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1. Tell Bulgaria: Stop Abusing People Who Care For Animals

In Bulgaria one can get away with almost anything, even murder. There is one thing, though, one can never get away with - showing compassion and kindness towards animals.

After the scandalous institutional harassment and persecution of d-r Litov in 2013 and the illegal trespassing on his property by a lynch mob, which resulted in a brutal attack and beating of the crippled dog Borko, rescued by the doctor, it is his mother now - Maria Litova, a 78 years old, disabled pensioner, who is about to pay the price for being a responsible human being. Litova was harassed and threatened by municipal authorities on numerous occasions for feeding, nursing and rescuing stray cats and dogs, even questioned by the police, regarding her "activities". When it didn't work, the Bulgarian government cooked up a ridiculous charge against her, only to make an innocent and helpless old lady an example of how caring is wrong!

At the end of 2014 Litova was served with a municipal order, signed by the mayor of Plovdiv - Ralio Ralev, accusing her of "altering the structure???!!! of her home without a building permit". Litova lives in a small, one bedroom flat and her only "crime" is securing the balcony with a safety wire net, to protect her four cats from falling. According to the applicable national laws /Territorial Management Code/, minor upgrades, which do not change the overall construction of the building, do not require any permission whatsoever.

It is evidently clear that securing a balcony with a wire net is no different than putting up a mosquito net or a sunshade, especially if there are no concrete or masonry repairs, wall tear-offs or heavy drilling. Despite the absurdity of the charge and all the evidence of her innocence, despite the fact that there is no such legal precedent in Bulgaria, Litova was taken to court and wrongly convicted by unscrupulous Judge. Not only does she stand to loose her pension, in order to pay the attorney and court fees, but she may soon face a raid of her property by government officials and police, who will forcefully remove the safety net, exposing her pets to imminent danger.

We can not let this happen. Every single time a rogue government official or a Judge abuse their power, we must all raise our voices. It is the only way to protect both citizens and their animal companions. Things won't change in this godforsaken country, unless the outcry is international and sustained.

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2. Stand With New Mexicans: Free the Late Term Abortion Ban

New Mexico needs your help to urge National Republican Leaders in Congress to re-introduce a Late-Term Abortion Ban.

Albuquerque, NM is the Late-Term Abortion Capital of Nation. In New Mexico there are zero common sense laws protecting women and children from abortion, in fact abortion is legal through ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy. The nation's largest Late-Term abortion clinic is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You can help end Late-Term Abortion in the Late-Term Abortion Capital of America...and all across the nation. We need your help today!

Join national pro-life voices in calling for House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican leaders to reschedule a vote to ban all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Bud Shaver, Executive Director of Protest ABQ is going to Washington D.C on May 7th 2015 to join several National Pro-Life groups and to hand deliver your signature to House Speaker Boehner, thank you for standing with us.

Sign the petition and let your voice be heard, together we can Ban Late-Term Abortion Nationally.

#FreeTheBan For more information visit:

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3. Stop Air Pollution in Imara Daima and its Environs (Mombasa Road)


Kindly note we the residents/ inhabitants of the above mentioned Area, specifically the above stated estates have observed with concern the awful conduct of emission of toxic gases into the air. This illegal conduct is endangering our health and our precious lives. The gas/fumes are so toxic and most residents are now complaining of dry and irritable throats, headaches, nausea, tingling of the skin amongst other ailments. The children are having persistent sore throats and upper respiratory infections.

Some residents have reported to National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) but we are NOT aware of any substantive action so far taken.
As residents who care about our own health, and that of our loved ones, we are now writing to you officially, requesting you to resolve this complaint ONCE and FOR ALL.

We are aware that there are gas refilling companies just next to the residential area (check near the Softa Company, Chrolide exide company area) and we are shocked that Gas refilling companies have been allowed to operate so near a residential area. Another company called POWEREX LUBRICANTS LIMITED has been mentioned as being likely to be one of the pollutants.

