functions of the Corporation are performed efficiently and with the maximum benefit to the people of Australia;

(b) to maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation;

(c) to ensure that the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is accurate and impartial according to the recognized standards of objective journalism; and

(d) to ensure that the Corporation does not contravene, or fail to comply with:

(i) any of the provisions of this Act or any other Act that are applicable to the Corporation; or

5) Whether the Managing director of the ABC, Mark Scott, conducted himself appropriately when he decided to promote the Guardian’s spy allegations. Especially since it has emerged that the ABC refused requests from intelligence agencies to redact the material in the interests of national security’.

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8. National Call for Public Debates

The purpose of this page is to gather enough signatures (LIKES) to force National Public Debates between the political parties in Antigua and Barbuda. This is intended to be the genesis of paradigm shift in our political climate for the betterment of our society.

We no longer want to hear political rhetoric spewed from a loud speaker on a vehicle nor do we want to hear political candidates abuse each other at political rallies. No longer do we want to hear empty promises or nearly impossible promises coming from a political platform without substance or the possibility of a question or challenge from the electorate.

We need our Candidates to speak to issues those we, the electorate, care about. We want to be able to question our leaders on these issues, hear the details of their plans and effectively analyze their program for Antigua and Barbuda.

Some of the issues include:
1. Education
2. Health Care
3. Economy
4. Youth

We believe that this initiative would better aid the electorate in making more informative decisions at the polls.

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If religions should be the cause for peace then where are we leading to?

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10. Protect the Gay Village, Manchester

The internationally famous 'Gay Village' in Manchester is facing many difficulties as an area and its legacy is under threat.

Respondents are encouraged to sign this petition and state their concerns about the famous 'gay area' and to suggest the support that they believe it needs.

Supporting this petition is to request support from leaders and organizations that can help the LGBTQ community evolve and overcome difficulties faced within this area.

The infamous headline in Manchester Evening News in April 2013 prophesied the death of the Gay Village 'within five years', was made. Yet this ongoing struggle has been years in the making and is a sign of a long term lack of investment or strategy.

Notably there has been an absence of an online consultation of LGBTQ residents of Manchester, despite these requests for a think tank and inclusive public dialogue

Signing this petition is to agree that somehow LGBTQ is disempowered in being self-defining and changes for the safety and evolution of the Gay Village are needed to protect its future.

In signing the petition also add your areas of concern and your voice to what the Village needs to become.

Your primary concerns might include:

• The overall demise and decline of the area which concerns you for the Gay Villages future
• The lack of investment into the Gay Village, despite it being an area that needs support, funding and consideration of improving the area with Heritage and Arts and Culture funding and representation
• The failure of the Pride model to put reasonable or fair investment back into the Gay Village, recent years 'donations' to charity barely exceeding 5%
• A desire to see more ‘alternatives’ to a drinking culture in terms of possible community space, arts centre, museum, performance space, market, encouraging community and activities, markets and support for small businesses
• The licensing concerns of takeaways, irresponsible bar and door policies, taxis and the restrictions put upon bars wishing to individuate their businesses
• Concerns of safety and crime within the Village, though a challenge for the whole city centre, consideration of safety is needed to prevent hate crimes, becoming the victim of crime, to make a realistic and 'safe' drug policy, to keep all people safe and reduce the exploitation of homeless, sex workers and vulnerable people
• Poor Leadership and evidenced strategies from an individual in the Council's LGBT Lead, e.g. after the EMRO debate and its procedural homophobia
• Wasteland and unoccupied buildings that could be of cultural benefit. Business rents that exclude pioneering enterprise and penalize business and free enterprise
• An absence of a Community Model for business and improving the Village
• Representation needs to be enhanced to be inclusive of the many voices of the LGBTQ and community projects and premises that are used to benefit the Village and are unrelated to alcohol

For those who wish to go into detail please share this online questionnaire designed to gather more detail upon LGBTQ Manchester's opinions in the absence of such official research -

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11. Get Money Out of Politics

As an individual in a democracy it is YOUR duty to let YOUR government hear YOUR voice.

SIGN THIS PETITION to keep corporate influence out of our governing bodies. By signing this petition you are expressing your true democratic values, that every politician is elected by the people, for the people.

No longer can we allow financial campaign contributions to indenture our politicians to serve those whom helped place them in office.

We want elected officials who will vote with conscience and for the good of all Men, Woman, and our Society in mind. We do not want elected officials focusing on helping the few that got them there, but rather the masses that they were elected to serve.

