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1. Refer Australia's refugee policy and Immigration Minister to the International Court

Australia's current refugee policy has seen the mistreatment of people in off-shore processing centers, prolonged detention and the detention of children, including children born in Australia.

We the citizens of Australia feel powerless, particularly in view of the recent High Court Decision declaring that our country's policy is legal under Australian law.

Human rights are universal and immutable and should not be restricted to the whim of any parliament. Nor should they be watered down by tabloid commentary and extreme right politics.

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2. Washington wants fair Health care

MultiCare sends patients who should income-qualify for financial assistance to collections.

According to the Affordable Care Act, non-profit hospitals like MultiCare are required to inform patients about financial assistance and must take all "reasonably available measures" to avoid sending someone who would qualify for financial assistance to collections.

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3. DCA Warriors Cherishing All Children Equally 2016

KOD Lyons act for DCA Warriors in Campaign for Election 2016 for Children with Additional Needs

Following a consultation process involving its 8,000 members leading children’s advocacy group DCA Warriors in partnership with KOD Lyons have launched a policy document for its members for the 2016 General Election campaign. The document can be viewed below, and is an important grassroots response to the need for children’s rights to be a priority.

DCA Warriors – Cherishing All Children Equally 2016.

We ask those looking to be the next leaders of Ireland to honour the words written in the 1916 Proclamation which “declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally” and that “no one who serves that cause will dishonour it by cowardice, inhumanity or rapine.”

The DCA Warriors was established in February 2012. We currently have over 8,000 members. The group gives information and support to parents of children with special needs [SN] and/or serious illness [SI] applying for Domiciliary Care Allowance, Carers Allowance, Disability Allowance and Carers Benefit.

We expanded our mission, and are now committed to ensuring all children in Ireland with special needs are given their right to a full education and other rights. Our children deserve to have their dreams realised of a future where they will be a productive member of our society.

Our Election campaign is focussed upon ensuring that the rights of children with special needs and those of their families are fully vindicated.

Our 8,000 plus members are asking election candidates to ensure the following policy commitments are implemented in the next Dáil. In addition individual members will have the facility to include a further two individual policy pledges they are seeking which reflects their own circumstances and concerns.

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4. Support the Gap Year Human Rights Project

At the Gap Year Human Rights Project, we believe that housing, food, and education are basic human rights and shouldn’t be denied to anyone.

This is why the folks at the Leap, as well as other Gap Year companies, are dedicated to creating and offering Gap Year Programs that are surrounded around serving and building up different communities around the world.

Participating in a Gap Year Human Rights Project not only provides gap year travellers the opportunity to see interesting and exotic places, but it also allows them to put their energy and skills into various human rights projects all over the globe.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to give back and see the world through different eyes while making a difference. Some of the possible assignments prospective program attendees can expect to take part in could include: Building, cleaning, and renovating houses, teaching English and childcare, animal conservation projects, and helping to build up more sustainable communities in places like Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. The Gap Year Human Rights Project is committed to building up districts and communities to help the people and children of those communities have a better and brighter future.

What an incredible way for a young person to spend their gap year!

We invite all young philanthropists to take part in this global mission to help provide people with their basic human rights.

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5. Online Petition of Oromo Communities’ Association in North America (OCA-NA)

Stop Brutal Repression of the Oromo People by the Ethiopian Government.

Stop the massacre of Oromo people and suppression of human rights in Ethiopia, Bring PELF Leaders to the International World Justice.

We, members of the Oromo communities in Diaspora, write this urgent letter to bring to your attention the atrocities perpetrated on the Oromo people in Ethiopia.

At this moment, the Oromo people are under siege; schools are closed, normal economic activities are disrupted and the farmers are confined to their homes, which are violated and searched by government agents without legal warrants.

Over the last four weeks, over 86 students, teachers and farmers were killed by armed government forces. Mass arrest are going on daily and the government is terrorizing citizens. We are deeply concerned by the eviction of thousands of farmers from their lands in the name development and for the expansion of the capital city, Addis Ababa (Finfinnee).

We are worried that, if unchecked immediately, the current state-sponsored killings, mass arrests and evictions could lead to unimaginable human tragedies and extraordinary regional crisis.

We are appealing for urgent intervention of by the United Nations and the global community before it is too late, to avoid what had happened in Rwanda and other places earlier.

