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1. Justice for Niqua

Sanequa Janine Congdon was a happy, fun, & energetic young lady. More than the average 21yr old because she worked hard for herself & her family. Employed by the State of Ohio, she took value in her job & loved her two little boys ages 2 & 3 yrs old more than the world knew. Full of love & life she was very close to her mother, younger sister & family.

On September 26, 1996 Sanequa was approached by James Spencer who forced her into his car kidnapping her. He drove her to a rural area where he shot her 6 times then left her lifeless body to die. Spencer was arrested and charged with murder after returning to the scene looking very suspicious.

With no regard Spencer took my big sister, a daughter, and a mother from our family. He was sentenced to only a minimum 15 yrs and 3 yrs for having the gun, with a maximum of life in prison with no parole for this violent crime.

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2. Justice for Little Chloe Valentine

Her name was Chloe Valentine, and she was 4 years old!

During January 2012, Chloe Valentine was tortured and killed by the 2 people entrusted to love her, care for her, protect her and provide her a safe & happy home.

Over 4 days, Chloe Valentine, a 4 year old child, was forced to ride a 50 kilogram motorbike over and over and over, while Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne and Benjamin Robert McPartland sat video recording, what was to be, a very terrified, 4 year old Chloe's slow and torturous death. Laughing, as they watched Chloe crash into objects and repetitively being thrown from the motorbike, until such time little Chloe was knocked unconscious (day 4).

Little Chloe was left lying for hours, slowly dying from her horrific injuries. Google searches and Facebook accounts were checked, before '000' was finally called. Chloe Valentine's injuries were so severe that some of her family members were unable to recognize her tiny bruised and swollen body.

For their heinous crimes and treatment of this innocent child, Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne and Benjamin Robert McPartland, received a 4 year and two month non-parole jail term, out of a mere 7 years in total.

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3. Establish and support the International Tribunal of Reparation

This petition is conceived as the logical next step to several initiatives that the Organization of African Unity, currently African Union, United Nations, Republic of Haiti, Caribbean Community (Caricom), and civil society have undertaken to eliminate the impact of slavery, racism, discrimination and related exclusion.

On the borders of certain countries (e.g., Israel and United States) fences are built to socially isolate, exclude and/or separate targeted communities formed of individuals that are deemed illegal by national laws. In most of those cases, significant numbers of people (e.g., Somalis, Congolese, Syrians, etc.), due to religious, ethnic, and racial conflicts, are forced to resettle in refugee camps and/or faraway countries where they have no previous ties. While the factors underlying such cases vary; by and large, the results are seizures of land, property, resources, and other possessions of these families that are displaced. For instance, the recent decision of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic (case number 168-13) to render thousands of Dominicans Stateless on the basis of their African ancestry calls to question the Cultural Heritage of the Island of Ayiti, which African Studies, as well as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), recognize as the Nation where Africans rose to affirm their humanity in the New World.

These alarming situations do not mean the whole world is facing a new phenomenon, However, they do indicate widespread systemic impunity, and denial of due process. In a general sense, specific attention should be focus on the plight of Africans who for more than a century have presented a valid case for Reparations from Slavery. While this request continues to be formulated, no court of law has deemed it necessary to adjudicate their claim. However, Reparation is not such a controversial issue; for instance, the U.S. government formally apologized for the internments of nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans that were forcibly relocated and confined by the U.S. military following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, by signing into law the Civil Liberties Act on August 10, 1988. This law also granted reparations to surviving internees and their families.

The case for Restitution and Reparation is considered beyond dispute by many thinkers, policymakers, and advocates who cite negative health outcomes from Slavery and Racism among significant segments of the world’s population. In a seminal report, the Boston Public Health Commission published in 2005, the researchers found racism to be a leading contributor to Health Disparities among Blacks and Latinos. Such findings are easily corroborated by other reports such as the UN’s annual Human Development Index (HDI) that shows most Africans on the continent and abroad occupy the lowest echelon for life expectancy, income, and education (

Therefore, the most effective manner to address those egregious cases, such as the thousands of Dominicans rendered Stateless, is to convene a judicial process for the victims to seek redress to their grievances based on this common accord: “National laws are subservient to International Courts” (The Economist, December, 2013).

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4. Justice for Tia the Akita


In September 2013 my husband and I were asked to take Tia in as an emergency foster for a well known Akita rescue.

She was in a complete state of anxiety when she first arrived in foster and had to be taken to the vet, who gave her tranquillizers for 10 days. She was terrified of people, animals, cars, loud noises, everything really.

Whilst in our care we have worked patiently and slowly with her, and, with the help of our other Akita's, Bruce and Amber, plus... lots of socialising, Tia has become a more confident dog than she was. She is still anxious in new situations, but she looks to us and our dogs, and knows she is safe.