We are only citizens without investigative expertise, so these are only our reasonable guesses judging from where the smell seems to be most perceived and smelt from. We surely expect that you will use tax payers’ money to ascertain who are the culprits, because that is why you have been set up as public offices.

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4. Support Prayer/Contemplation before Canadian Civic Council Meetings

The Supreme Court of Canada recently ruled (April 15) that opening and closing council meetings in Saguenay Quebec with a Catholic prayer violated Quebec's provincial human rights act.

Edmonton has a worldwide reputation over 35 years of opening City Council meetings with a prayer or chant or musical presentation from one of the 13 + various faith traditions found in this community of 1.3 million residents.

This long-standing inclusive practice strengthens our community by building an environment to foster respect and understanding for Councillors, City Staff and meeting attendees. Ideas for the future include inviting rep. from the atheist/agnostic community to offer a reflection, moments of silence after any/all contributions to create a positive atmosphere of clarity, gratitude and mindfulness . ( for the liberties and freedoms we enjoy as Canadians)

It is my understanding that the purpose of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is Tolerance, Freedom and Equality. It applies to corporations as well as individuals.

The Charter states that "a law will be found to restrict expression if it has the effect of frustrating the pursuit of truth, participation in the community, or individual self fulfillment and human flourishing" ( Limiting the Right )

The Charter ( 27 ) "This charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the Preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canada."

According to the Edmonton Journal "City lawyers want Edmonton councillors to temporarily cancel the prayers that start their meetings for fear the practice is unconstitutional". The April 28 agenda calls for a motion to not have a prayer.

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5. EVERYONE has rights

My brother Tyrel Benedict was badly beaten March, 11 in the custody and care of the Burnside correctional facility. The day he was admitted to hospital they would not even allow my mother to see him because he was in their custody. We had to fight for days before finally my mother was aloud to see him, he was in critical condition and they didn't care he was just a PRISONER. They over time agreed to let others in to see him and came to a agreement with the family.

Now my brother is no longer in critical condition and is slowly getting better, they have now taken everyone's time away to see him. I am not aloud to see my brother in the hospital because he is a prisoner this is not right, I know this has happened on more then one occasion with more then just my brother. It is sick my brother is now left to sit alone confused and in a hospital bed alone.

I need help from everyone who will listen, to fight this and let the justice system know that prisoners are still human and need family during recovery.

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6. Give K-Pop Idols Their Basic Human Rights!

This petition is to stop unfair treatment and violation of human right to Korean pop idols such as EXO, SNSD and f(x). It will be sent to SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and maybe a few more companies. Hopefully, they will see that fans care and love their idols and biases so much and they want to see them taken care of well.

I was thinking that a few things this petition would cover:

At least 2000-2500 calories a day- dancers are supposed to intake 45-50 calories a day per kg of body weight.

At least 6 hours of sleep per 24 hours.

10 days of rest a month on request for each idol.

Follow all medications prescribed by doctors.

Follow doctors recommended amount of rest upon injury/exhaustion.

No discrimination between anyone.

Allow idols their Basic Human Rights.

If you have any ideas for me to put into this petition please email me at:

To those who don’t know about k-pop or the way the companies are treating their idols, here is a brief note:

YG, JYP, and SM Entertainment are the ‘big three’ companies in the korean pop industry. They have a very large influence in the kpop industry- in fact they created the first kpop bands. The process that people go through to become a kpop idol is very hard and difficult to endure. The way to stardom is much different in Korea than it is America. People ranging from age 12-20 go through several rounds of auditions to become a trainee and have a chance to become like their favorite artists. They then go through 1-10 years of training in dancing, singing, modeling, and acting. Then the company may or may not choose you to sign a contract and debut in a group. The chances of becoming an idol are very slim. SM Entertainment is one of the very well known Korean pop music company. A few bands such as Girls Generation, EXO, Super Junior, f(x), SHINee, BoA, and Red Velvet are under the music company. SM Ent. has been known to hold their artists in ‘slave contracts’, such as very extreme diets, rigorous schedules, little amount of sleep and rest, and unfair treatment to Chinese/foreign members. There have been multiple lawsuits that artists filed to try and nullify their contracts. Kris and Luhan, former EXO members are currently amidst a legal battle with SM. This is very similar with the other companies too.