Read more... SEE MORE...CLICK the next linck

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6. Stop military operations in Kurdistan by Turkey

I'm a doctor from Iraqi Kurdistan, raising my voice highly to condemn what is happening in Kurdistan of Turkey.

The situation consists of fierce attacks by the armed forces of Turkey on the villages and the cities of Kurdistan.

I call upon the owners of power and affairs in Turkey as well as the world to intervene and stop the operations of curfew, shelling and siege in the villages and cities of Kurdistan.

The killing of innocent men, women and children alongside the destruction of dwellings and homes characterizes everyday life. Prohibiting food and water, electricity and the means of treatment to the needing people in these areas is inhumane.

These military operations will not benefit anything, but further anger the people and drive them to revenge that will lead to increased and expanded violence. Peaceful dialogue is the only way to solve these problems in order to calm down the situation.

The concerned authorities must investigate complaints of the people and work to compensate those affected by these military operations.

Dr. Abdulbaghi Abdulrahman Ahmad
6 January 2016

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7. Let Katherine Stay!

Let Katherine stay in the UK!

Katherine Beria has been issued with a deportation order after serving her sentence for offences committed as a minor. Despite having served her sentences, she now faces deportation to a country she does not remember. Spending her childhood in care, she is a vulnerable young adult, who needs support and a chance to start her life, not to have it ripped away from her. She wants to tell her story.

My name is Katherine Beria.

I have been served with a Deportation Order.

I am 19 years old & I have been in the care system from the age of 8. I had committed 3 robberies and was served with a custodial sentence of 3 years & 6 months. I have been in Young Offenders since 24th September 2013 and was under section 31 Full care order age at 16. I was told to finish my sentence by the Youth Justice Board which was on 20th March 2014. I finished my sentence and earned earned my early release on the 10th November 2014 but it has been taken away by immigration.

I was then taken to Yarl's Wood Detention centre, where I face deportation. I have been living in the UK since I was 8 years old and that was when I was also placed in the care system. I had entered the UK with my mother, sister and step dad. I was born in Venezuela but my mum had registered me in Guyana.

I do not have any family in either country. I do not remember anything apart from when my real father passed away in 2002 in Venezuela and then moving to Guyana and then to the United Kingdom.

I have no family in either country. I suffered abuse in childhood and I have had mental health problems since. I was in care from the age of 8. I have realised my mistakes, and worked hard for a chance to build a life here. Please sign asking Teresa May to give me that chance.

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8. Support the Decriminalization of Sex Work

Sex workers are often discriminated against, abused, raped and are denied access to basic health care needs.

With the decriminalization of sex work, sex workers will not be breaking the law by working and their basic human rights will be better protected.

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9. Outlaw Food Waste

Spain and France have already passed regulations regarding food waste. We employ the world to follow suit. Voters, figureheads of governments and corporate lobbyists have signed below from various nations.

With Americans throwing out 165 billion dollars worth of food every year and the same being replicated across the globe, it turns into an issue of human rights. It is morally wrong that people are starving on the street when only 15% of all this wasted food would be enough to feed more than 25 million people every year.

Globally 805 Million people suffered from undernourishment between 2012-2014. There is already an underlying want as such movements have happened throughout history. Here we are trying to represent that want.

For further information-

Chisafis, Angelique. “France to Force Big Supermarkets to Give Unsold Food to Charities.” Internet.

Fottrell, Quentin. “Americans Throw Out $165 Billion Worth of Food Every Year.” Marketwatch (2015) Internet.

Quora. How Long Does it Take To Pass a Bill in The US. (22 Feb.) Internet.

Schneider, Felicitas. “The History of Food Wastage.” Institute of Waste Management (2008) Print.

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10. An Open Letter to All Participants in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change/ COP 21


Letter of Support for Impacted Communities.

We from Impacted Communities are addressing the need of Support from UN and World.

See the Letter below and sign and stand with us....

Michelle BarlondSmith, Battle Creek, Michigan
Joseph Lee Hock, N. Muskegon, Michigan
Thomas Frank, East Chicago, Indiana
Chas Jewett, Rapid City, SD member of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Catherine Coleman Flowers, Montgomery, Alabama
Chris Wahmhoff, Edison Neighborhood Kalamazoo
Cherri Foytlin, Rayne, Louisiana
Pennie Opal Plant, Oil Refinery Corridor, San Pablo, California
Tracy Smith, Jackson, Mississippi
Melissa Mays, Flint, Michigan
Dustin White, Charleston, West Virginia
Sue Rosenberg, Saugerties, New York
Lisa Marie Jacobs, Durango, Colorado

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11. 1 Million for a Jewish Temple Mount!