When she came to us Tia was having her first season. As directed by the charity we took her to our vet and it was agreed that she would be spayed at the beginning of December 13, the safest time to spay a bitch.

A family had already successfully applied to adopt Tia, but they had an uneutered male so it was agreed that she would go to them after she had recovered from her spaying. They were willing to feed Tia raw too as she won’t tolerate anything else.

Unfortunately events meant that the rescue decided that the new home was unsuitable. So we then applied to adopt Tia.

Since late November we have been fighting to keep Tia with us. The rescue say we are unsuitable because we have a bitch already. We were good enough in September, so why the change of heart? We are experienced Akita owners, we are fortunate enough to be able to be with our dogs most of the time. On the rare occasion when we do leave them for an hour we always separate them, in the unlikely event that anything untoward should happen.

Just recently we noticed a crunch in Tias hind when she was being dried after a walk.. Of course we took her to the vet who told us she had luxcating patella, more investigations are needed to determine the severity of this.

In the meantime her exercise is limited. We take her for hydrotherapy and she has a massage every couple of weeks and we live in a bungalow, so no stairs have to be negotiated.

We have never received any support, either personally or financially from the rescue in question.

Anything Tia has needed she has been bought by ourselves, we have paid for all her food, massages, hydro sessions, worming, fleas, treats, toys, games, collar and leads everything.

We have lost complete confidence in this rescue in giving Tia the home she needs.

We love her, our dogs adore her and likewise. She is safe and secure with us.

Please help us in our fight to keep Tia in our loving secure home.

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5. Help Masahiko Kobayashi

I am just an ordinary person from the Netherlands helping a Japanese citizen. He is victim of many crimes but nobody is helping him. I stay now in Kagoshima, and I am trying to get help from the Police in Kagoshima. However they are not helping me. I am now also a victim of theft and the case has a lot to do with Masahiko Kobayashi but now we both don't get any help.

Please read our blogs and English/Japanese stories and check the proof yourself....,,

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6. Justice for Susan Soldierson

Dear Friends,

Our family is trying to block parole for three inmates convicted for the death of Susan Soldierson, our daughter and sister, on June 27, 1986. At their trial before Judge Morgan in Summit County, they were found guilty of the following:

Aggravated Robbery- 10-25 years
Kidnapping- 10-25 years
Involuntary Manslaughter- 10-25 years

The Judge ordered these be served CONSECUTIVELY for a minimum sentence of 30 years since 1986.

At the time of the trial and since then, they have showed no remorse. Lockett and Young at the age of 17, had extensive juvenile records and were bound over at trial and charged as adults. Logan had just been released from his parole officer, after serving a breaking and entering charge for TWO MONTHS, prior to Susan's death. He was 22 and the car's driver.

Our family fears for our safety and the safety of the community. Decisions will be made on Logan by the end of MARCH. We would be most grateful for any email or letter sent to the following, making sure to include their names and inmate numbers:

Re: Victor Logan # A193583
Marcazuan Lockett # R138937
Albert Young # R138938

Mail: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
1050 Freeway Drive N
Columbus, Ohio 43229

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7. Child Abuse Videos Reported to Facebook to be Forwarded to Police

I have seen so many videos on Facebook that are most disturbing and upsetting. Videos that are reported are not always taken seriously and should be. Clicking 'I don't want to see this' does not stop the abuse that is happening to the children in the videos.

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8. kontra dan ghaliex l- istut huwa ta tfak mhux ta xjuh

Jirrakonta kif kien abbużat mis-Sorijiet... - YouTube

APPUNTAMENT - Feature Noel Gauci - YouTube

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9. Justice for Ryan Hacke

On January 11, 1997, fourteen month old Ryan Hacke was violently killed when struck in the eye by a stray bullet. While awaiting trial on felony charges in connection with the severe beating and rape of a 54-year old woman, Vaughn Mathis fired 9 shots from a semi-automatic handgun into a crowded gas station in an attempt kill another person and, in the process, murdered baby Ryan.

After being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and related charges, he was sentenced to six and a half to thirteen years in prison. These charges were to run consecutively with the felony convictions from the rape trial. After serving only a portion of his sentence, this life-long criminal is now eligible for parole and release back into society.

Since the age of 16, this constant criminal recidivist had been convicted of crimes in eight of the nine years prior to his current incarceration. Charges include drug trafficking, assault, reckless endangerment, terroristic threats, unlawful restraint and criminal mischief.

He has taken the life of an innocent child and permanently altered the lives of each heart-broken member of Ryan's surviving family. We feel that the only remaining justice would be to deny parole and have him serve the full measure of his legally imposed sentence.

