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1. Illuminati Testimony re: The Bill Cosby Matter

Recently an article was posted on line whereby a person claiming to be a former member of the powerful clandestine, centuries old organization, the Illuminati, claimed they were responsible for intentionally acting to destroy Bill Cosby's reputation.

A person by the name of Norman Brokaw, alleges in the article that this organization for which he was formerly associated intentionally targeted the comedian Bill Cosby with the intent to destroy his reputation by hiring several women to lie about being raped.

This was done to Cosby, Brokaw alleges, because Cosby made his intentions known that he as an African American was a potential buyer interested in purchasing a television network in the United States, NBC. Cosby had been greatly successful in helping to strengthen the ratings of the network with his popular Cosby show featuring his TV family the Huxtables.

According to the article an unidentified woman associated with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency came out and alleged that she was paid to destroy Cosby's reputation. This is what has appeared on the internet and can be read at the link below.

Our petition has been drafted to encourage people to move towards calling for a full investigation of these allegations by both public and private investigative agencies. However, we want these people cited in the article below, starting with Mr. Brokaw, and whosoever else that claims to have been approached to participate in Cosby's destruction to come forward and be publicly deposed, as well as sign an affidavit under oath, during a public press conference that these things they have said are true. This should be done under the penalty of imprisonment of up to five years if what they have stated is found to be a lie. We want these depositions to be carried out under the auspices of a Court within the District of Columbia, in Washington D.C. This needs to be done in front of Cosby's lawyers, and other notable observers of the process, who have seen these type of character assassinations historically occur against African American celebrities who attempt at the displeasure of others to act in a progressive manner.

We cite what was attempted by our own FBI to leaders of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and 70s through the surreptitious actions of COINTELPRO. Such activity is intended to undermine the confidence of African American people for their African American leaders and celebrities throughout their nation. This type of character assassination, post slavery, dates back to the early 20th century of approximately 100 years with the intent of multiple government agencies, as well as private ones too, to destroy the credibility of the Black nationalist leader, Marcus Garvey, and his popular United Negro Improvement Association. This type of activity has even gone on abroad when someone in a foreign country, in Asia, Africa, or South America, have been elected democratically by popular vote. If the winner is one that is other than those favored by these clandestine powers for their own vested interests they have been destroyed.

Quite often the method of destruction has been physical death by assassination leading to the perpetuation of social upheaval in the nation. In Cosby's case, if these allegations are true, it has been a slow death by character assassination. We are not here to support Cosby, if he in deed take advantage of his accusers but we are here to address what we are seeing as a continual assault on the integrity of the African American community by attacking our most visible members. Thus, at this time we are asking you to sign our petition if you believe as we do that the people who have made these allegations that Cosby has been targeted should come forth and be publicly deposed in a court of law, so that the formal investigation can begin.

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2. DCA Warriors Cherishing All Children Equally 2016

KOD Lyons act for DCA Warriors in Campaign for Election 2016 for Children with Additional Needs

Following a consultation process involving its 8,000 members leading children’s advocacy group DCA Warriors in partnership with KOD Lyons have launched a policy document for its members for the 2016 General Election campaign. The document can be viewed below, and is an important grassroots response to the need for children’s rights to be a priority.

DCA Warriors – Cherishing All Children Equally 2016.

We ask those looking to be the next leaders of Ireland to honour the words written in the 1916 Proclamation which “declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally” and that “no one who serves that cause will dishonour it by cowardice, inhumanity or rapine.”

The DCA Warriors was established in February 2012. We currently have over 8,000 members. The group gives information and support to parents of children with special needs [SN] and/or serious illness [SI] applying for Domiciliary Care Allowance, Carers Allowance, Disability Allowance and Carers Benefit.

We expanded our mission, and are now committed to ensuring all children in Ireland with special needs are given their right to a full education and other rights. Our children deserve to have their dreams realised of a future where they will be a productive member of our society.

Our Election campaign is focussed upon ensuring that the rights of children with special needs and those of their families are fully vindicated.

Our 8,000 plus members are asking election candidates to ensure the following policy commitments are implemented in the next Dáil. In addition individual members will have the facility to include a further two individual policy pledges they are seeking which reflects their own circumstances and concerns.

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3. Fight For Justice: Sabahan and Sarawakian hope to get independence and free from federal government clutches

If you are Sabahan or Sarawakian, of course you'll know the history. Since UMNO intervene Sabah's party, things get changed like petroleum, customary land, people's right not respected by federal government.

First and foremost, In 6/6/1946, our first prime minister Donald Stephen known as Tun Fuad was killed in airplane when Tun Fuad and the other ministers was on their way back to Kota Kinabalu. It happens after Tun Fuad did not sign petroleum's contract. They suggested to give loyalty 5% to Sabah while federal government gets 95%.