Fact: The Temple Mount is the holiest Jewish site on earth.
Fact: The Temple Mount is the only place in Israel where Jews are arrested for praying or even holding religious symbols or holy objects.
Fact: The Temple Mount is under full Muslim control and Israeli Police takes dictates from the Muslim WAKF.
Fact: Muslims use the Temple Mount as a platform for anti-Jewish riots and propaganda.

Question 1: How can Israel claim to take a strong stance against terror when it allows Muslim fanatics to rule the Temple Mount?
Question 2: How can Israel claim to be a "Jewish and Democratic State" when it denies religious freedom to Jews on the Temple Mount?
Question 3: How can Israel protest Antisemitism worldwide when the Jewish State itself oppresses Jews on the Temple Mount.
Question 4: How can the Jewish State claim Jerusalem as its "Untied Capital" when the Jewish police force of Israel arrests Jews for praying on the holiest site in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount?

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12. Allow the rights of Driving and Traveling in Alaska

We the people of Alaska, grateful to God and to those who founded our republic nation and pioneered this great land, in order to secure and transmit to succeeding generations our heritage of liberty to travel unrestricted within the Union of States, do ordain and establish and give this Command.

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13. Support Human Rights: grant Walid Durani a VISA to live and work freely in the UK

I have set this petition up to support a very good friend of mine, the government have decided not to allow him a renewal on his VISA to stay in the UK. If his VISA is denied and he is forced to leave the UK then the Government is violating his human rights under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights 'The right to respect for private and family life, home and correspondence'.

It is currently not safe for him to return to Afghanistan due to current political activities, his life would be put in direct danger, so under paragraph 339C of the Immigration Rules the government should not be allowed to remove him from the country instead should be providing humanitarian protection.

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14. Conservatives and Progressives United Against the Death Penalty

Conservatives and Progressives United Against the Death Penalty is committed to abolishing the Death Penalty in the State of Oklahoma and beyond through community advocacy, education, and leadership.

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15. Congress, Fund Life-Affirming Health & Social Services for Women & Families!

In recent months, multiple videos have come out exposing Planned Parenthood and its activities concerning what it does with marketing and selling baby body parts.

I know that many petitions have been set up to defund Planned Parenthood, to investigate it, or to prosecute it. Defunding Planned Parenthood, alone, will not end abortion.

Abortion is said to constitute three percent of what Planned Parenthood does, but we know that three percent consists of roughly 300,000 abortions done yearly ( An estimated $542 million of federal funds went to Planned Parenthood in fiscal year 2011-2012 (

It is unlikely that this figure has changed since then. In seeing a graphic photo of an actual first-trimester abortion at, I cannot stand with an institution where this takes place, even at only 3 percent of their services. It is because Planned Parenthood provides so many services for poor women in their childbearing years, that we should call on government to make abortion rare by funding services for women throughout all their childbearing years, not only in pregnancy.

What is needed is for federal funds to be re-directed to life-affiirming women's services. This has been done in Wisconsin; not only were funds taken from Planned Parenthood, but they were re-directed to other, life-affirming services

Such services would include:

1). Increased Medicaid re-imbursements to obstetrition-gynecologists so they will be more willing to accept Medicaid and serve poor women, providing them with all the services (minus abortion) they would receive at Planned Parenthood. This includes all women in their childbearing years, not just when they are pregnant;

2). More government funds for women's medical services where abortions are not done. This includes 13,000 community clinics which deliver quality care to women and families (Source: Casey Mattox). These services would include all women in their childbearing years, not just when they are pregnant;

3). Expand government benefits for poor single parents to spend more time with their children so that people won't feel pressured to abort for economic reasons;

4). Create legislation where pregnant women can place their children in temporary foster care until they are in a position to raise their children. This will open up another option to them;

No, this would not end all abortions by any means, but it should be a good step in the right direction. We want to show that we care for all women, not only when they are pregnant.

We want to show that we care for unborn children, and want to protect them and save as many as possible. That can only be done as we do all we can to provide women with all the love, encouragement, guidance, and resources they need so they can choose life for their babies and will not feel that abortion is the only option.