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12. Recount the WA Senate Ballot

With the AEC refusing to re-count the WA Senate ballot, after a margin of just 14 votes, it is vital that a recount is conducted to ensure that no human error was made in the count.

The House of Reps has an automatic recount if the margin is less than 100, so why does the Senate not get the same treatment?

Independent analysis "shows 21 separate instances of discrepancies at booths in Western Australia divisions where the number of upper and lower house ballot papers varies by over 10 votes. The total number of discrepancies one way or another is 351 votes." (Crook, Andrew. 'WA Senate drama: ballot-box anomalies boost Ludlam’s fight' article Friday, 4 October 2013).

It is unacceptable that with such a large potential margin for human error that Western Australian voters appear to have had their intentions so grossly misrepresented, and misappropriated by the so called 'micro party alliance' preference deal brokers and their major party clients.

We ask that Senator Ludlams appeal to have a recount be approved, and independant assessment of the AEC's processing of past precedents in the Lower House recounts be a guide in a duly diligent inquiry.

Call on the AEC to commence a recount of the WA Senate ballot!

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13. Hold Congress Accountable

Did you know that under current law, all members of Congress will get their full pay while thousands of workers will be forced out of their jobs? In one of the most shameful examples of congressional misconduct, the Congress has made sure that its members get their full pay and benefits while the nation suffers, even during a full government ‘shutdown.’

This petition is being put together by a person who is a) sympathetic to many traditional Republican causes and has voted Republican more often than not and b) is not a supporter of the current health-care reform act, informally known as Obama-care, BUT is fed-up with the current Republican lack of leadership in Washington. The leadership has lost its way and has let a minority of hard-line extremists set the policy for the national party either through fear or incompetence.

The dysfunction in DC politics has become dangerous to the well-being of this country. The primary goal of our politicians appears to be to start campaigning for the next election or safeguarding their perks from their first day in office rather than paying any attention to their responsibilities as leaders of this great nation.

The current no-compromise attitude of a majority of House Republicans is brinkmanship of the worst kind, and one with total disregard for the long-term well-being of this nation. Successful democracies, almost by definition, govern via consensus and compromise.

Having failed to present a strong enough case to the public to convince the majority, the hard-line Republican holdouts have resorted to blackmailing the nation to accede to the wishes of an uncompromising minority.

These actions have serious consequences. Not only does the whole nation suffer (Goldman Sachs estimates that it will shave nearly 1% off GDP just as the economy is starting to recover from a deep recession), people’s livelihoods are now being directly jeopardized as they are laid off or ‘furloughed.’

It is easy to take such an uncompromising position when nothing personal is really at stake. What this petition does is make those responsible bear some burden of the pain they have elected to pass on to the rest of the nation.

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14. Hold Governor Christie Accountable

My name is Gwendolyn Cole-Hoover, M.D., I am writing to ask for your assistance, in fact begging, you will have my sister's case investigated by the justice department in the death of my sister. Please. I wrote to you in 2009 and was given an alternate email for contact with you.

To date I have never received a response. My resolve is unyielding. My sister's death would never have occurred if the color of her skin was white. My sister was a, Black Female Professional. I will walked the halls of justice and the streets of Washington, DC to bring my sister's death to the attention of the public. You have responded to other non lethal issue. Why are you failing to respond to the death of my sister?

My sister was seeking medical treatment at Morristown Memorial Hospital and left in a body bag. In fact the doctors, Dr, Eskin, ER Physician, Morristown Memorial Hospital, gave my sister a lethal combination of medication causing her death. Dr. Leonard Moss, Dr. Rosenberg and other doctors aided and abetted a cover up. Dr. Zucker and Dr. Arora at Newark Beth Israel Hospital aided and abetted the cover up.

Dr. Ronald Suarez, Morris County Medical Examiner, without authorization to perform an autopsy, brought in Dr. Douglas C, Miller to fabricate a cause of death. Dr. Douglas C. Miller was employed at NYU at the time he fabricated a cause a death. NYU was informed of this fabrication. Dr. Miller now works at University of Missouri, the chairman was informed. Imagine how many innocent people are imprisoned because of lies by professionals aiding and abetting the prosecutors. Think of your family or friends who seek medical care at hospitals like Morristown Memorial Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Hospital and leave in a body bag. Does anyone care?

Subject: Governor Christie refuses to uphold the law related to death of a patient.

My sister was given a lethal combination of medication by doctors at Morristown Memorial Hospital that caused her death. I filed a complaint with Gov Christie's Office. He has taken no action but to continue the cover up. He refuses to meet with my family and I.