Second, customary lands, the federal government banish locals for constructions. Think of it, its the only place for the local people bear life. The federal government (Kuala Lumpur) also threatened people who against government. Briefly, they showed no respect to Sabahan people.

Third, people's right. Federal government did not respect Sabah's right. The evidence is they (FG) did not fulfil '20-perkara' as agreement to form Malaysia.

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4. Rehome a deserving family

A young working mother with 3 children of school age become homeless and lose all belongings after an accidental fire caused by faulty electrical equipment destroyed there life. She turns to the local authority Swale Borough Council for help in being re-homed as she was in private rental and has nowhere else to turn, unfortunately they refuse to help in re-homing leaving them struggling to live and carry on a normal life.

Below is documented link to the fire…/home-saved-after-neighbours-…/

Yet recently as reported in Kent Online it is reported that "Swale council agree to house up to 10 Syrian refugee families over five years says leader Cllr Andrew Bowles" If these people can be helped when they have no-one else to turn to then surely our own families should be able to expect the same help. Is this really the caring community side of Swale Borough Council they want us to judge them by ?

Below is documented link to the rehoming of syrian refugees…/council-offers-to-house-syri…/

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Way too many recent suicides (one is enough) as a result of relentless bullying, has prompted us to take further action. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

Therefore, Don't Bully are petitioning the Australian Government for harsher and more serious penalties for the BULLIES who TAKE A LIFE, through continual intimidation, harassment and Bullying in all it's forms.

We are asking for Accountability and Responsibility for the Bullies actions through penalties which are serious enough to be a deterrent for their unacceptable behaviour towards others.

*** We need OVER 250,000 Signatures *** So we are taken Seriously. When we receive over 250,000 signatures we will personally take this petition to parliament wearing our Don't Bully Gear ! HELP US TO SAVE A LIFE NOW - If not you? Then Who?

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6. Outlaw Food Waste

Spain and France have already passed regulations regarding food waste. We employ the world to follow suit. Voters, figureheads of governments and corporate lobbyists have signed below from various nations.

With Americans throwing out 165 billion dollars worth of food every year and the same being replicated across the globe, it turns into an issue of human rights. It is morally wrong that people are starving on the street when only 15% of all this wasted food would be enough to feed more than 25 million people every year.

Globally 805 Million people suffered from undernourishment between 2012-2014. There is already an underlying want as such movements have happened throughout history. Here we are trying to represent that want.

For further information-

Chisafis, Angelique. “France to Force Big Supermarkets to Give Unsold Food to Charities.” Internet.

Fottrell, Quentin. “Americans Throw Out $165 Billion Worth of Food Every Year.” Marketwatch (2015) Internet.

Quora. How Long Does it Take To Pass a Bill in The US. (22 Feb.) Internet.

Schneider, Felicitas. “The History of Food Wastage.” Institute of Waste Management (2008) Print.

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7. Support Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

First Nations/Indigenous/Metis/Inuit women suffer tremendous abuse, are one of the highest in regards to vulnerable sector. Indigenous women make up for 4.3 percent of Canada’s female population, 16 percent of female homicides, account for 11 percent of missing women, and 1,200 aboriginal women have been murdered or have vanished since 1980. According to RCMP data, at least 1,017 Indigenous women and girls were murdered from 1980-2012.

Vision Statement: If we stand together for human rights, and to stop oppressive practices/laws. Each person, no matter who or where they are, can make change happen by acting in concert with others who share their vision of a world where everyone lives in dignity.

Value Statement: is of a world in which every person enjoys all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments.

Mission Statement: To generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated. To educate the mass/society to help us stand-up, and give a voice to the voiceless and unheard. To fight for equality, equity, pursuit of social justice, and challenging/stopping oppressive practices.

Goal Statement: To fight for equality, equity, pursuit of social justice, and challenging/stopping oppressive practices. To connect with other organizations, and campaigns that have the same values and goals. To use our social media account as an open forum so people in society voices can be heard in a safe place, and know they are not alone. We are a group what to pressure the government to implement the recommendations of the calls to actions about the missing and murdered indigenous women and child. To write letters, and petitions to our government to make this changes.

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8. Justice for Kevan Thakrar!

• Kevan Thakrar was wrongly convicted of murder and attempted murder in 2008 under “joint enterprise”, the legal rule which means that anyone who participates in any way can be convicted of a crime, regardless of whether they committed it. Kevan wasn’t present when the murder took place, but he was sentenced to life with a minimum of 35 years in jail. He was aged 20.

