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1. Legalize medical cannabis for terminaly ill cancer patients

Hundreds and thousands of British cancer patients have sat in an Oncologists consulting room and been told that they have a cancer that can't be treated.The prognosis is terminal and even chemotherapy would not save them.

Given this scenario of your imminent demise within weeks or a few months, it seems logical that the patients be given the right to seek an alternative means of extending their life, in such a way as not not incur costs to the State.

This petition calls for the legalization of medical cannabis for those who are told the news that there in no more conventional treatment available.

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2. Time to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Texas

I am tired of taking pills for my medical conditions. I want and need a safer and more holistic alternative. Cannabis has been there this whole time yet it is still being kept from us.

We now know that it cures cancer, helps with epilepsy, seizures, insomnia, pain, PTSD and now even Alzheimer's. The list goes on and on.

I feel that it is my right to put on herb into my body as opposed to pharmaceuticals which are deadly. It is your right too. It is time for our government to hear us. By signing this petition you are not saying that you use marijuana (I do not use it. My doctor drug tests me to make sure I stay addicted to the pills!) you are simply saying that IT IS YOUR RIGHT to choose your medication.

Pills kill, cannabis heals. Please sign this petition and pass it around Texas to everyone you know.

Thank you. To your health! (FB "Hennie Bounds").

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3. Support Rastafari Marijuana Religious Rights

In this age, when it is no longer plausible to deny the psychological and physiological benefits of Marijuana, politicians and corporate interests are looking to exploit a potential resource, without redressing the injustices perpetrated against those whom have utilized Marijuana for mental and physical therapy.

In particular, Marijuana has been a fundamental religious/spiritual sacrament to those of the Rastafarian Faith. We, Rastafarians ask the global community for a show of support in our resistance against violations of our religious rights guaranteed to us by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in hopes that all will eventually secure what is sacred and due to humanity.

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4. Stop The City of Black Diamond from Eliminating Lady Buds

Lady Buds is a secure members only organization dedicated to holistic healing and compassion and helping people live better more fulfilling lives through adult responsible and legally medially authorized use of medical marijuana.

Lady Buds does not buy or sell marijuana. Lady Buds facilitates an exchange among legally authorized medical patients who, under state law, are allowed to assist other legally authorized medical patients in the growing, processing, transportation, and delivery of medical marijuana.

The City of Black Diamond licensed Lady Buds in August 2012; the City renewed Lady Buds' license for the year 2013. Lady Buds has operated in Black Diamond for more than 1 year without generating a single complaint. Lady Buds is 100% compliant with State Law and local ordinance.

Even though Lady Buds is a law abiding facility which provides a valuable service to medical patients in Black Diamond, certain people in the Black Diamond City Government are exercising their profession al bias and prejudice and are trying to force Lady Buds out of business.

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5. Legalize Marijuana in Georgia

Whereas marijuana is a plant, created by God and owned by no one; and whereas the state of Georgia, at the urging of the United States federal government, has waged war on peaceful citizens for no reason other than because they consume a plant that was created by God (and owned by no one):

We call upon the State Representatives, Senate and the Governor of the State of Georgia to legalize the production and possession of marijuana by all adult citizens of this great state.

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6. Legalize Medical Marijuana In Texas

Cannabis has been used for hundreds of years for medical purposes, for mental, physical, and emotional disorders and diagnosis.

I am Clinton Roberts, I am a husband, a father, and a prior service Marine. I suffer from PTSD and chronic pain that I suffered due to my injuries that eventually I was discharged for.

The medication prescribed for my disorder includes 107 different prescription pills that have horrible side affects such as suicidal thoughts or actions, liver damage or failure, kidney damage or failure, bad dreams, nausea, more depression, and even death.

These and many more side-effects shouldn't even have to be an issue when we have something all natural, and is known for its side effects to be 100% not lethal to any consumer.

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7. Legalize Marijuana In Kansas City, Kansas

Medical Marijuana Has Many Benefits That Many people could use in this city. I've done My research and the benefits far exceed the risk. More People die every day from pill over doses that are prescribed by OUR doctors then Marijuana.

Some of the Benefits of medical Marijuana are as followed: Marijuana can be used to prevent blindness from glaucoma, Its better For your lungs then tobacco, It controls Epileptic Seizures, Cannabidiol A chemical in Marijuana Stops Cancer From Spreading, THC slows the progression of Alzheimer, The drug eases the pain of Multiple Sclerosis, It lessens side-effects from treating hepatitis C, Marijuana treats inflammatory bowel diseases, It relieves arthritis discomfort. Many of these are treated by pills prescribed by doctors.