In other words, as it has been said, let's love both women and children.

The 4 D ultrasound video is provided courtesy of American Life League. The petition creator is not affiliated with American Life League nor endorsed by them.

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16. Free Biram and End Slavery in Mauritania

In the history of humanity, the slave trade and slavery were by far the worst atrocities committed by man over man. No moral, economic or religious reasons can justify such a negation of the humanity and dignity of black men. The struggles for the abolition of slavery were harsh, bitter and lengthy. But humanity have made a big step forward in writing it in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." Despite the fact that it was only in 1948 that this principle is contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, however, it has always guided the actions of humanity when it came to abolish the black slavery in America, when it came to stop Nazism in Europe, when it came to put an end to the apartheid regime in South Africa, and when it came to end colonization in Africa.

The fight against racial, ethnic and gender discrimination, and those related to sexual orientation, are always struggles of our time. These struggles must be conducted within the framework of equality of all citizens under the rule of law. However, it is totally unacceptable and intolerable in our times that there are still states where slavery is systematic and institutionalized.

This is the case in Mauritania where in front of the state and laws, there are normal citizens and inferior citizens whose fate comes down to servitude. Faced with this insolent reality in Mauritania, courageous isolated actors are peacefully fighting for the abolition of slavery. Among them, there are "Biram Dah Ould Abeid" and his companions who were arrested in November 2014 in Mauritania while they were conducting an awareness campaign for the abolition of slavery. And since Thursday, August 20th 2015, they were sentenced to 2 years in prison for defending humanity and the dignity of the black men in Mauritania. Today, they are in a cell, it is up to us to finish the job.

Their fate and that of all the enslaved communities in Mauritania will depend on our ability to convince the Mauritanian authorities that, not only the dignity of the black men is to be preserve, but also, actually, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

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17. I want to see my wife

Mahindan Mahadeva has not seen his wife since 29th January 2015. He has been accused of actual bodily harm against his invalid wife - without evidence.

Mahindan's wife, Uma is in a vegetative state in Wingham Court Care Centre in Claygate, Surrey after suffering a pulmonary embolism in February 2014.

The accusation was made after Mahindan found a blister on his wife's arm, which he reported to the care home. Six weeks later, on 29 January, Wingham Court had Mahindan arrested on suspicion of causing the blister, which Mahindan vehemently denies.

He has not been charged and has had his bail conditions extended three times. We petition Surrey police to either charge Mr Mahadeva, or release him from bail conditions as these are doing significant damage to his, and his wife's wellbeing.

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18. Indiana Home Care Fight for $15 - "Living Wage for Saving Lives"

* Long term care CRISIS: 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and we only have 2 million home care workers for 11 million elders.

* 90% of seniors prefer home care.

* Low wages result in high turnover rate and affect quality care.

* Turnover costs are estimated to be over $6 billion annually.

* Undervalued and underpaid: 49% of Hoosier direct caregivers have to rely on public assistance.

* Home care is the fastest growing job in the county and the major employer of women.

* Giving home care workers a collective voice will help transform policies and expand access for seniors and disabled.

* Raising wages to $15 an hour would allow home care workers to raise their families with dignity while also caring for others. When the home care workers win, it will improve the lives of families, raise the lives of women, build stronger communities, and lift the entire economy.

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19. Support Greece's "NO" decision made in the July 5th Referendum

The Greek people were asked in the 5th July Referendum to accept the outline of the agreement submitted by the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund at the Eurogroup of 25/06/15 made up of two parts which constitute their unified proposal:

The first document is entitled: Reforms for the completion of the current program and beyond and the second is Preliminary Debt Sustainability Analysis.
- Whichever citizens reject the proposal by the three institutions vote: Not Approved / NO
- Whichever citizens agree with the proposal by the three institutions vote: Approved /YES

The documents are provided in english and greek in the following links:




- Preliminary report of truth committee on public dept (English and Greek):

More than 62 per cent of the country voted 'Oxi', or 'No', on Sunday – a stunning result that defied poll predictions of a cliffhanger.

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20. People of Rohingya

Recently we have been overwhelmed and disgusted by hair raising facts regarding the treatment of Rohingya people in Myanmar.

A bit of research has pointed out disgusting facts that this appalling treatment has been going on for few centuries now and has been constantly overlooked by United Nations even though United Nations have adopted 'Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG)' on 9 December 1948, but still nothing is being done by the United Nations and United Nations Human Rights Commission.