"My sister's medical records were altered. The law in New Jersey states original medical records should be available to patients or estate executors on request. I filed a complaint with Gov. Christie and to date he has refused to meet with me or uphold the law.I have supplied Gov. Christie with copies of the altered records. This is FRAUD."

Fortunately, my sister had a sister who is a physician. I will not go away, I hope you won't either. Please sign my petitions.

Your immediate response is vital. Thank you in advance.

With Sincerity,

Gwendolyn Cole-Hoover, M.D.

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15. Governor Christ Christies's Justice Depends on Skin Color

Governor Christies's Refusal

Dear Hon. Editor:

My name is Gwendolyn Cole-Hoover, M.D., I am writing to ask for your assistance, in fact begging, you will write the story of the my death of my sister. Please. My sister was Black Female Professional, who did not deserve to die. The doctors looked at the color of her skin and made a conscious decision that padding their billing was more important. I have asked the newspapers in the United States to print my sister's story. Unfortunately, all of them also looked at the color of her skin. I wrote letters to President Obama, Vice President Biden, Congress, Senators and others without a response. I am determine to write every newspaper in the world to ask for help. I am prepared to walk the streets in Washington, DC until my voice is heard. I beg with my heart you will print my petitions so people may sign my petitions.

My sister was seeking medical treatment at Morristown Memorial Hospital and left in a body bag. In fact the doctors, Dr, Eskin, ER Physician, Morristown Memorial Hospital, gave my sister a lethal combination of medication causing her death. Dr. Leonard Moss, Dr. Rosenberg and other doctors aided and abetted a cover up. Dr. Zucker and Dr. Arora at Newark Beth Israel Hospital aided and abetted the cover up.

Dr. Ronald Suarez, Morris County Medical Examiner, without authorization to perform an autopsy, brought in Dr. Douglas C, Miller to fabricate a cause of death. Dr. Douglas C. Miller was employed at NYU at the time he fabricated a cause a death. NYU was informed of this fabrication. Dr. Miller now works at University of Missouri, the chairman was informed. Imagine how many innocent people are imprisoned because of lies by professionals aiding and abetting the prosecutors. Think of your family or friends who seek medical care at hospitals like Morristown Memorial Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Hospital and leave in a body bag. Does anyone care?

Subject: Governor Christie refuses to uphold the law related to death of a patient.

My sister was given a lethal combination of medication by doctors at Morristown Memorial Hospital that caused her death. I filed a complaint with Gov Christie's Office. He has taken no action but to continue the cover up. He refuses to meet with my family and I.

"My sister's medical records were altered. The law in New Jersey states original medical records should be available to patients or estate executors on request. I filed a complaint with Gov. Christie and to date he has refused to meet with me or uphold the law.I have supplied Gov. Christie with copies of the altered records. This is FRAUD.

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16. Keep Our Local Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Public

The NHS is under attack from privateering pirates. History (Hitchingbrooke, Cambridgeshire) shows local services being run into the ground and then the private sector picking over the carcass, whilst still hoovering up massive tax payer subsidies.

Beverley Hospital is vulnerable due to a poor report from the Care Quality Commission. Patient safety was compromised by the Management not providing the right staff training.

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17. Release Ahmad Asgari

The Iranian journalist, political and human rights activist, Ahmad Asgari, was arrested on 20. June 2013 with the order of the ministry of information in Iran.

He was journalist and student of international relations who used to write in newspapers such as Karoon, Mardom-Salari (Populism), Etemad and in many websites. He was arrested following the arrest of another political activist named Mohsen Rahmani, who had been arrested on June 3, 2013. Ahmad was in Fadak Park (Tehran) while meeting with Mohsen’s brother in an attempt to look into him arrest. Security forces arrested him in a barbarous way, took him to his house and searched everywhere. They, then took his personal belongings including his personal notes and hand-writings. He was then transferred to Evin Jail.

Ahmad Asgari is among journalists who have used his pen in the service of public education and enlightenment. On June 14, 2013, he left home with the intention of taking photos of election empty voting districts. He was arrested in the course of photographing and was released after few hours while they confiscated his camera and cell phone. Previously Ahmad Asgari had been in arrested in January 2010, due to his attempts in covering the condition of the presidential election in Iran. He was released by bail after 3 months. He had been threatened to death frequently while studying at the faculty of political science(Tehran, Center) by the centre’s security forces (Sepaah Saarallah).