Who wants to eat pills all day long when all you need is a little medical marijuana to make the pain lessen or go away.

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8. Support legalization of medical marijuana

There are so many studies that show the great qualities of medical marijuana.

Please take the time to look at to see its affects on ms, aids, and chemotherapy.

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9. Allow Medical Marijuana in U.S.A

America needs medical marijuana for our health, economic, and are rights as Americans. First is the health medical marijuana. It can help treat over 250 illnesses.

The AMA (American Medical Association) changed their view on medical marijuana and urged the feds to change marijuana out of the schedule one drugs. Proven fact: cigarettes are worse for you then marijuana yet there are still 1,016,438,356.16 cigarettes sold everyday.

Second of all is the economic benefits. The hemp that is produced by growing marijuana can be made into hundreds of items like paper and clothing and almost anything else you can think of. The government can and should tax it heavily. Legalization would open up a whole new industry along with millions of new jobs.

Last but not least is are own rights as Americans. In the case of Washington and Alaska who voted for legalization but there votes where not counted until later. The federal government is still conducting raids in states that have past there own laws. Feds still have it classified as a schedule one drug which have absolutely no medical purposes.

In the end America needs medical marijuana for its health benefits, economic benefits, and it is the right as Americans to decide that not just the politics in charge!

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10. Stop the Medical Marijuana Amendment

On June 15th, 2011 the Federal Health Minister, The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, expressed the Conservative Government’s intent to drastically change the current Medical Marijuana Access regulations, taking away the patient’s right to produce their own medicine or to have a designated person produce for them and to force them to purchase their medicine at a high cost and low quality from our government.

For the last 10 years an individual has been able to apply for a Medical Marihuana Exemption License that allows them to smoke or otherwise ingest marijuana as an alternative medicine. The licensed patient then has one of three options: To grow their own, to have someone grow for them if they are physically unable, or to purchase from Health Canada. The marijuana produced by Health Canada is of ONE strain only and produced at one facility in Saskatchewan. It is an inferior strain and is over priced and does little help with the medical needs of most patients.

The Government would have these rights stripped from the patients and their growers because of the abuse on the system by a small handful of people in the program. Instead the government would like to regulate and control the production of marijuana and tax it and supply it to patients at an inferior quality and a high price. This will be devastating to many of the sick people who depend on this program. Their quality of life will diminish and their financial situation will become grave due to the amount of money they will be forced to spend on something that grows for free in the dirt.

Now, what can WE do to stop this? We the people have until JULY 31ST to express our concerns and outrage to these proposed regulation changes! Please join me in reaching out to Leona Aqlukkaq and our Conservative Government by signing this petition!

in addition to signing this petition please feel free to visit Health Canada's website and submit your opinion via their online form submission page regarding this topic. All form submissions must be recieved no later than July 31st!


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11. Stop Hornes Lawsuit against Arizona Marijuana Law

In November of 2010 proposition 203 was passed by the citizens of Arizona with a percentage of 51% voting YES on the legalization of Medical Marijuana in the state. Since then there has been thousands of people across the state who have spent their money on medical tests, and procuring the special licenses from the Arizona health department in order to cultivate their own plants or buy from dispensaries when they are finally set up.

Now Arizona attorney General Tom Horne has begun a lawsuit to end the legalization of Medical Marijuana that was already passed by the voters. If YOU are tired of the Politicians believing that YOUR opinion doesn't matter and YOU believe in equal rights and believe that Marijuana can be used medicinally, PLEASE sign this petition and STOP Tom Hornes' interference in a matter that was VOTED on by us, the citizens of Arizona!

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12. National legalization of med marijuana for all who want/need it

It is long past time that we grow up and quit acting like reefer madness is a real result of marijuana use.

We need to release the medicine to the sick and dying, to help alleviate their suffering and to let them and their DRs decide on a plan of treatment,not the government and lobbyists.

Cancer and many other illnesses are way up and chances are you know someone or are someone who has faced this disease and know the horrific effects of the disease and current treatments. Let's put some compassion back into the healthcare system.

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13. Education, Not Incarceration: Petition To Protect Student-Patient Rights

On university campuses, students with medical marijuana cards are unprotected; many students who live on campus do not have access to proper facilities for holding their marijuana legally because of the on-campus policies that are in effect.

This is due in part to the fact that California universities receive federal funding with the condition that they keep a "Drug-Free" campus - meaning students who use medicinal marijuana are especially targeted, despite what the state law allows.