In 1982, the government of Burma denied Citizenship to people of Rohingya. They cannot work, they do not have access to medical aid, and food and water are luxury items for them. What an evil way to gradually kill them. The ill treatment started long before this particular time and this was due to the fact they have a different faith and they look different. Isn't this the same as what Adolf Hitler did? Yet the world remembers the Holocaust day every day. Why not the same treatment for leaders of Myanmar? Why the difference? Because the people being talked about doesn't provide any economic benefit to any nation? Is this the reason for having United Nations? To discriminate based on economic benefits?

For such a long period of time people of Rohingya have been disgustingly treated and murdered because of their faith and colour and no one is assisting them. They have no rights at all in their own country and no country wants them. Everyone has a right to live the way they want to live regardless of faith, creed, or colour. It has been far too long to continue ignoring the people of Rohingya.

Please help us voice this to the United Nations and United Nations Human Rights and persuade them to take immediate action to help people of Rohingya.

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21. Tell Bulgaria: Stop Abusing People Who Care For Animals

In Bulgaria one can get away with almost anything, even murder. There is one thing, though, one can never get away with - showing compassion and kindness towards animals.

After the scandalous institutional harassment and persecution of d-r Litov in 2013 and the illegal trespassing on his property by a lynch mob, which resulted in a brutal attack and beating of the crippled dog Borko, rescued by the doctor, it is his mother now - Maria Litova, a 78 years old, disabled pensioner, who is about to pay the price for being a responsible human being. Litova was harassed and threatened by municipal authorities on numerous occasions for feeding, nursing and rescuing stray cats and dogs, even questioned by the police, regarding her "activities". When it didn't work, the Bulgarian government cooked up a ridiculous charge against her, only to make an innocent and helpless old lady an example of how caring is wrong!

At the end of 2014 Litova was served with a municipal order, signed by the mayor of Plovdiv - Ralio Ralev, accusing her of "altering the structure???!!! of her home without a building permit". Litova lives in a small, one bedroom flat and her only "crime" is securing the balcony with a safety wire net, to protect her four cats from falling. According to the applicable national laws /Territorial Management Code/, minor upgrades, which do not change the overall construction of the building, do not require any permission whatsoever.

It is evidently clear that securing a balcony with a wire net is no different than putting up a mosquito net or a sunshade, especially if there are no concrete or masonry repairs, wall tear-offs or heavy drilling. Despite the absurdity of the charge and all the evidence of her innocence, despite the fact that there is no such legal precedent in Bulgaria, Litova was taken to court and wrongly convicted by unscrupulous Judge. Not only does she stand to loose her pension, in order to pay the attorney and court fees, but she may soon face a raid of her property by government officials and police, who will forcefully remove the safety net, exposing her pets to imminent danger.

We can not let this happen. Every single time a rogue government official or a Judge abuse their power, we must all raise our voices. It is the only way to protect both citizens and their animal companions. Things won't change in this godforsaken country, unless the outcry is international and sustained.

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22. Stand With New Mexicans: Free the Late Term Abortion Ban

New Mexico needs your help to urge National Republican Leaders in Congress to re-introduce a Late-Term Abortion Ban.

Albuquerque, NM is the Late-Term Abortion Capital of Nation. In New Mexico there are zero common sense laws protecting women and children from abortion, in fact abortion is legal through ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy. The nation's largest Late-Term abortion clinic is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You can help end Late-Term Abortion in the Late-Term Abortion Capital of America...and all across the nation. We need your help today!

Join national pro-life voices in calling for House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican leaders to reschedule a vote to ban all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Bud Shaver, Executive Director of Protest ABQ is going to Washington D.C on May 7th 2015 to join several National Pro-Life groups and to hand deliver your signature to House Speaker Boehner, thank you for standing with us.

Sign the petition and let your voice be heard, together we can Ban Late-Term Abortion Nationally.

#FreeTheBan For more information visit:

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23. Stop Air Pollution in Imara Daima and its Environs (Mombasa Road)


Kindly note we the residents/ inhabitants of the above mentioned Area, specifically the above stated estates have observed with concern the awful conduct of emission of toxic gases into the air. This illegal conduct is endangering our health and our precious lives. The gas/fumes are so toxic and most residents are now complaining of dry and irritable throats, headaches, nausea, tingling of the skin amongst other ailments. The children are having persistent sore throats and upper respiratory infections.