• The description of the assailant given by witnesses was nothing like Kevan and other ID evidence was unreliable. There was no DNA, cell-citing or forensics to put Kevan at the scene of the crime. Kevan’s alibi witness was threatened by police to stop him testifying. Hearsay evidence was also used from people in Cyprus who had never met Kevan, never attended the trial, and who retracted their statements afterwards.

• Two trials were abandoned because of jury bias. In the third, a juror knew one of the investigating police officers who gave key controversial testimony in court.

• In March 2010, Kevan was attacked by prison officers and then charged with assaulting them. He was put in solitary confinement (locked in his cell for 23 hours a day) – conditions condemned by UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture as “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment".

Contact details - Kevan’s mum:

For more information:

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9. Justice for Christian J. Santiago

On May 31st, 2015, at approximately 5:38 AM, my son, Christian, and my daughter Nya, were involved in a fatal car crash, while my family was vacationing in Orlando, Florida. They were the backseat passengers, and the driver of the vehicle, was impaired. It was a single vehicular crash. Weather conditions were clear. The car was traveling southbound on US 441 (near Orange Blossom Trail), at high speeds, on the outside travel lane to the center travel lane and then continued onto the inside travel lane, striking (as it crossed) the center median; then it struck a traffic sign, and then continued onto the northbound traffic lanes. From the northbound traffic inner lane, the car then crossed onto to the center lane, and then the outside travel lane and finally, the left side of the vehicle struck a tree. The high speed rate at which that car was traveling and the final impact of the collision with the tree, caused my son, Christian to suffer, severe head trauma.

My 18 year old daughter, Nya Santiago was critically injured, and underwent 3 surgeries to save her life. Nya had surgery on her lower jaw, a broken arm and a shattered pelvic rami (leaving her in a wheelchair for weeks after the crash). Though Nya is able to walk (at this time), she is still recovering from her injuries and faces surgery (in the near future) for the damage surrounding her pelvic rami, hips and spine. My 22 year old son Christian Santiago, did not survive the crash. Though my son’s autopsy report shows that he suffered, multiple fractures, abrasions, and damage to organs, the final ruling regarding the cause of his death, is head trauma.

The [drunk] driver, Anthony Vazquez, Jr. was uninjured, and the passenger in the front seat (a male) incurred minor injuries. A third passenger (also a male) in the back seat suffered from a broken leg, but survived. Five people were in that car the morning of the crash. My son was the only one who did not make it out of the crash alive. My daughter will never be physically the same. The emotional scars this has left on my family are permanent.

I had come to find out the news regarding my son’s fate and my daughter’s critical state, at 10:30 AM on May 31st, 2015. The mother of the boy who incurred the broken leg, called me on my cell phone, from the Bronx, NY, to report news of the crash, but did not tell me that my son had passed away. In fact, she didn't say much to me at all about the crisis, which I had later come to find, that she had knowledge of the crash at least an hour and a half before she finally picked up the phone to call me. She gave me a number to the hospital where my children were brought in for emergency care, and it was there that I received the devastating news about my children. The hospital chaplain I spoke with over the phone who was the same person I met with at the hospital, was very adamant when conveying the news that my son was the driver of the vehicle. This false bit of information was stated to me, both over the phone and in person. News reports, and actual conversations with the Florida Highway Patrol confirmed, that my son was not the driver of the vehicle. Still, someone had invented that story and relayed that information to the hospital staff, and I fear that it was to cause a delay in my family receiving immediate and relevant answers to what had actually transpired that morning of the crash.

Though all three boys were just over at Christian and Nya’s family’s home only a few hours before the crash, and had spent a substantial amount of time at that family home conversing with the family (at least 20- 30 minutes while Nya dressed to go out with them), none of the three surviving boys provided information to the authorities, in regards to Christian identity (not even his name was given), and they never mentioned to the authorities where or how to locate my family. My family was only minutes away from the hospital. Again, all three surviving boys were conscious during and after the crash; two are related to Christian and Nya. All three of the surviving boys knew the location of my family, and were present at that location, but chose not to provide that information to the authorities. FHP discovered that the boy with the broken leg is related to my children, 3 months after the crash, during a random conversation with them about the case.

Christian was officially identified through his NYS identification at 9:20 AM at the Medical Examiner's office on May 31, 2015 (nearly 4 hours after the crash). That explains why Florida Hwy Patrol contacted local authorities in the Bronx, NY, to reach out to me regarding the crisis, and why I was not notified sooner, by authorities in Florida, where I was vacationing at the time of the crash. Most of Christian's medical documentation shows that he was brought to the hospital for advanced emergency care, as unknown (he was assigned an alias name and birth date/ birth year).