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10. Justice For Lorenzo Suttles

My son Lorenzo Suttles was framed for robbery by known criminals with extensive criminal records, a fbi agent, and a da. My son received a forty one years sentence and the known criminals got reduced sentences.

My son did not have a criminal record. He worked and attended his church faithfully, he was arrested on his job. We have legal documents that prove he was framed. We are asking every to help free this innocent young man in the name of God.

Feel free to contact me at 423-635-5783,, Lois Suttles Thanks

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11. Change Coral Millerchip's charge to Manslaughter

Coral Millerchip, from Coventry, has been charged with one count of assault and has been remanded in custody.

Coral Millerchip, 19, was filmed battering defenceless Joginder Singh and knocking his turban off during a daylight attack in Coventry.

This vile creature pleaded guilty to assault and now the police are considering whether to change the charge from assault to manslaughter as Joginder Singh has now sadly passed away after spending time in and out of hospital constantly after the attack.

Many believe that the cause of his death is due to the stress and trauma of what Millerchip subjected this poor man to!

Sign this petition and let's try and hope that our justice system prevails for once and changes her charge to manslaughter!

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If religions should be the cause for peace then where are we leading to?

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13. Stop the Congolese Conflict

The conflict in the Congo has raged for close to 2 decades, resulting in the bloodiest war since World War 2.

House Resolution 131 would change everything, sending a US Special Envoy and other resources to the Congo to help those who are continuing to be affected by the destructive civil war.

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14. Help Loyd, Everson and Maryama get asylum

Maryama, Loyd and Everson are the most inspiring people I have ever met, and have been through the absolute worst of the worst.

They deserve this more than anyone, and I would really appreciate your support. To read their stories drop me a message and I'll send you it!

Please share this also!

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15. Condemnation of Turkey's 1974 invasion of Cyprus and its on-going occupation of the North of the island

On the 20th of July 1974, Turkish troops invaded the Republic of Cyprus. Since then, 37% of the island is under Turkish occupation, with almost 200,000 Greeks of the island being displaced from their homes and 1508 people still missing. The on-going division of the island was reinforced by the 1983 illegal declaration of the occupied North of Cyprus as an independent state, the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, a pseudo-state only recognised by Turkey.

Part of Turkey’s attempt to ethnically cleanse Cyprus and create a Turkish protectorate in the North of the island was, and still is, the demographic alteration of the occupied North by bringing thousands of settlers from Turkey to Cyprus, a war crime they are trying to legitimise through the negotiations between the Republic of Cyprus and the leaders of the so called “TRNC”.

Στις 20 Ιουλίου 1974, Τουρκικά στρατεύματα εισέβαλαν στην Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία. Από τότε, το 37% της νήσου είναι υπό Τουρκική κατοχή, με σχεδόν 200,000 Έλληνες της Κύπρου να εκτοπίζονται από τα σπίτια τους και 1508 να είναι ακόμα αγνοούμενοι. Η συνεχιζόμενη διχοτόμηση του νησιού ενισχύθηκε το 1983 με την παράνομη ανακήρυξη των κατεχομένων εδαφών ως ανεξάρτητο κράτος, την λεγόμενη «Τουρκική Δημοκρατία της Βόρειας Κύπρου», ένα ψευδοκράτος αναγνωρισμένο μόνο από την Τουρκία.

Μέρος της προσπάθειας της Τουρκίας για εθνοκάθαρση της Κύπρου και την δημιουργεία Τουρκικού προτεκτοράτου στον Βορρά ήταν και είναι η δημογραφική αλλοίωση των κατεχoμένων με την μεταφορά χιλιάδων παράνομων εποίκων από την Τουρκία στην Κύπρο, ένα έγκλημα πολέμου το οποίο στοχεύουν να νομιμοποιήσουν μέσω των συνομιλιών μεταξύ της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας και των ηγετών του ψευδοκράτους.

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16. Review Parole Laws Victoria Australia

Parole needs to be reviewed in Victoria because of the consequences of granted parole to the wrong people. There are to many people getting let out of prison on parole that then continue to reoffend seriously e.g murder and rape.

It's the governments responsibility to protect members of the public from these monsters. The parole system allows criminals to re-enter society far to early and when they are not rehabilitated and therefore are still a serious threat to members of the public.

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17. Free American Citizen Vincente M Tenerelli

Vincente Tenerelli a young college graduate, was the victim of an assault while a tourist in Egypt. He was wrongfully convicted of manslaughter while defending himself at his hotel.

The witnesses and investigator never saw the incident take place but provided false testimony to have him convicted. Vincente has been in jail for nearly two years for self defense.