Some residents have reported to National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) but we are NOT aware of any substantive action so far taken.
As residents who care about our own health, and that of our loved ones, we are now writing to you officially, requesting you to resolve this complaint ONCE and FOR ALL.

We are aware that there are gas refilling companies just next to the residential area (check near the Softa Company, Chrolide exide company area) and we are shocked that Gas refilling companies have been allowed to operate so near a residential area. Another company called POWEREX LUBRICANTS LIMITED has been mentioned as being likely to be one of the pollutants.

We are only citizens without investigative expertise, so these are only our reasonable guesses judging from where the smell seems to be most perceived and smelt from. We surely expect that you will use tax payers’ money to ascertain who are the culprits, because that is why you have been set up as public offices.

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24. Support Prayer/Contemplation before Canadian Civic Council Meetings

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled (April 15) that opening and closing council meetings in Saguenay Quebec with a Catholic prayer violated Quebec's provincial human rights act.

Edmonton has a worldwide reputation over 35 years of opening City Council meetings with a prayer or chant or musical presentation from one of the 13 + various faith traditions found in this community of 1.3 million residents.

This long-standing inclusive practice strengthens our community by building an environment to foster respect and understanding for Councillors, City Staff and meeting attendees. Ideas for the future include inviting rep. from the atheist/agnostic community to offer a reflection, moments of silence after any/all contributions to create a positive atmosphere of clarity, gratitude and mindfulness . ( for the liberties and freedoms we enjoy as Canadians)

It is my understanding that the purpose of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Tolerance, Freedom and Equality. It applies to corporations as well as individuals.

The Charter states that "a law will be found to restrict expression if it has the effect of frustrating the pursuit of truth, participation in the community, or individual self fulfillment and human flourishing" ( Limiting the Right )

The Charter ( 27 ) "This charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the Preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canada."

According to the Edmonton Journal "City lawyers want Edmonton councillors to temporarily cancel the prayers that start their meetings for fear the practice is unconstitutional". The April 28 agenda calls for a motion to not have a prayer.

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25. EVERYONE has rights

My brother Tyrel Benedict was badly beaten March, 11 in the custody and care of the Burnside correctional facility. The day he was admitted to hospital they would not even allow my mother to see him because he was in their custody. We had to fight for days before finally my mother was aloud to see him, he was in critical condition and they didn't care he was just a PRISONER. They over time agreed to let others in to see him and came to a agreement with the family.

Now my brother is no longer in critical condition and is slowly getting better, they have now taken everyone's time away to see him. I am not aloud to see my brother in the hospital because he is a prisoner this is not right, I know this has happened on more then one occasion with more then just my brother. It is sick my brother is now left to sit alone confused and in a hospital bed alone.

I need help from everyone who will listen, to fight this and let the justice system know that prisoners are still human and need family during recovery.

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26. Give K-Pop Idols Their Basic Human Rights!

This petition is to stop unfair treatment and violation of human right to Korean pop idols such as EXO, SNSD and f(x). It will be sent to SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and maybe a few more companies. Hopefully, they will see that fans care and love their idols and biases so much and they want to see them taken care of well.

I was thinking that a few things this petition would cover:

At least 2000-2500 calories a day- dancers are supposed to intake 45-50 calories a day per kg of body weight.

At least 6 hours of sleep per 24 hours.

10 days of rest a month on request for each idol.

Follow all medications prescribed by doctors.

Follow doctors recommended amount of rest upon injury/exhaustion.

No discrimination between anyone.

Allow idols their Basic Human Rights.

If you have any ideas for me to put into this petition please email me at:

To those who don’t know about k-pop or the way the companies are treating their idols, here is a brief note:

YG, JYP, and SM Entertainment are the ‘big three’ companies in the korean pop industry. They have a very large influence in the kpop industry- in fact they created the first kpop bands. The process that people go through to become a kpop idol is very hard and difficult to endure. The way to stardom is much different in Korea than it is America. People ranging from age 12-20 go through several rounds of auditions to become a trainee and have a chance to become like their favorite artists. They then go through 1-10 years of training in dancing, singing, modeling, and acting. Then the company may or may not choose you to sign a contract and debut in a group. The chances of becoming an idol are very slim. SM Entertainment is one of the very well known Korean pop music company. A few bands such as Girls Generation, EXO, Super Junior, f(x), SHINee, BoA, and Red Velvet are under the music company. SM Ent. has been known to hold their artists in ‘slave contracts’, such as very extreme diets, rigorous schedules, little amount of sleep and rest, and unfair treatment to Chinese/foreign members. There have been multiple lawsuits that artists filed to try and nullify their contracts. Kris and Luhan, former EXO members are currently amidst a legal battle with SM. This is very similar with the other companies too.