According to an informed source, Ahmad Asgari is facing charges like collaboration with the Islamic Republic’s oppositional forces. This may bring the verdict of death penalty against him. We demand that the Iran authorities immediately and unconditionally release Asgari.

We, the undersigned, call international human rights agencies to act towards urgent release of the imprisoned journalist Mr. Ahmad Asgari.

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18. Please Stop Burning Stray Animals

Many countries across the globe, the USA and the UK included*, have taken to killing stray animals to try and control the population, but Ukraine is BURNING these poor animals ALIVE. Yes, that's right, they are being taken from the streets, where they may well have dumped and abused and/or simply neglected by people, only to be burned alive.

Burning is an incredibly cruel way of killing an animal. The fire burns like acid against their bodies. They feel their skin get burned through and they may even see their own bones as well as other inside parts. They may even be forced to breath in smoke as they die slowly and in agony, polluting their lungs and making them choke and gasp for air.

This is totally unnecessary. Stray animals are not normally aggressive. In fact, you are more likely to get attacked by a dog that has a home and has been trained/or socialised incorrectly than by a healthy, sane stray dog or cat. If you still think that all strays are evil pests, I urge you to go and have a look around your local animal shelter. If you don't think you are brave enough, just remember that, even if there are aggressive/defensive animals there, they will be in pens so they will not be able to get out and attack you or anyone else.

After you have visited the shelter and seen how lovely some of the dogs and cats are, just think about the fact that at least 1/2 or even 3/4 of them may have been strays at one point. Also, try thinking about this fact; many stray animals have been adopted by loving families and have settled in and become very loyal, loving and affectionate companions, not to mention the fact that there have even been alleged cases of babies being cared for by stray dogs...

Stray animal populations can be controlled by adoption, by making them live happy, healthy and safe lives in rescues such as the Dogs Trust for the rest of their lives and by "capture-spay/neuter-and-release" programmes. They can also be deterred by guns being fired to scare them, guard dogs and they can be kept out of certain areas by the use of strong, high fencing that is put beneath the ground as well.

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19. Stop BRITIAN declaring a war on Islam, blaming Islam for the latest Terror Attack

Reflect on the cause and effect of Nazism and lead others to be liberal and be social. I challenge the government of Britain and its future plans to develop peacefully, not through dependence of NATO and declaring war on Islam.

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20. Salary Reform for Elected Leaders

Do you know what federal politicians and cabinet members actually earn every year?

Here is a breakdown:

• Congress members (Representatives and Senators): $174,000;

• Senate and House Majority/Minority Leaders: $193,400;

• Cabinet members: $199,700;

• Speaker of the House: $223,500;

• Vice President: $230,700;

• President: $400,000.

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21. Pour Stopper les Derives

Les élections de 2010-2011 déroulées sous la commande de la communauté internationale ont placé au pouvoir des étrangers, en l’occurrence Messieurs Michel Joseph Martelly et Laurent Salvador Lamothe.

Leur gouvernance est émaillée de Corruption, de népotisme, de clientélisme, de malversation, de gaspillage des maigres ressources nationales, de dépenses somptueuses, d’instabilité gouvernementale, de vassalisation des Institutions républicaines, du non-respect des droits de l’homme, de la tolérance de l’impunité et a institué un Etat délinquant. Les agissements de ces étrangers au timon des affaires de l’Etat haïtien portent atteinte à la dignité de la Nation et contribuent à ternir l’image de chaque haïtien en particulier et de la nation haïtienne en général.Considérant que Monsieur Michel Joseph Martelly a violé les articles 114-2 et 115 de la constitution, lorsqu’il a ordonné l’arrestation du Député de Delmas-Tabarre, Arnel Belizaire, le 27 Octobre 2011, ce qui constitue un Crime de Haute Trahison;

Considérant que Monsieur Michel Joseph Martelly par l’Arrêté du 24 janvier 2012 (LE MONITEUR, Supplément du No. 10) portant création de la Commission Nationale de lutte Contre la Faim et la Malnutrition (COLFAM) et du programme ABA GRANGOU et l’Arrêté du 15 juin 2012 (LE MONITEUR No. 94) créant la Commission d’Appui à la Coordination des Infrastructures de Sport et d’Accompagnement de la Jeunesse Haïtienne (CACISAJH) a ordonné au Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances de mettre à la disposition de son épouse, Sophia Martelly et de son fils Olivier Martelly les fonds publics sans contrôle aucun contrairement à l’article 200 de la Constitution.Considérant que le Premier Ministre Laurent Salvador Lamothe est considéré au Sénégal, comme un escroc prototype, où des poursuites judiciaires sont envisagées contre lui suivant les dénonciations du citoyen Newton Louis ST JUSTE.