Here is a clip from an interview with former Super Junior/Super Junior M member, Han Geng. Super Junior is a Korean pop band that is under the company SM Entertainment.

Han Geng - “Actually, the way that SM Entertainment had treated me is really unbearable. So I made a decision to leave the company. Since I have a mild nature, neither SM nor my friends had ever thought that I would make such a decision.”

MC - “I want to emphasize that I have to ask these questions.”

Han Geng - “Yes, I know.”

MC - “I really support you to come back to China to develop your career. We all know the contracts you signed in Korea were too harsh. Besides, you had to sign a contract for 13 years, you can’t have a sick leave, and you also can’t go back to China to visit your families. Is this true?”

Han Geng - “Absolutely true, it was last year that I went to a Korean awards ceremony with the other members of the group. I was very sick that day. Both me and Choi Siwon were very ill that day, and there were only two hours before the red carpet part of the award ceremony. I went to the hospital with Siwon. I went to the emergency room and the doctor put in an intravenous drip (IV). That day, one of the managers of SM Entertainment drove us to the hospital. He kept shouting ‘We don’t have time! Hurry up!’. Then he adjusted the speed of the IV drip to the maximum. I felt really dizzy, but he still shouted at us to hurry up. Before half of it had went into my vein, the manager pulled out the needle and told me to go to the award ceremony. The next day they also forced me to preform.”

When the speed of an IV is on maximum speed, it can have adverse effects such as heart failure, or immediate death. Read another part of an interview here:

If you sign this petition hopefully it will encourage people to treat their idols better.

Thank you,
a fellow K-pop fan~

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
1. We are all free and equal. We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way.
2. Don’t discriminate. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.
3. The right to life. We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.
4. No slavery – past and present. Nobody has any right to make us a slave. We cannot make anyone our slave.
5. No Torture. Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us.
6. We all have the same right to use the law. I am a person just like you!
7. We are all protected by the law. The law is the same for everyone. It must treat us all fairly.
8. Fair treatment by fair courts. We can all ask for the law to help us when we are not treated fairly.
9. No unfair detainment. Nobody has the right to put us in prison without a good reason and keep us there, or to send us away from our country.
10. The right to trial. If we are put on trial this should be in public. The people who try us should not let anyone tell them what to do.
11. Innocent until proven guilty. Nobody should be blamed for doing something until it is proven. When people say we did a bad thing we have the right to show it is not true.
12. The right to privacy. Nobody should try to harm our good name. Nobody has the right to come into our home, open our letters or bother us or our family without a good reason.
13. Freedom to move. We all have the right to go where we want in our own country and to travel as we wish.
14. The right to asylum. If we are frightened of being badly treated in our own country, we all have the right to run away to another country to be safe.
15. The right to a nationality. We all have the right to belong to a country.
16. Marriage and family. Every grown-up has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. Men and women have the same rights when they are married, and when they are separated.
17. Your own things. Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take our things from us without a good reason.
18. Freedom of thought. We all have the right to believe in what we want to believe, to have a religion, or to change it if we want.
19. Free to say what you want. We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people.
20. Meet where you like. We all have the right to meet our friends and to work together in peace to defend our rights. Nobody can make us join a group if we don’t want to.

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7. Support Biafra Independence Now

Biafra People are Indigenous nation before Britain through Lord Lugard created Nigeria, ever since then Biafra people within Nigerian state have suffered discrimination which the Federal government called Federal character.

The unending killing of Biafra people in Nigeria has reached its breaking point, Biafra people suffered and continue to experience genocide, the height of it was 1967-1970 genocide war where over 3.5 million people mostly women and children were brutally killed.

The Nigeria state can no longer guranteed the safety of lives and properties of Biafra people especially Biafra people living in Northern Nigeria. Biafra people being predominately Christians are primary target of Boko Haram Terrorist group whose terror war have claimed tens of thousands of Biafra people in Nigeria across the Northern part of Nigeria.