Here is a clip from an interview with former Super Junior/Super Junior M member, Han Geng. Super Junior is a Korean pop band that is under the company SM Entertainment.

Han Geng - “Actually, the way that SM Entertainment had treated me is really unbearable. So I made a decision to leave the company. Since I have a mild nature, neither SM nor my friends had ever thought that I would make such a decision.”

MC - “I want to emphasize that I have to ask these questions.”

Han Geng - “Yes, I know.”

MC - “I really support you to come back to China to develop your career. We all know the contracts you signed in Korea were too harsh. Besides, you had to sign a contract for 13 years, you can’t have a sick leave, and you also can’t go back to China to visit your families. Is this true?”

Han Geng - “Absolutely true, it was last year that I went to a Korean awards ceremony with the other members of the group. I was very sick that day. Both me and Choi Siwon were very ill that day, and there were only two hours before the red carpet part of the award ceremony. I went to the hospital with Siwon. I went to the emergency room and the doctor put in an intravenous drip (IV). That day, one of the managers of SM Entertainment drove us to the hospital. He kept shouting ‘We don’t have time! Hurry up!’. Then he adjusted the speed of the IV drip to the maximum. I felt really dizzy, but he still shouted at us to hurry up. Before half of it had went into my vein, the manager pulled out the needle and told me to go to the award ceremony. The next day they also forced me to preform.”

When the speed of an IV is on maximum speed, it can have adverse effects such as heart failure, or immediate death. Read another part of an interview here:

If you sign this petition hopefully it will encourage people to treat their idols better.

Thank you,
a fellow K-pop fan~

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
1. We are all free and equal. We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way.
2. Don’t discriminate. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.
3. The right to life. We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.
4. No slavery – past and present. Nobody has any right to make us a slave. We cannot make anyone our slave.
5. No Torture. Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us.
6. We all have the same right to use the law. I am a person just like you!
7. We are all protected by the law. The law is the same for everyone. It must treat us all fairly.
8. Fair treatment by fair courts. We can all ask for the law to help us when we are not treated fairly.
9. No unfair detainment. Nobody has the right to put us in prison without a good reason and keep us there, or to send us away from our country.
10. The right to trial. If we are put on trial this should be in public. The people who try us should not let anyone tell them what to do.
11. Innocent until proven guilty. Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it is proven. When people say we did a bad thing we have the right to show it is not true.
12. The right to privacy. Nobody should try to harm our good name. Nobody has the right to come into our home, open our letters or bother us or our family without a good reason.
13. Freedom to move. We all have the right to go where we want in our own country and to travel as we wish.
14. The right to asylum. If we are frightened of being badly treated in our own country, we all have the right to run away to another country to be safe.
15. The right to a nationality. We all have the right to belong to a country.
16. Marriage and family. Every grown-up has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. Men and women have the same rights when they are married, and when they are separated.
17. Your own things. Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take our things from us without a good reason.
18. Freedom of thought. We all have the right to believe in what we want to believe, to have a religion, or to change it if we want.
19. Free to say what you want. We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people.
20. Meet where you like. We all have the right to meet our friends and to work together in peace to defend our rights. Nobody can make us join a group if we don’t want to.

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27. Support Biafra Independence Now

Biafra People are Indigenous nation before Britain through Lord Lugard created Nigeria, ever since then Biafra people within Nigerian state have suffered discrimination which the Federal government called Federal character.

The unending killing of Biafra people in Nigeria has reached its breaking point, Biafra people suffered and continue to experience genocide, the height of it was 1967-1970 genocide war where over 3.5 million people mostly women and children were brutally killed.

The Nigeria state can no longer guranteed the safety of lives and properties of Biafra people especially Biafra people living in Northern Nigeria. Biafra people being predominately Christians are primary target of Boko Haram Terrorist group whose terror war have claimed tens of thousands of Biafra people in Nigeria across the Northern part of Nigeria.