Students with medical marijuana cards who are caught with marijuana on campus are threatened with severe punishments. For freshman and other on campus residents, they run the risk of losing their housing even for a first offense. The current policies on campus allow for residential advisors to key into rooms and invade the privacy of students in search of marijuana and paraphernalia related to its use.

Students who use marijuana for medical reasons are also faced with difficulties in regard to zoning laws. Locations are not made easily available for students to use their medicine and they risk further legal consequences by using it in those areas that surround campus and are surrounded by other Chico schools.

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14. Ensure Safe Access to Medical Marijuana through the Dispensary Model

Colorado passed Amendment 20 legalizing the cultivation, possession, and consumtion of marijuana for private medical use. Colorado House Bill 1284, legalized the dispensary model statewide, yet left an option for municipalities to ban outright all commercial medical marijuana grow centers and dispensaries.

Medical marijuana centers provide a safe and easily accessible location for patients with a debilitating medical condition to obtain their medication for personal use. The Grand Junction City Council decided to not place this issue on the city ballot, and to vote within the council. The council has also publicly announced their ambition to place an outright ban on medical marijuana centers and dispensaries with in the city limits of Grand Junction, CO.

Banning these facilities would reduce jobs, endanger patients and cultivators, and reduce city sales tax revenue.

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15. Support the Humboldt County Collective

For over a year now the Humboldt County Collective has been attempting to legally open a medical marijuana collective in hopes of providing safe acess to all 215 patients in the area.

Although we have been complying with all laws while working side by side with the Humboldt Planning Commission, we have met some opposition.

We ask for our community's support in opening Humboldt County's first legal collective.

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16. Canadian Government should Cover the Cost of Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana Patients

Respectfully, to the Legislative Assembly,

Heavy cannabis users may be at greater risk of chronic lung disease - including cancer - compared to tobacco smokers, studies suggest. This has been one of the arguments against marijuana use.

As a patient, that is concerning. Marijuana is a very effective medicinal tool for those who are unable to either tolerate conventional medicines or find conventional drugs ineffective. For those of us, where marijuana is our medicine, we should have the safest delivery of it.

Countless studies have been done on the Volcano Vaporizer and is proven to be the most effective appliance available.

Medical conditions that require specialized equipment are covered by the government. Our medical requirements are equally as important.

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17. Move Hawaii Medical Marijuana Registration from Department of Public Safety to Department of Health

The registration database of medical marijuana patients in the State of Hawaii is currently located with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), Narcotics Enforcement Division. In July of 2008 the Department of Public Safety released the entire database contents including the names, addresses, grow locations, physicians, and medical condition to a Big Island reporter thereby proving itself unreliable in overseeing this confidential information.

Since medical marijuana is currently illegal under federal regulations and medical marijuana patients live in fear of federal prosecution, it does not make sense that the registration database is in the hands of any form of law enforcement.

Because of the confidential medical contents of the database, the Department of Health should be in charge of this registry.

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18. Honolulu Police Department to Adopt Written Medical Marijuana Policy

The Honolulu Police Department does not currently have a concise written policy concerning medical marijuana, which leaves gray areas in the interpretation of the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Law.

The Hawaii County Police Department adopted a written medical marijuana policy which leaves little room for doubt when it comes to medical marijuana, and affords the patients the protection that the medical marijuana law intended.

The Hawaii County Police Department medical marijuana policy can be viewed by visiting their website:

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19. Hawaii Law Enforcement Should Not Enforce Federal Laws

Municipal and state law enforcement officers are sworn to uphold Hawaii State Law and not federal law. The Hawaii Medical Marijuana law is in conflict with federal law and confuses law enforcement officers as to which laws they should enforce and uphold.

The California Attorney General issued a statement which alleviated this confusion within California by stating that California Law Enforcement officers were to uphold State Law and local ordinances and not federal law.

Local and state law enforcement officers are hired to enforce local and state laws. Federal laws are not their concern. Only federal law enforcement officers should be enforcing federal laws. For this reason, local and state law enforcement officers should take no part in enforcing federal laws, which include assisting the DEA on their raids of medical cannabis patients.

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20. Kaiser Permanente Should Allow Equal Medical Treatment

In the Hawaii Region of Kaiser Permanente, physicians are not allowed to recommend medical marijuana for their patients by regional policy. If the same person were a member of Kaiser in either California or Colorado, their physicians would be able to recommend medical marijuana if they feel it is needed.