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18. Justice for Kyisha Griffiths Cottom

Kyisha passed away aged 8, she was in the care of DoCS when she died of a drug overdose. Kyisha had only just learnt to put her pull-ups on & was the size of a 3 yr old she was a special needs child, yet her mother was told that Kyisha had got up through the night found a bottle of sedatives & consumed the whole bottle got back in to bed & was found at 9am deceased in her bed. Kyisha was always up before the sun came up so how did they not check on her earlier.

There are so many unanswered questions how could Kyisha open a bottle of sedatives & consume a whole bottle & just go back to bed like nothing happened. Kyisha was so defenceless, someone to be held accountable for her death. They chucked her around to 15 different families & they kept sending her back to the home for unwanted kids, nobody wanted her she was all alone in this world & she died alone.

There has never been Coroner's Inquiry no body has been held accountable please help Kyisha and her Mother and Family get Justice.

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19. Justice 4 Bentley

DUBUQUE, Iowa - The family of a two-year-old Dubuque boy who died last November is opening up after learning a murder charge has been dropped against the only suspect.

Dubuque County prosecutors dropped a first degree murder charge against Nicholas Reed on Friday in the death of Bentley Randall, 2.

The court document said there’s no longer sufficient evidence to find Reed guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Although prosecutors have dropped the murder charge, Reed still faces child neglect and drug charges.

Police had said Reed was babysitting when the toddler suffered severe burns and head trauma. The child's mother and Reed were dating at the time. Police alleged Reed beat the child's head against a bathtub while he was babysitting.

Doctors had said the type of burns Bentley suffered were consistent with someone fully submerged in hot water.

Bentley’s family is speaking up about the case update. They're hurt, confused and upset. They said they wanted justice for Bentley. The family hopes by telling their story, that someone will be held accountable for a life lost too soon.

The Ingles family has been waiting nearly a year for news about Bentley Randall’s case. The news that came Friday wasn't what they expected.

"She told me that the murder charge just got dropped,” said Bentley’s Great Aunt Angela Ingles.

The man charged with the little boy's death is now free.

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20. Scrap the parole system in Australia completely: Life sentences for serious crimes

As seen with recent attacks by parolees, and especially highlighted by the murder of Jill Meagher in Melbourne on 22 September 2012, the idea of paroling offenders has clearly been a disaster. Re-offenders are making a mockery of rehabilitation programs and are using their "success" with them to afford an early release, only to wreak havoc once more.

I hereby call for an end to the parole system completely.

Politicians may baulk at the expense of extra prisons but have no problem wasting billions on useless endeavours uncalled for by the public. At least spending such sums on something that will help the safety of the community will not be spent in vain.

Further, neither parole nor rehabilitation as they stand are protecting the public from the worst crimes in our society. A proper and just sentence of life with no parole for murder, rape and other heinous acts is the only way to protect innocent civilians from those beyond rehabilitation and/or redemption.

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21. Sanele May should walk free

It is in my opinion that drivers of vehicles owned by public corporations should NOT be held responsible for mechanical failure. Are pilots responsible for the technical maintenance on the jet engines on their planes? of course not! And neither should employees carry the punishments companies should face. This is not the first time I have seen this happen.

My condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones. It was truly a horrific accident and they shall be in my prayers.

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22. Hold Governor Christie Accountable

My name is Gwendolyn Cole-Hoover, M.D., I am writing to ask for your assistance, in fact begging, you will have my sister's case investigated by the justice department in the death of my sister. Please. I wrote to you in 2009 and was given an alternate email for contact with you.

To date I have never received a response. My resolve is unyielding. My sister's death would never have occurred if the color of her skin was white. My sister was a, Black Female Professional. I will walked the halls of justice and the streets of Washington, DC to bring my sister's death to the attention of the public. You have responded to other non lethal issue. Why are you failing to respond to the death of my sister?

My sister was seeking medical treatment at Morristown Memorial Hospital and left in a body bag. In fact the doctors, Dr, Eskin, ER Physician, Morristown Memorial Hospital, gave my sister a lethal combination of medication causing her death. Dr. Leonard Moss, Dr. Rosenberg and other doctors aided and abetted a cover up. Dr. Zucker and Dr. Arora at Newark Beth Israel Hospital aided and abetted the cover up.

Dr. Ronald Suarez, Morris County Medical Examiner, without authorization to perform an autopsy, brought in Dr. Douglas C, Miller to fabricate a cause of death. Dr. Douglas C. Miller was employed at NYU at the time he fabricated a cause a death. NYU was informed of this fabrication. Dr. Miller now works at University of Missouri, the chairman was informed. Imagine how many innocent people are imprisoned because of lies by professionals aiding and abetting the prosecutors. Think of your family or friends who seek medical care at hospitals like Morristown Memorial Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Hospital and leave in a body bag. Does anyone care?