Considérant que le Premier Ministre Laurent Salvador Lamothe et Monsieur Michel Joseph Martelly utilisent les fonds publics et les fonctions Officielles pour effectuer des voyages à l’étranger à des fins personnelles Considérant que le cousin de Michel Joseph MARTHELY, Richard MORSE, a déclaré au journal canadien «Toronto Star » qu’il a démissionné comme conseiller de la Présidence pour cause de corruption au Palais National, Vu que les dénonciations font état de Corruption, d’Escroquerie et de Blanchiment d’argent, infractions pour lesquelles le législateur a institué : l’Unité de Lutte Contre la Corruption ULCC et l’Unité Centrale de Renseignement Financier UCREF et qu’en ces matières le Parquet est tenu de saisir ces organes aux fins d’enquête.

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22. Objection to the Recognition of April 30th as “South Vietnamese Recognition Day”

The Congress of Virginia State has just approved the Resolution SJ-455 to honor the "April 30th" as "South Vietnamese Recognition Day".

In reality, April 30th is the day the Republic of Vietnam fell into North Communists. South Vietnamese people marked the day as "National Mourning Day". That is the darkest day in Vietnamese history.

Any other names given to April 30th would match the will of Vietnamese Communists who always wants to eliminate the true meaning of the day.

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23. Pass The New York State Dream Act

In the 2013 New York State Legislative session, New York State Assemblyman Francisco Moya, representing District #39 (Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst) introduced bill A2597, entitled "The New York State Dream Act".

This bill would allow undocumented students who were brought to the United States as very young children to be eligible to receive Financial Aid for a College Education within New York State.

The Bill increased Financial Aid by 25 million dollars, in support of this initiative. The Bill is supported by Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver. A similar bill was introduced in the New York State Senate bill #S2378, but is being blocked by the Republicans Led by Senator Dean Skelos. Senator Skelos does not want the bill to reach the floor because he is afraid to put the State Senators on the record to either support or object to the Bill. Senator Skelos, does not want to loose power in the Senate. Senator Skelos is putting Politics above People.

We need to contact Senator Dean Skelos and tell him to support The Dream Act.

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24. Stop Firearms from being Banned in the United States

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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25. Pledge peace in Kenya and the World

I want to live in a world where children can go to school without fear of violence.

Where journalists are not threatened for reporting on human rights abuses.

Where people from different backgrounds use dialogue rather than violence.

Where police can be trusted to protect citizens.

Where families are not forced to flee their homes.

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26. Increasing political representation in Australia

Australian people, in some comparisons with other developed, democratic nations, are underrepresented in the House of Representatives.

For a population exceeding 23 million, there are only 150 seats in that chamber of Parliament. On average there is a representative for every 153,000 people. New Zealand has a single chamber in its Parliament of 120 members; for a population one-fifth that of ours, it has only 20% fewer seats and 20% fewer representatives of its people, but this works out as one representative per 37,500.

Canada has a population greater than our own (45% greater) and its lower house, its House of Commons, has a representative total of 308 seats, more than double our own lower house (one representative per 117,000). The United Kingdom has a population of 63 million, almost three times our own, but its House of Commons has over four times the number of ours (650). This equates to one representative per 97,000 people. The Netherlands has a population around 20% smaller than ours, but the same number of representatives in its lower house (111,000 represented by one person).

The number of members in Australia’s House of Representatives has been adjusted over time to account for population increase, but the last time this was done was almost 15 years ago, the population was almost 19 million. Since then, there are only two additional representatives, but 4 million additional people to represent. Rather than increase the number gradually every decade, the number should be increased to 225 to allow for future population changes.

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27. 40% cut in Congress memebers' pention/salary

It's relevant to note that the American people see a constant stream of irresponsible and corrupt political leadership in Congress.

Congress are so incompetent that they cannot even pass a budget.

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28. UN Palestine Vote Illegitimate; West Bank is Ancestral Israel!


UPDATE: Israeli Cabinet resolution rejects UN vote on Palestine and affirms Jewish rights in all the Land of Israel.

"The Jewish people have natural, historical, legal rights to its homeland with its eternal capital Jerusalem... The State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people has rights and claims to areas that are under dispute in the land of Israel...The Palestinian Authority's one-sided step at the U.N. constitutes a gross violation of the agreements that have been signed with the State of Israel; accordingly, the Government of Israel rejects the U.N. General Assembly decision."