My daughter who was critically injured awoke briefly after the crash only to catch a glimpse of her brother dying, and then she passed out due to the extremities of her pain as a result to her severe, life threatening injuries. My children were then, rushed to the hospital for emergency care.

Christian fought for nearly an hour to live, yet I was not notified about the crash up until 5 hours later. My daughter, Nya nearly died, and none of the boys thought it was important enough to inform me about my children and their condition. The lack of cooperation from all three boys involved in the crash, caused for delays in getting this vital information to me and my family; sent Florida Highway Patrol (F.H.P) on a wild goose chase to contact authorities in the Bronx, where they then tried to reach me with the news about my children, and all because these boys chose not to provide this information.

I fear that the intent [on the behalf of the 3 surviving boys lack of cooperation] was to cause massive confusion with the authorities, and my with family, and I suspect that they may have been also seeking to place blame elsewhere (provided that I was told by the hospital staff twice upon first receiving news of my son’s passing, that Christian was the driver of the vehicle).

Knowing full well (at the time of the crash), that his cousin(s) may have [both] died, due to his reckless crime, Anthony Vazquez, Jr. did not cooperate with police authorities at all; not even to provide minimal information regarding Christian and Nya Santiago, instead he opted to have a lawyer present, and chose not to identify himself with Christian or Nya, nor did he willingly submit to a blood test, therefore it took police nearly 5 hours to obtain a warrant from a judge so that one could be issued.

It is now 6 months after the crash, and Anthony Vazquez Jr., is still not in police custody. Information has come to light, that since there has been no arrest made in regards to this matter (as of yet), his license has not been suspended. Hence, Anthony Vazquez, Jr. is still free to resume operating motor vehicles and he is doing just that, placing the lives of more civilians at risk.

I am asking those who read this petition to take into account that there is a life lost, and that there is irreparable lifelong damage to my family. I am asking those who read this to consider the lack of information, communication, and support that was given to my family, during the most critical moments of Christian's life and death, by all three surviving males, involved in the car crash on May 31st, 2015. I am urging those who read this petition, to please support me in seeking, Justice4Christian.

By signing this petition, you will help the justice system to prosecute to the maximum sentence of all charges. In advance, I would like to thank all those who support my cause for justice. God Bless.

Christian Joshua Santiago
Feb. 12, 1993- May 31, 2015.
A beautiful, family oriented, intelligent young man with his whole life ahead of him. He was a loving older brother, son, and grandson. He had just passed the NYC Sanitation Dept. test and he would have been very excited to work for the city. He was continuing his education while tutoring students at Bronx Community College. Christian had a huge fan following on social media (18k on just one page), and was loved by so many. He had a positive outlook on life, a kind heart, and always put others before himself. Christian was a spirited young man who had so many dreams, and was ambitious enough to go after those dreams. He was a free-lance model and runway model in his spare time, but he was sought after by many photographers and up and coming designers. Christian J. Santiago was a beautiful man with a beautiful soul. May God rest his soul, and may there be justice here on earth.

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In 7 January 2008 (IRIN) - Kenya suffered its worst humanitarian crisis since independence following the December 30 results of a hotly-contested presidential election. Opposition leader Raila Odinga and his supporters rejected the declared victory of incumbent Mwai Kibaki, alleging it was the result of rampant rigging. Protests degenerated into widespread violence as decades of economic frustration and ethnic rivalry spiraled out of control. In the days immediately after the results were announced, gangs of youths blocked Kenya’s main roads and set fire to hundreds of homes of perceived ‘outsiders’. In all, more than 1,200 people were killed and some 600,000 displaced into temporary camps, with an equal number seeking refuge with friends or relatives. Agricultural activity was seriously hampered as farmers moved away from their fields, posing long-terms risks for the country’s food security – already threatened by drought and soaring fertiliser prices. The education and health sectors were also compromised by the large-scale displacement of professionals.

After failed attempts to conduct a criminal investigation of the key perpetrators in Kenya, the matter was referred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. In 2010, the Prosecutor of the ICC Luis Moreno Ocampo announced that he was seeking summonses for six people: Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Industrialisation Minister Henry Kosgey, Education Minister William Ruto, Cabinet Secretary Francis Muthaura, radio executive Joshua Arap Sang and former police commissioner Mohammed Hussein Ali—all accused of crimes against humanity. The six suspects, known colloquially as the "Ocampo six" were indicted by the ICC's Pre-Trial Chamber II on 8 March 2011 and summoned to appear before the Court.

It is not clear why the ICC wanted William Ruto to carry the cross for all the perpetrators who committed crimes against humanity in Kenya.

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11. Shut down King street in honor of Jeremy McDole

We want to be heard and seen during a peaceful protest rally for the justice of Jeremy McDole. We want answers, we want this investigation to go deeper then it is.