Today, Indigenous People of Biafra through her customary government is agitating to exercise their right as Indigenous People as declared by United Nations General Assembly.

Biafra Independence is the only way to protect Biafra people from complete annihilation.

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28. Human Rights in Mental Health

Our cause is for the Human Rights of those who have been given or forced with a Mental Health label that wasn't invited by the individual him/herself.

Currently there is an epidemic of those who are deemed incompetent by a medical health professional and then in turn, said individuals who are deemed incompetent are then forced or coerced into incarceration and forced or coerced to take pharmaceutical drugs unwillingly, among other abhorrent practices that said individuals are forced into without their expressed consent.

The key here is that said individuals whom are given such mental health labels such as schizophrenia, bi-polar manic depression, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity etc. have generally never committed a crime that is triable in a court of law, and yet they are stripped, incarcerated and drugged without their consent and with no legal recourse.

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29. Saudi Arabia MUST Rescind Sentence Of 200 Lashes, Six Months In Prison For Rape Victim!

A woman who was violently gang raped in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail after being found guilty of indecency and talk to the media.

The 19-year-old was in a car with a student friend when two men got into the vehicle and drove them to a secluded area. She says she was raped by seven men, three of whom also attacked her friend.

The Shia Muslim woman had initially been sentenced to 90 lashes after being convicted of violating the Kingdom's religious diktats on segregation of the sexes.

After the sentences were handed down following the rape in 2006, the woman was sentenced to 90 lashes; however her lawyer appealed to the Saudi General Court. It then doubled her sentence. At the same time, they also doubled the prison sentences for the seven men convicted of raping her, according to Saudi news outlets.

Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem, who defended the woman, reached out to the media after the sentences were handed down. The court has since banned him from further defending the woman, confiscating his license and summoning him to a disciplinary hearing later this month.

Saudi Arabia defended the controversial decision to punish the victim, saying that she was at fault for being out without a male family member, something which was met with international outcry.

"The Ministry of Justice welcomes constructive criticism, away from emotions," it said in a statement.

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30. Petition for the immediate transformation of the former Political and Social Order Department building into a Memory Space of Resistance by the Rio de Janeiro State Governor.

The building that housed the former Political and Social Order Department, inaugurated in 1910, in the centre of Rio de Janeiro, was built to be the headquarters of the Central Police of the Brazilian Republic. This institution’s main objectives were the pursuit of “vagrancy”, the criminalization of capoeira and Afro-Brazilian religious worship. Over the years, the building housed different political police responsible for repressing the activities of different social groups that could supposedly compromise “public order”, especially during the dictatorship periods. From 1962, the Political and Social Order Department of Rio de Janeiro (DOPS-RJ), one of the main organs of political persecution, torture, and the death or forced disappearance of people during the last civil-military dictatorship.

The building is listed by the State Institute of Cultural Patrimony (INEPAC) but the building is still under the administration of the Civil Police, and is in an awful state of conservation, with deteriorating archives proving the destruction and abandon by the public authorities of historical patrimony. Furthermore, there is evidence that currently the Government’s intention is to create a Museum of the Police and an arcade of shops in the premises, disregarding the former Governor, Sérgio Cabral’s promise, who on the 8th May 2013, during the inauguration of Rio de Janeiro’s Truth Commission, committed to transform the building into a memory site.

It has become more urgent, with Brazil’s undeniable setback in the Transitional Justice process, the destination of this building, by the state governor, to construct a space committed with the memory of resistance and social struggles, which makes the relation between the violations carried out by the State in the past and the present explicit, stimulating measures which prevent the repetition of such practices. The transformation of this building as a whole into a space aimed to promote human rights policies, in a dynamic way, bringing together production, safekeeping, and circulation of information, documentation, archives, projects and proposals about the right to memory, truth and justice is fundamental. For this to be possible different social movements must play a central role in the construction and management of this space, with effective decision-making powers.

The reparation of the damage caused by the impact of State violence on society is achieved through concrete measures, like the creation of memory supports, or in other words, the implementation of tools which demand the recognition of a past that has been deliberately buried, forgotten and silenced by the official versions of history, and contribute to the production of ethical principals which hopes to promote the democratic construction of the present and the future. The Brazilian State and the government of Rio de Janeiro have this outstanding historical debt. Making public what happened in those dark times strengthens citizenship, reinvigorates democracy and paves the way to a more just future.

It is necessary to occupy memory so to not forget our history!

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