Subject: Governor Christie refuses to uphold the law related to death of a patient.

My sister was given a lethal combination of medication by doctors at Morristown Memorial Hospital that caused her death. I filed a complaint with Gov Christie's Office. He has taken no action but to continue the cover up. He refuses to meet with my family and I.

"My sister's medical records were altered. The law in New Jersey states original medical records should be available to patients or estate executors on request. I filed a complaint with Gov. Christie and to date he has refused to meet with me or uphold the law.I have supplied Gov. Christie with copies of the altered records. This is FRAUD."

Fortunately, my sister had a sister who is a physician. I will not go away, I hope you won't either. Please sign my petitions.

Your immediate response is vital. Thank you in advance.

With Sincerity,

Gwendolyn Cole-Hoover, M.D.

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23. Better Police Presence in Kurri Kurri

A permanent Police presence is needed in Kurri Kurri NSW. There is a population of around 20000 people and there is not enough Police presence protecting Businesses, Families and our community.

In the past month alone there has been one of the well known & respected takeaway food owners bashed in Barton Street and another business man & his wife were attacked by a gang of youth.

Lets lobby together to the Councillors of our local LGA to lobby to state government to get action.


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24. Appel à une repentance générale des églises évangéliques


Vous avez été nombreux à me demander de donner plus de précisions sur le contexte et la justification de la pétition et je vous en remercie.

Tout d’abord, j’aimerais circonscrire cette pétition au cadre des églises évangéliques, non pas parce que les autres religions sont exemptes des mêmes critiques, mais parce que c’est dans ce cadre que j’ai été enseignée.

Pour commencer, je dirai que Dieu m’a utilisée comme un appât au bout de son hameçon pour prendre un de ses serviteurs dans son propre piège. Je dirai qu’un trompeur a été trompé. De quoi s’agit-il ?

En 2007, j’ai été chassée de mon premier foyer par mon mari à cause de ma conversion à la religion protestante. Ce jour-là dans la rue, une voix a parlé à mon cœur en disant : « Ce n’est pas ton mari qui te renvoie, c’est moi qui te libère pour mon œuvre ». Consolée par ces mots ; j’ai pu pardonner à mon mari et sans tenir compte du message livré, je priais pour réintégrer mon foyer le plus vite possible car, j’y avais laissé quatre (4) enfants.

Mais, très vite en 2008, j’ai été approchée par un pasteur qui m’a fait savoir que Dieu voulait que je devienne sa femme. Influencée par le nom de Dieu qui avait été utilisé, j’ai été entraînée dans un deuxième mariage. Trois (3) ans après en 2011, après avoir appris que mon premier mari avait une autre femme qui attendait de lui un enfant, j’ai épousé ce pasteur qui devint mon deuxième mari. J’avoue que beaucoup de personnes avaient vu la manipulation et avaient essayé de m’en dissuader. J’avais moi-même perçu la manipulation en ce moment mais je m’étais suffisamment rapprochée de Dieu pour comprendre que ce mariage faisait partie du plan de Dieu pour l’œuvre qu’Il désirait me confier (je pensais cependant que nous allions donner l’exemple du couple parfait).

Je travaillais encore dans la Fonction Publique en tant qu’Attachée d’Intendance Scolaire et Universitaire et je me déplaçais en voiture. Toutefois, après le mariage, je démissionnai pour me conformer à la volonté de Dieu qui voulait que je sois toute consacrée à l’œuvre. Alors, mon mari, le pasteur désormais, ôta la bague d’alliance de son doigt et le fit disparaître afin de retourner à la conquête de nouvelles proies, après avoir occasionné beaucoup de crédits qu’il n’a jamais cherché à régler jusqu’à ce jour. La manipulation venait d’être confirmée ; et c’est ainsi que je reçus ma première leçon de servante de Dieu. Le Seigneur me dit : « … Il se trouve parmi mon peuple des méchants ; ils épient comme l’oiseleur qui dresse des pièges, ils tendent des filets et prennent des hommes. Comme une cage est remplie d’oiseaux, leurs maisons sont remplies de fraudes ; c’est ainsi qu’ils deviennent puissants et riches…. Des choses horribles et abominables se font dans le pays. Les prophètes prophétisent avec fausseté, les sacrificateurs (pasteurs) dominent sous leur conduite et mon peuple prend plaisir à cela. Que ferez-vous à la fin ? » Jérémie 5/26-30