We won't forget nor let this go! S

hut down King Street at 6 p.m. and let us bring a chair and sit, no violence, we want to stand for Jeremy.

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12. Reduce Sarah Sand's Sentence to a Suspended Sentence

Sarah Sands, a mother like most of us, a mother of five, like myself. No previous convictions. Simply lead her life with,around and for her children.

One day she learned that local authorities had released a convicted, serial child sex offender, Michael Pleasted, into her local community, who not only had a string of 24 child sex convictions in the past but was, at the time of death, awaiting a court appearance for even more child sex offences further not just breaching his previous offender conditions but blatantly flouting them as he did when Sarah paid him a visit.

It is alleged that Sarah Sands approached Paedophile, Mr Pleasted, in order to request that he plead guilty to the current child abuse convictions against him to prevent those already traumatised, innocent children from having to endure the court process and police/barrister scrutiny.

Though allegedly, and somewhat inexcusably armed and intoxicated, it is not beyond the realm of what possible emotional state most any parent could find themselves in considering the information they knew, especially in light of having five children residing within a stones-throw distance of this 'monster' that Ms Sands became enraged beyond usual circumstances of control.

It was at this point where Paedophile Mr Pleasted acted smugly, grinning and taunting Sarah that "All the children were Liars" and he was "innocent", despite convictions proven numerous times previous in a court of law and considerable jail time served.

It was at this time on that evening that Sarah, regrettably, took the law in to her own hands.

In the face of such cold,remorseless disregard for his numerous child victims.. Sarah "Lost it" and decided the fate of this cold and evil man that had,though not killed his victims had indeed taken,ruthlessly both the innocence and future lives of several children.

This callous, twisted 'monster' could no longer harm the children in the community of the East London Estate... Ms Sands had succeeded where local authorities, Police and Justice systems had sadly and inadequately FAILED these local children!

None of us could possibly comprehend looking at such evil, straight in the eyes, mocking us and belittling the life-long damage inflicted to innocent children and not reacting out of parenting instinct, passion and, to be honest, the most basic of human protective, parental instinct.

She stabbed him to death.

It goes without saying that we,as 'normal' law abiding citizens should never take the law into our own hands..That we should allow 'Justice to take it's course'... But what about cases as this where 'Justice' has NEVER been exacted.. adequately at leadt? This man had served previous prison terms, convicted as a full-blown serial paedophile in a Uk court of law yet released into the open community where innocent children exercise their God-given right to play freely within and around their local community.

Maybe, just maybe, if our current court of laws, supposedly there to exact fairness and justice, actually lived up to their pedestal-high titles and exacted what the UK public actually deem as 'justice', the unfortunate, most passionate, caring members of our society would not have to even contemplate that that very justice should lay in our, the public's hands.

Perhaps if this obvious danger to children were not placed in the civil communities of straight, law-abiding citizens,cold and calculated Child molesters and paedophiles would remain in Her Majesty's containments of prison as opposed to being released into communities of people who openly and rightly oppose their very existence... to the point of exacting 'justice' for ourselves!

As the law-abiding community, we fully acknowledge and respect that citizens cannot simply 'go around stabbing people' and 'violence is never the answer'.. However the demise of a convicted,serial paedophile who has systematically destroyed the entire lives of several innocent children and continue to do so despite those British Court of law orders no longer should be warranted the justice of a civil, untimely death.

As a voice for the Children Uk, we demand that Ms Sand's 3 and 1/2 year sentencing be reduced to a 'Suspended sentence' term on the grounds that, statistically, Ms Sands at no time acted in a manner of which at least 90% of UK/Eire parents would not have acted placed in the exact same situation both emotionally & physically.

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13. Let Irish chairs speak their mind

It is often said " It is not the man above the chair, but the chair beneath the man." These words were often thrown around in light hearted conversations throughout my youth.

Never did I deem, that one day, not in my lifetime anyway, that chairs might actually have a say in how they want to be treated. It doesn't take much to simply ask a chair if he/she would like you to sit down. Simple. Common. Courtesy. All I want is equality. And that can never be too much to ask for.

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14. Violences sexuelles : halte aux excuses, il faut abroger les lois néfastes

En Algérie et en Tunisie, des violeurs évitent toute sanction en épousant leur victime mineure. Au Maroc et au Sahara occidental, ce n'est heureusement plus le cas. Cependant, la loi ne protège toujours pas correctement les personnes ayant subi des violences sexuelles.

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15. Mercy and Justice for Jeremy Baney

Hello, my name is Jeremy, I’m asking you for your help and support for Clemency from my current prison sentence.

My sentence is an injustice stemming from prosecution for political gain and my conviction was for election publicity.