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29. Termination of Hillary R. Clinton

On the date of 9-11-2012 a known group called Ansar al-Sharia attacked the United States Consulate in Benghazi Libya resulting in the deaths of four Americans.

The State Department has known for sometime that the Consulate was in harms way, but failed to protect the members of the state department. Even with the knowledge that the above group Ansar al-Sharia that has ties with Al-Qaeda was in the area.

On the date of 9-11-2012,a massing of protestors were outside the consulate,which was innocent in itself,with the protestors not knowing that the group Ansar al-Sharia had other plans. The premeditated attack on the sovereignty of the United States is an act of war,and yet nothing was done and to this date its still under investigation. The NAS in Sicily was less than an hour away. There are QRF (Quick Response Forces) that were less than an hour away. Never in our history have we had a foreign mission attacked and WE DID NOTHING.
Benghazi Time-line

:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (8:30 p.m. Benghazi time): U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens steps outside the consulate to say goodbye to a Turkish diplomat. There are no protesters at this time. (“Everything is calm at 8:30,” a State Department official would later say at an Oct. 9 background briefing for reporters. “There’s nothing unusual. There has been nothing unusual during the day at all outside.”)
3 p.m.: Ambassador Stevens retires to his bedroom for the evening. (See Oct. 9 briefing.)

Approximately 3:40 p.m. A security agent at the Benghazi compound hears “loud noises” coming from the front gate and “gunfire and an explosion.” A senior State Department official at the Oct. 9 briefing says that “the camera on the main gate reveals a large number of people – a large number of men, armed men, flowing into the compound.”

About 4 p.m.: This is the approximate time of attack that was given to reporters at a Sept. 12 State Department background briefing. An administration official identified only as “senior administration official one” provides an official timeline of events at the consulate, but only from the time of the attack — not prior to the attack. The official says, “The compound where our office is in Benghazi began taking fire from unidentified Libyan extremists.” (Six of the next seven entries in this timeline — through 8:30 p.m. EDT — all come from the Sept. 12 briefing. The exception being the 6:07 p.m. entry, which comes from Reuters.)

About 4:15 p.m.: “The attackers gained access to the compound and began firing into the main building, setting it on fire. The Libyan guard force and our mission security personnel responded. At that time, there were three people inside the building: Ambassador Stevens, one of our regional security officers, and Information Management Officer Sean Smith.”

Between 4:15 p.m.-4:45 p.m.: Sean Smith is found dead. About 4:45 p.m.: “U.S. security personnel assigned to the mission annex tried to regain the main building, but that group also took heavy fire and had to return to the mission annex.”

About 5:20 p.m.: “U.S. and Libyan security personnel … regain the main building and they were able to secure it.”
Around 6 p.m.: “The mission annex then came under fire itself at around 6 o’clock in the evening our time, and that continued for about two hours. It was during that time that two additional U.S. personnel were killed and two more were wounded during that ongoing attack.”

6:07 p.m.: The State Department’s Operations Center sends an email to the White House, Pentagon, FBI and other government agencies that said Ansar al-Sharia has claimed credit for the attack on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. (The existence of the email was not disclosed until Reuters reported it on Oct. 24.)
About 8:30 p.m.: “Libyan security forces were able to assist us in regaining control of the situation. At some point in all of this – and frankly, we do not know when – we believe that Ambassador Stevens got out of the building and was taken to a hospital in Benghazi. We do not have any information what his condition was at that time. His body was later returned to U.S. personnel at the Benghazi airport.”

About 10:00 p.m.: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issues a statement confirming that one State official was killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Her statement, which MSNBC posted at 10:32 p.m., made reference to the anti-Muslim video.

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30. Like my Vote: Allow voting on facebook for the presidential election

Facebook is the most used social network on the world wide web today with an average of approximately 1.01 Billion users per month. It's used to advertise, reconnect with family and friends as well as campaign for any political office.

Why not go one step further and allow the American people to cast the vote on Voting day via Facebook. You can pay bills, watch, television, go to school and so many other things via the Internet, why not make it easy for someone to cast their vote for their candidate via a secure app on Facebook.

There are so many Facebook users that would love to vote but for various reasons may not be able to physically get out to do it. Facebook would give them that chance. Facebook was flooded during the presidential debates. Imagine if every one of those users were able to cast their vote and really take part of their American Right. The turnout would be tremendous. The American voice would definitely be heard.

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