In Hawaii, Kaiser members are receiving a different standard of medical care than their counterparts in California and Colorado receive. The members physician that normally treats the patient for their condition is the best person to determine if the patient would benefit from treatments including medical marijuana.

Several studies conducted by Kaiser Permenente themselves have proven the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana, yet the Hawaii Region members are being treated unfairly and denied access to appropriate medical care.

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21. Create Safe Access To Hawaii Medical Cannabis Patients

Hawaii passed the Medical Marijuana law in 2000, but has never set up a safe and legal way for the patients in Hawaii to receive their medication. Medical marijuana patients are required to risk their personal safety by obtaining their medication through the black market.

Acts of violence including the murder of Ken Gorman, a medical marijuana patient in Denver Colorado, and the murders of as many as 19 other legal medical marijuana providers around the country are ever present when patients are forced to grow their medicine in their homes, or visit often-violent street drug dealers to obtain their medication.

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22. Remove Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug

Schedule I is the only category of controlled substances that may not be prescribed by a physician. Under 21 U.S.C. § 812b, drugs must meet three criteria in order to be placed in Schedule I:

* The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
* The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
* There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

In 1970, Congress placed cannabis into Schedule I on the advice of Assistant Secretary of Health Roger O. Egeberg. His letter to Harley O. Staggers, Chairman of the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, indicates that the classification was intended to be provisional:

Dear Mr. Chairman: In a prior communication, comments requested by your committee on the scientific aspects of the drug classification scheme incorporated in H.R. 18583 were provided. This communication is concerned with the proposed classification of marijuana.

It is presently classed in schedule I(C) along with its active constituents, the tetrahydrocannibinols and other psychotropic drugs.

Some question has been raised whether the use of the plant itself produces "severe psychological or physical dependence" as required by a schedule I or even schedule II criterion. Since there is still a considerable void in our knowledge of the plant and effects of the active drug contained in it, our recommendation is that marijuana be retained within schedule I at least until the completion of certain studies now underway to resolve the issue. If those studies make it appropriate for the Attorney General to change the placement of marijuana to a different schedule, he may do so in accordance with the authority provided under section 201 of the bill. . .

Sincerely yours, (signed) Roger O. Egeberg, M.D.[1]

The reference to "certain studies" is to the then-forthcoming National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse. In 1972, the Commission released a report favoring decriminalization of cannabis. The Richard Nixon administration took no action to implement the recommendation, however. A protracted struggle ensued in which cannabis reform activists began working through all three branches of government to reschedule the drug.

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23. Federal Sentence Reduction For Luke Scarmazzo & Richardo Montes Medical Marijuana Dispensary

On May 15th, 2008, following a federal jury trial, Modesto entrepreneurs Ricardo Montes and Luke Scarmazzo were found guilty of several marijuana charges. The jury was conflicted about the convictions and grossly underestimated the possible sentences. The most serious charge carries a mandatory minimum of 20 years in prison, for what is called “continuing criminal enterprise.”

In reality, all that the defendants were doing was running a medical marijuana dispensary in accordance with state law.

This was a federal trial, however, and state law was not a defense or a subject of legal argument. Federal law does not recognize medical marijuana. Please sign this petition, asking the judge to give Ricardo Montes and Luke Scarmazzo the leniency they deserve.

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24. Grant a liver transplant for a dying musician

Grant a liver transplant for dying musician at the University of Washington Medical Center who are withholding surgery for patient’s prior medical marijuana use.

Sign this petition to grant a transplant for a dying patient in need of a liver transplant at the University of Washington Medical Center who are withholding surgery for patient’s prior medical marijuana use.

The University of Washington Medical center is denying a patient, Tim Garon, the right to a liver transplant because he has used medical marijuana to cope with the amount of pain he is in. Garon is dying of hepatitis C and the doctors are denying his human right to have life. The director of this hospital has tough standards so he has been refused a spot on a transplant list. Fluids are continuing to build up in Garon’s abdomen that looks eight months pregnant while his face and arms look skeletal.

Visit this URL for the full story titled, ‘Medical marijuana patients face transplant hurdles’:

According to most transplant centers, they struggle with the how to deal with people who have used marijuana, said Dr. Robert Sade, director of the Institute of Human Values in Health Care at the Medical University of South Carolina.
“Marijuana, unlike alcohol, has no direct effect on the liver.”

There are other cases like Garon's, they also have to consider - as a dozen states now have medical marijuana laws - if using dope with a doctor's blessing should be held against a dying patient in need of a transplant.

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