I’m requesting you join my petition and ask your friends, associates and families to also join in supporting my cause for justice.

My goal is to reach one million supporters, and I can only do this with your help.

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16. I want to see my wife

Mahindan Mahadeva has not seen his wife since 29th January 2015. He has been accused of actual bodily harm against his invalid wife - without evidence.

Mahindan's wife, Uma is in a vegetative state in Wingham Court Care Centre in Claygate, Surrey after suffering a pulmonary embolism in February 2014.

The accusation was made after Mahindan found a blister on his wife's arm, which he reported to the care home. Six weeks later, on 29 January, Wingham Court had Mahindan arrested on suspicion of causing the blister, which Mahindan vehemently denies.

He has not been charged and has had his bail conditions extended three times. We petition Surrey police to either charge Mr Mahadeva, or release him from bail conditions as these are doing significant damage to his, and his wife's wellbeing.

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17. Starbucks Should Stop Matching Financial Donations to Planned Parenthood

Undoubtedly, more videos are soon to be released. However, at the moment, we have three videos graphically detailing the illegal activities of Planned Parenthood.

Particularly, these videos showcase how the company will (illegally) perform an abortion in a such a way that the aborted fetus's body is more or less "fully intact". When an abortion results in a more fully intact body, it provides an incentive for PP to gain a financial profit from various procurement companies that will purchase the body at high costs.

Beyond merely ethical concerns, these recent revelations make it clear that the abortion industry has been making a profit in the trafficking of aborted fetuses. In the eyes of many Americas, this is immoral.

As Americans - a nation that recently declared all citizens equal in the eyes of the law in regards to marriage - we believe a double standard exists. How can one support marriage equality, but ignore the fact that a federally-funded organization has been selling the body parts of dead children?

We petition American citizens to rethink this hypocrisy. Also, we speak specifically to partners at Starbucks. While Starbucks doesn't directly support PP, they do match donations made to a variety of companies - including PP. We believe a socially-progressive company such as this one need not support PP and its activities.

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18. Justice for Cecil the Lion

As you all may be aware of by now, Cecil the Lion was killed by Walter James Palmer.

There are claims that Mr. Palmer was not aware the lion was protected, however was he aware that lions are a species in danger right now?

The guides who he paid big money were arrested in Zimbabwe on poaching charges. Mr. Palmer should also face these charges, however even though Zimbabwe has brought charges against Mr. Palmer, no actions have been made by the United States Government or the U.N.

Let's get justice for Cecil the lion and make people see that humans should not have the right to kill protected animals like Cecil the Lion.

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19. Life Sentence In Canada Needs To Change

In the wake of the Toronto Star news article regarding Paul Bernardo having the option to apply for a day pass from jail, I have decided that I've had enough of our bleeding heart, flawed justice system.

I for one can not believe that this man even has the "option" of applying for this pass.

The House of Commons needs to know that 25 years in prison for horrendous and pre-meditated murder is NOT enough.

Life should mean LIFE!

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20. Bring Tony Grimes murderers to juctice

I am requesting that the Alabama bureau of investigation be brought in to assist the Phenix city police department in the Aug 2007 murder of my nephew Tony Grimes.

This family is demanding justice for our son, grandson, cousin, nephew, and friend Tony Grimes.

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21. Drop the Charges on Protesters! Charge Killer Cops!

End racist police terror, murder with impunity and harassment of protest movements. File charges against killer cops! Drop the charges against protesters!

From Baltimore, to Ferguson, to New York, to Durham to Los Angeles, a powerful new movement across the country has emerged to fight racist police murders and the failure to indict or imprison killer cops. In Los Angeles, over 400 people were arrested on the front lines of this protest movement after shutting down major city streets, highways, intersections and other venues last November after Darryl Wilson was not charged over the death of Mike Brown.

Many more continue to be arrested after the fact, including those who occupied LAPD. Several of these protesters are now facing serious criminal charges, including Shalana Little who is facing up to 4 years in jail. This is part of a national trend to target Black activists with more serious charges, including the use of "lynching" charges, while doing nothing to indict the true lynchers, the killer cops.

Shalana is going to trial on June 4, so we must pressure the prosecutor to drop the charges now!

We must continue to build this movement for people's power and liberation.


Call Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer at 213-978-8100 to demand the following:

1) Drop all charges against Shalana Little and all protesters who responded to the police killings in Baltimore, Ferguson, New York and Los Angeles and around the nation.
2) Make a public statement supporting the arrest, indictment, and conviction of cops that kill residents.

Call Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey at (213) 974-3512 to demand the following:

Indict the cops who killed Omar Abrego, Ezell Ford and Brother Africa.

Initiated by a group of arrestees, S.T.O.P. Brutality (Stand Together to Oppose Police Brutality).

