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1. Stop the boats

The primary incentive for immigrants arriving as asylum seekers to Australia is the promise of permanent residency.

There are many people suffering in deplorable conditions, waiting for the carrot we so haplessly dangle across the ocean.

True refugees will still seek asylum on a temporary basis.

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2. Stop the Killing in Sabah, North Borneo

Beginning March 1, Malaysian Special Forces attacked 250 men, women and children from Sulu, Philippines, who have a solid claim to the land with court judgments in their favor.

Many have died on both sides. It could go on for a geneation if not stopped early.

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3. Australia, Don't Sell the Farm to China

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives:

The Petition of the undersigned draws the attention of the House:

to the significant community concern about the risk to national food security, and national security generally, posed by acquisitions by foreign entities of Australian agricultural, horticultural and other farming land.

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4. Senator Jim Webb for Vice President

Now that Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for President, it is time for attention to turn to the selection of his running mate.

We propose that Senator Jim Webb of Virginia is the most compelling candidate the party can consider.

Read Sen. Webb's bio:

Senator Webb is an Annapolis graduate, a former Marine and combat veteran of Vietnam, and served two years as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Navy from 1987-89.

Who better to persuade anxious voters that they will be in good hands than this experienced national security and military affairs expert -- and a converted Republican, at that.

Senator Webb is also from the state of Virginia, which is a potential swing state in the November election. His inclusion on the ticket will help accelerate the movement toward a dramatically altered electoral map.

This is strictly a grass-roots (aka "net-roots") effort. Given the power of the Internet, voters around the country can, for the first time, take an active role in the selection of not only the Presidential candidates, but the Vice Presidential candidates as well.

If you agree that Jim Webb is the man who can put Barack Obama over the top in November, then please sign this petition -- and spread the word!

Follow the movement at

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5. Pledge for Peace – Fall Peace Offensive

Seventy members of Congress have already signed an open letter to President Bush with those words. Please sign the online petition at

THE PLEDGE FOR PEACE CAMPAIGN HAS TO BEGIN NOW because in September Congress will be debating FY 2008 funding for military operations in Iraq.

That is what prompted the 70 members of Congress to put Bush on public notice with their letter. We must grow that number from 70 to 100 to 150.

SPREAD THE WORD! The popularity of Democrats in Congress is dwindling as they allow the Iraq occupation to continue. Let’s rally around those Congress members who are standing firm in using their power of the purse to carry out the voters’ will of disengagement from Iraq.

ULTIMATELY, The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) STANDS COMMITTED TO THE COMPREHENSIVE IRAQ WITHDRAWAL PLAN outlined in H.R. 508 by Lynn Woolsey with Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters and supported by 50 Congress members. The final plan will likely not be called 508 but should include:
* withdrawal of all U.S. troops and military contractors
* an international stabilization force
* major economic and humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people
* full healthcare for U.S. veterans
* no permanent U.S. bases or control over Iraqi oil.

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