Puis, les leçons continuèrent. Ce fut par le passage ci-dessus que le Seigneur étendit ce cas particulier à tous Ses serviteurs et me fit découvrir la misère des épouses de pasteurs et leur silence coupable qui leur était souvent fatal. Ne dit-on pas qu’elles sont des aides précieuses pour leurs maris afin de les conduire dans la vérité ? C’est en tout cas ce qu’avait entrepris une d’entre elles qui finit par connaître la dépression et qui en mourut. Le jour de ses obsèques, poussée certainement par le Saint-Esprit, je fit la prière suivante : « Seigneur, j’ai appris que cette maman ne manquait pas de dire la vérité à son époux afin de le guider. Alors, si je dois être la femme d’un pasteur, je veux la double portion de son courage pour ne pas manquer de dire la vérité à mon mari ». Tirez vous-mêmes la conclusion !

Bref, certaines ont préféré demander la mort. J’en connais personnellement une, qui de sa propre bouche avait dit : « Je préfère mourir que de continuer à être la femme d’un pasteur ». Et elle ne survécut pas ou disons qu’elle s’est laissée mourir. Je prévins donc mon mari que je ne serai pas de celles qui se taisent pour mourir et qu’il devait revoir sa marche avec Dieu. D’ailleurs, Dieu m’avait dit que si je désirais réussir ma mission, je devais dépasser la position de femme soumise à son mari et un pasteur très connu de la place me l’avait confirmé en disant que je ne devais pas laisser mon mari pasteur détruire l’œuvre que Dieu m’avait confiée. Il ignorait peut-être à l’époque que cela s’étendrait à lui aussi.

L’étape suivante de ma formation de servante de Dieu a consisté à la description du vrai culte qui selon les Evangiles se résume tout simplement en l’amour du prochain. Paul a dit que la foi est agissante par l’amour et que toute la loi est accomplie dans une seule parole, dans celle-ci : « Tu aimeras ton prochain comme toi-même ». Galates 5/6,14. Jésus l’a tout simplement résumé en ces termes : « Ce que vous voulez que les hommes fassent pour vous, faites-le de même pour eux, car c’est la loi et les prophètes. » Matthieu 7/12. Et Il a ajouté que la loi et les prophètes avaient subsisté jusqu’à Jean (le baptiste). Luc 16/16. C’est pour dire que le vrai message a été délaissé au profit de messages basés sur des intérêts personnels égoïstes.

Puis, le Seigneur m’a fait plongée dans les Ecritures et m’a appris à discerner le corps, l’âme et l’esprit de la Parole. Il a dit que la chair (corps et âme) ne sert de rien, que c’est l’esprit qui vivifie et que les paroles qu’Il nous a dites sont esprit et vie. Il avait relevé que seuls ceux qui savent discerner l’esprit d’une parole sont habilités à l’enseigner aux autres. Il me dit que l’autorité des pasteurs ne vient pas de Dieu car toute élévation parmi les hommes est une abomination devant Dieu. Luc 16/15. Ils ne sont donc que des produits des écoles bibliques tenues par des humains. Ils sont nés de la chair ; or, ce qui est né de la chair est chair. D’où leurs comportements charnels. Bien sûr, ils sont des humains et peuvent pécher comme n’importe qui, mais le problème est qu’ils se prennent pour se qu’ils ne sont pas. Jésus avait dit : « Laissez-les, ce sont des aveugles qui conduisent d’autres aveugles. Si un aveugle conduit un aveugle, ils tomberont tous deux dans la fosse … ».

Dès cet instant, j’ai commencé une sensibilisation, d’abord auprès de mon mari mais, qui préféra prendre la fuite. Il trouvait un motif pour sortir dès qu’il me voyait prendre la Bible. Quoi ? Un pasteur qui fuit la Bible ! Je n’en revenais pas. La parole pour lui n’était juste bonne qu’à être enseignée aux autres. En tout cas, ses prédications étaient très bien faites, accompagnées d’une onction puissante. Bref, je m’approchai d’un cercle des trois (3) pasteurs dont mon mari faisait partie, mais le pasteur principal me détesta plus que tout ! A la cellule de prière, mes exhortations ne plaisaient pas car les chrétiens préfèrent qu’on leur mente par des prophéties ou des messages de bénédictions. J’étais toute seule avec mon message jusqu’à ce que le Seigneur me suggère d’écrire. Et même lorsque je commençai à produire des fascicules, interdictions étaient faites aux fidèles dans les églises de les lire. Un jeune homme qui outrepassa l’ordre de sa mère qui le défendait de lire un de mes fascicules pour le lire fut délivré selon son propre témoignage de la drogue, du vol et de la violence. Il m’appela pour intégrer le petit groupe de personnes qui avaient commencé à s’y intéresser. Il me raconta que ses parents avait reçu l’interdiction de lire mes écrits dans leur église, le TBI. Le pasteur principal lui-même exploitait des extraits de mes livrets que je lui avais fait parvenir mais il refusait de me recevoir toutes les fois où j’avais été envoyée vers lui. Le Seigneur désirait à l’époque que je lui dise que si on ne libérait pas Son peuple, il enverrait la persécution pour le faire. Je ne pus le lui dire faute de n’avoir pas été reçue.