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22. Stop Air Pollution in Imara Daima and its Environs (Mombasa Road)


Kindly note we the residents/ inhabitants of the above mentioned Area, specifically the above stated estates have observed with concern the awful conduct of emission of toxic gases into the air. This illegal conduct is endangering our health and our precious lives. The gas/fumes are so toxic and most residents are now complaining of dry and irritable throats, headaches, nausea, tingling of the skin amongst other ailments. The children are having persistent sore throats and upper respiratory infections.

Some residents have reported to National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) but we are NOT aware of any substantive action so far taken.
As residents who care about our own health, and that of our loved ones, we are now writing to you officially, requesting you to resolve this complaint ONCE and FOR ALL.

We are aware that there are gas refilling companies just next to the residential area (check near the Softa Company, Chrolide exide company area) and we are shocked that Gas refilling companies have been allowed to operate so near a residential area. Another company called POWEREX LUBRICANTS LIMITED has been mentioned as being likely to be one of the pollutants.

We are only citizens without investigative expertise, so these are only our reasonable guesses judging from where the smell seems to be most perceived and smelt from. We surely expect that you will use tax payers’ money to ascertain who are the culprits, because that is why you have been set up as public offices.

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On October 3rd 1993, an innocent child named Samantha Dawn Tool was brutally raped, beaten and murdered. Due to a poor investigation, George Pitt (boyfriend of Samantha's mother) was charged and convicted on extremely circumstancial evidence. There was also other evidence never tested for DNA until requested by Pitt's lawyer years later and it was found there was no DNA evidence connecting him to the crime.

He has spent 21 years in prison for a crime he may not have commited. He has maintained his innocence until this day even when he could have plead guilty to strike a deal he never once considered it because he insists he is innocent. Many people including the chief of police openly stated there's a chance this man didn't do this.

That little girl deserves true justice, and if Mr Pitt is innocent than so does he, so please take the time to look up this terrible crime if your not familiar with it, look at the facts, and please sign this petition for a new trial. It should be innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

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24. America's Police Should Be Required To Wear Working Body Cameras

Throughout the years and not to mention recent news we have been seeing a spike of police related killings and beating across the nation. And in mostly every case the officer or officers are not even charged or is exonerated because of the "It's our officer's word over the criminal's word."

The sad part is that every victim ISN'T a criminal. Police are SUPPOSED to PROTECT and SERVE. That isn't the case for most. When will enough be enough?When it hits home?Or next door? Is this what all these taxpayers are working hard for? To have friends and family gunned down, beat down, framed, and etc? When will WE as a nation say "Enough is enough!".

When will we as the PEOPLE of the proclaimed "Land of The Free" actually be free of this murderous and cowardly hold that they have over us. This isn't a race thing.I am fighting for US, the people of America.Will I fight alone, Yes I Will! Is this what we want for our children? Our grandchildren? Our future? YOU'RE future? We fight for issues that hold no relevance in our lives. NOW let's fight FOR our lives! Our CHILDREN lives!

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25. მოვითხოვთ ორგანიზატორების პასუხისგებაში მიცემას!

საქართველოს სხვადასხვა რეგიონში სკოლის მოწაფეებსა და მოზარდებს ნაციონალური მოძრაობის 9 წლიანი მმართველობის შესახებ ძალადობის სცენების შემცველ ე.წ. დოკუმენტურ ფილმებს უჩვენებენ!

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26. Investigate and Prosecute GOP

Republicans in Congress have now contacted foreign governments with the intent of negotiating with them regarding United States ongoing discussion about foreign policy, namely inviting the head of a country (Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel) to invite him to speak to the U.S. Congress about his country's desires on topics the executive branch must perform.

In addition, Republicans in Congress have now contacted Iran's leadership that Congress could nullify any negotiated agreement the Executive branch has made, warning Iran that they would likely abort or alter such an agreement once the current president leaves office. In the first case, Israel's Netanyahu was invited by John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House to speak to congress & in the latter case, Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader along with 47 others signed the open letter to the Iranian leadership. Both acts are against the Logan Act regarding negotiations.

The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

The Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.

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27. 12 Jurors in Florida

It’s “Time for 12” jurors in Florida, to join 48 states, the Federal government, and 2,000 years of Western Civilization. Florida’s Constitution requires “not fewer than six” jurors at felony trials, but the Florida Legislature by itself can change this to 12 jurors. (Only death penalty cases in Florida require 12 jurors.)

The 1885 Florida Constitution was written when Florida’s population was only 300,000 people, of whom only white men could vote or serve on juries (no women or black men). Six jurors may have been good enough in 1885, because it was just too hard to find 12 white men who could leave their farms and ranches, saddle up a mule, and ride for days along a dirt road to a county courthouse for a felony jury trial. But 130 years later, Florida still has only 6 jurors in felony trials.