Puis, le 1er avril 2013, le Seigneur me présenta la persécution dans un rêve et me précisa qu’elle était imminente. Ce qui motivation la lettre ouverte du 18 avril 2013 parue dans le journal « le Pays » où je l’interpelais et ce que les journalistes ont titré en ces termes : « Un danger imminent menace la paix sociale ».

Après cela, faute de réactions positives (de négatives, il y en a eues), le Seigneur m’envoya à Toécé (localité située après Kombissiri) pour rencontrer un des doyens des pasteurs afin de lui dire de lancer un appel à la repentance. Le patriarche fut très content de la nouvelle de repentance mais il avoua que les jeunes ne l’étaient pas, sinon qu’il avait commencé une sensibilisation à ce propos.

Puis, un jour, pendant que je travaillais dans un cyber, le mot « pétition » jaillit de mon cœur. J‘en fit des recherches sur le sujet mais je ne fis rien de concret jusqu’à ce que le Seigneur me pressa de le faire. Il me rappela un rêve où il avait rendu publiquement témoignage de moi et me dit : « Si tu ne publies pas la pétition, je ne pourrai rendre ce témoignage de toi. ».

Et voilà ! Le Seigneur me charge de faire appel à une repentance à l’image de ce qu’il demanda à Jonas pour Ninive. Si la repentance est obtenue, comme pour Ninive, Dieu reviendra de sa colère et le Burkina sera épargné de violences. Il connaîtra un grand réveil et un essor certain dans tous les domaines, et beaucoup de pays viendront y prendre conseil. Sinon, ce sera tant pis pour les églises car on y assistera à des carnages…Si cette œuvre provient de ma propre chair, elle se détruira (et je consens à être moi-même détruite). Mais, elle est tout simplement de Dieu, c’est pourquoi, je n’ai pas peur de faire ce serment.

Alors, cher lecteur, que tu sois chrétien (catholique ou protestant) ou musulman, tu es concerné par cette pétition. Signe maintenant.

NB : lorsque nous atteindrons 5000 signatures, nous transmettrons la pétition signée à la FEME, en tant que structure représentative des églises évangéliques et nous attendrons leurs réactions ou Dieu. Soyez bénis !

Justine Marie Philippe OUEDRAOGO
70 11 88 32 / 76 61 24 12

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25. Governor Christ Christies's Justice Depends on Skin Color

Governor Christies's Refusal

Dear Hon. Editor:

My name is Gwendolyn Cole-Hoover, M.D., I am writing to ask for your assistance, in fact begging, you will write the story of the my death of my sister. Please. My sister was Black Female Professional, who did not deserve to die. The doctors looked at the color of her skin and made a conscious decision that padding their billing was more important. I have asked the newspapers in the United States to print my sister's story. Unfortunately, all of them also looked at the color of her skin. I wrote letters to President Obama, Vice President Biden, Congress, Senators and others without a response. I am determine to write every newspaper in the world to ask for help. I am prepared to walk the streets in Washington, DC until my voice is heard. I beg with my heart you will print my petitions so people may sign my petitions.

My sister was seeking medical treatment at Morristown Memorial Hospital and left in a body bag. In fact the doctors, Dr, Eskin, ER Physician, Morristown Memorial Hospital, gave my sister a lethal combination of medication causing her death. Dr. Leonard Moss, Dr. Rosenberg and other doctors aided and abetted a cover up. Dr. Zucker and Dr. Arora at Newark Beth Israel Hospital aided and abetted the cover up.

Dr. Ronald Suarez, Morris County Medical Examiner, without authorization to perform an autopsy, brought in Dr. Douglas C, Miller to fabricate a cause of death. Dr. Douglas C. Miller was employed at NYU at the time he fabricated a cause a death. NYU was informed of this fabrication. Dr. Miller now works at University of Missouri, the chairman was informed. Imagine how many innocent people are imprisoned because of lies by professionals aiding and abetting the prosecutors. Think of your family or friends who seek medical care at hospitals like Morristown Memorial Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Hospital and leave in a body bag. Does anyone care?

Subject: Governor Christie refuses to uphold the law related to death of a patient.