Amend Florida Statute 913.10, now, to require 12 jurors in all felony jury trials. There is no need to amend the 1885 / 1968 Florida Constitution, which requires “not fewer than six” jurors. The votes of just 61 Florida Representatives and 21 Florida Senators will finally bring Florida from the 19th century (1885) into the 21st century (2015). While the United States Supreme Court held in 1970 that Florida’s use of only six jurors at felony trials was a choice that was constitutional, it was the wrong choice in 1885 and it is still the wrong choice in 2015; see Williams v. Florida, 399 U.S. 78 (1970).

In the Florida courts, the Second District Court of Appeal is begging the Florida Legislature to amend Florida Statute 913.10 to require 12 jurors in every felony trial in Florida. For a detailed, scholarly opinion by Judge Altenbernd on why it is now “Time for 12” jurors in Florida, see : Gonzalez v. State 982 So. 2d 77 (Fla. 2d DCA 2008), Opinion, April 30, 2008.

When Florida prosecutors finally have to convince 12 jurors of guilt, as in the rest of America, prison costs will plunge as weak cases are dropped and realistic, fiscally responsible plea deals are made. It is not “soft on crime” to require Florida prosecutors to prove their charges to 12 jurors at trial, as prosecutors in the other states and Federal courts do every day. “The presumption of innocence,” that long golden thread stitching together centuries of English and American jurisprudence, is dangerously frayed in Florida, where the State only has to overcome the presumption of innocence before 6 jurors.

Furthermore, while constitutional law requires a jury pool to be a fair cross-section of a community, the use of only 6 jurors at trial acts to systematically and statistically exclude or limit blacks from actually sitting on a jury. It’s time to stop allowing Florida prosecutors to make the same speech they could have made for the last 130 years:“Well, Mr. Defendant, we would have just loved to have had a black juror for your trial, but as you can see -- one, two, three, four, five, six -- the jury box is full.”

That excuse would not work with 12 jurors. It does not matter if there are blacks in the jury pool, if the jury box is full. It is statistically impossible to seat racially diverse juries when there are only 6 seats in a jury box; a dangerously unjust game of musical chairs. If there is room at the front of the bus, there is room at the front of the box, the jury box. Room for 12 jurors is room for black jurors; it’s “Time for 12” jurors in Florida.

That “not fewer than six” jurors language in the 1885 Florida Constitution could not have foreseen Florida’s bright future as the Sunshine State; a future in which Florida’s population would increase from 300,000 to 19,000,000 citizens; a future where women could vote and serve on juries; a future where black men could vote and serve on juries; a future beyond 6 white men riding mules to a county courthouse to sit on a jury; an unimaginable future of telephones and automobiles and flying machines; and a world where Florida’s jury of 6 white men could change to a jury of 12 citizens of any race or sex.

It’s “Time for 12” jurors in Florida; amend Florida Statute 913.10, now.

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28. No Bail For Son's Suspected Killers

As parents, we are struggling to come to terms with the brutal and premeditated murder of our son, Kurtlee Pillay.

Our pressing concern is the imminent bail hearing of the suspects Blaine Raman, Dinesh Nana and Bilal Tayob. We pray that you will hear our plea and deny bail to all three suspects unconditionally.

Please find case history on links below.

The degree of torture and brutality meted out to our son, Kurtlee, before his death can be described as nothing short of savage, callous and inhuman. The revelations in the post mortem report makes living another day unbearable for us.

The nature and circumstances of the offences have induced a sense of outrage and fear in the community as well.

We pray that you will consider our plea and assist in ensuring that bail is denied to all three suspects.

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29. RedHanded Campaign

The Redhanded Campaign has put into a publication official documentation that proves law enforcement officials are breaking the law before Grand juries and that prosecutors are aiding & abetting the criminal conduct and that members of the judiciary are covering it up.

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30. Justice for the Elderly

Britain does not appear to care enough about older people and treat them with dignity when they become frail, according to a government watch dog in a damning verdict on the state of services for the elderly.

Andrea Sutcliffe from the Care quality commission describes her own sense of “utter distress” at the "shocking awful" conditions that her team of inspectors found in the worst care homes.

In an interview with the a national newspaper she warned that pensioners with dementia were being left in pain because of a worrying shortage of qualified nurses at one in five homes in England. She added that whiles there were some brilliant care homes with dedicated staff, the standards across the country was far too variable.

Inspectors were forced to close one home recently after finding distressed residents crying out for help and even uncovered cases in which care workers were found to have criminal convictions.

Decent care for the elderly is a basic human right.

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