My sister was given a lethal combination of medication by doctors at Morristown Memorial Hospital that caused her death. I filed a complaint with Gov Christie's Office. He has taken no action but to continue the cover up. He refuses to meet with my family and I.

"My sister's medical records were altered. The law in New Jersey states original medical records should be available to patients or estate executors on request. I filed a complaint with Gov. Christie and to date he has refused to meet with me or uphold the law.I have supplied Gov. Christie with copies of the altered records. This is FRAUD.

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26. Support the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Supporting the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi from prosecution by The International Criminal Court.

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27. Democracy & Justice for Cambodia

"The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) appears to have been involved in electoral fraud in Cambodia’s July 28, 2013 national elections, according to residents and ruling party officials interviewed by Human Rights Watch."

Prime Minister Hun Sen has ruled for 28 years and has not respected U.N. recommendation.

Cambodian citizens have witnessed and undergo:
• Fake Democracy & Dictatorship in Cambodia;
• Threats, Violence & Intimidations in Election;
• Election Registration Fraud & Ghost Voters.

The Cambodian People's Party have responded to the threat of mass protest by deploying extra troops and armored vehicles into the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

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We are requesting your support for a clemency application of Richard DiGuglielmo, a veteran of the New York Police Department who was convicted of depraved indifference murder after a series of tragic events in which Officer DiGuglielmo shot and killed a man who had struck Officer DiGuglielmo's father with a metal baseball bat. Additional information about Officer DiGuglielmo and his case is available at

As you may know Officer DiGuglielmo was convicted of a murder stemming from a 1996 off-duty incident where he effectively saved his father's life. A New York State Supreme Court Justice subsequently released Officer DiGuglielmo in 2008 only for Officer DiGuglielmo's conviction to be re-instated after 20 months of freedom by a NYS Court of Appeals decision. A recent and probably final decision by the United States Court of Appeals has affirmed the NYS Court of Appeals decision. In the courts opinion they effectively stated that Officer DiGuglielmo's gun was a more serious threat than the baseball bat used to strike his Officer DiGuglielmo's father with TWICE! The court further opined, that Charles Campbell lacked intent to use the baseball bat as a deadly weapon because he never struck DiGuglielmo Sr. near the head or other vital area!

Article 35 of the NYS Penal Law effectively states: A person may use physical force upon another person when and to the extent he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to defend himself, herself or a third person from what he or she reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force by such other person.

In People v. Talbert, the court held that an object as ordinary as a broom handle could be considered a weapon under the Penal Law if there exist the requisite intent to use the object unlawfully against another. The object in question was a broom handle…in Officer DiGUGLIELMO 'S CASE IT WAS A METAL BASEBALL BAT!

We have effectively come to a point of critical mass in relation to this case. The rulings by the NYS and Federal Appeals Courts in relation to this case have enormous ramifications nationwide for Police Officers, Peace Officers, and Citizens who may have to use deadly physical force. At this point there are no legal options left. We need your support in our effort to petition the NYS Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for clemency. We eagerly await your response.


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29. Abolish the death penalty in China

In China the death penalty is still being used to execute thousands and thousands of people yearly. It is estimated that China contribute to 60-80% of total death sentences and executions in the world.

Although these statistics are only estimated as the death penalty is a state secret and statistic are not produced, it is speculated that that this is because the actual death sentences may be very high than estimated and may cause embarrassment.

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30. Getting Talia Al Ghul brought back to the pages of DC comics

Talia al Ghul (Arabic: تاليا الغول‎) is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe, daughter of the supervillain Ra's al Ghul, a love interest of Batman, and the mother of his son Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin. She has appeared in over 200 individual comics issues.

The Talia character was created by writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Bob Brown. The character's creation and depiction was inspired by other works of fiction, such as the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and the Fu Manchu fiction. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #411 (May 1971). She is most commonly depicted as a romantic interest for Batman, a villain, or a combination of the two. Her father, the leader of a worldwide criminal empire, considered Batman the man most worthy to marry Talia and become his successor. Absent a spouse, Talia was considered as an heir to her father and his organization. While Batman is uninterested in the criminal empire, he has often demonstrated romantic feelings for Talia.

Talia has saved the life of Batman or helped him on numerous occasions. The majority of her criminal acts have been committed at the behest of her father and motivated by loyalty to her father rather than personal gain. She had been depicted as morally ambiguous or an antiheroic figure. Recent depictions have shown her to be more often an enemy of Batman and a supervillainess in her own right, such as leading the League of Assassins, as part of the Secret Society of Super Villains, and as the mastermind behind Leviathan.

IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time List ranked Talia as #42. She was ranked 25th in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list. Talia has been featured in various adaptations in other media, most notably the 2012 Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight Rises, where she was portrayed by Marion Cotillard.

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