Today, Indigenous People of Biafra through her customary government is agitating to exercise their right as Indigenous People as declared by United Nations General Assembly.

Biafra Independence is the only way to protect Biafra people from complete annihilation.

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8. Human Rights in Mental Health

Our cause is for the Human Rights of those who have been given or forced with a Mental Health label that wasn't invited by the individual him/herself.

Currently there is an epidemic of those who are deemed incompetent by a medical health professional and then in turn, said individuals who are deemed incompetent are then forced or coerced into incarceration and forced or coerced to take pharmaceutical drugs unwillingly, among other abhorrent practices that said individuals are forced into without their expressed consent.

The key here is that said individuals whom are given such mental health labels such as schizophrenia, bi-polar manic depression, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity etc. have generally never committed a crime that is triable in a court of law, and yet they are stripped, incarcerated and drugged without their consent and with no legal recourse.

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9. Saudi Arabia MUST Rescind Sentence Of 200 Lashes, Six Months In Prison For Rape Victim!

A woman who was violently gang raped in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail after being found guilty of indecency and talk to the media.

The 19-year-old was in a car with a student friend when two men got into the vehicle and drove them to a secluded area. She says she was raped by seven men, three of whom also attacked her friend.

The Shia Muslim woman had initially been sentenced to 90 lashes after being convicted of violating the Kingdom's religious diktats on segregation of the sexes.

After the sentences were handed down following the rape in 2006, the woman was sentenced to 90 lashes; however her lawyer appealed to the Saudi General Court. It then doubled her sentence. At the same time, they also doubled the prison sentences for the seven men convicted of raping her, according to Saudi news outlets.

Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem, who defended the woman, reached out to the media after the sentences were handed down. The court has since banned him from further defending the woman, confiscating his license and summoning him to a disciplinary hearing later this month.

Saudi Arabia defended the controversial decision to punish the victim, saying that she was at fault for being out without a male family member, something which was met with international outcry.

"The Ministry of Justice welcomes constructive criticism, away from emotions," it said in a statement.

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10. Petition for the immediate transformation of the former Political and Social Order Department building into a Memory Space of Resistance by the Rio de Janeiro State Governor.

The building that housed the former Political and Social Order Department, inaugurated in 1910, in the centre of Rio de Janeiro, was built to be the headquarters of the Central Police of the Brazilian Republic. This institution’s main objectives were the pursuit of “vagrancy”, the criminalization of capoeira and Afro-Brazilian religious worship. Over the years, the building housed different political police responsible for repressing the activities of different social groups that could supposedly compromise “public order”, especially during the dictatorship periods. From 1962, the Political and Social Order Department of Rio de Janeiro (DOPS-RJ), one of the main organs of political persecution, torture, and the death or forced disappearance of people during the last civil-military dictatorship.

The building is listed by the State Institute of Cultural Patrimony (INEPAC) but the building is still under the administration of the Civil Police, and is in an awful state of conservation, with deteriorating archives proving the destruction and abandon by the public authorities of historical patrimony. Furthermore, there is evidence that currently the Government’s intention is to create a Museum of the Police and an arcade of shops in the premises, disregarding the former Governor, Sérgio Cabral’s promise, who on the 8th May 2013, during the inauguration of Rio de Janeiro’s Truth Commission, committed to transform the building into a memory site.

It has become more urgent, with Brazil’s undeniable setback in the Transitional Justice process, the destination of this building, by the state governor, to construct a space committed with the memory of resistance and social struggles, which makes the relation between the violations carried out by the State in the past and the present explicit, stimulating measures which prevent the repetition of such practices. The transformation of this building as a whole into a space aimed to promote human rights policies, in a dynamic way, bringing together production, safekeeping, and circulation of information, documentation, archives, projects and proposals about the right to memory, truth and justice is fundamental. For this to be possible different social movements must play a central role in the construction and management of this space, with effective decision-making powers.

The reparation of the damage caused by the impact of State violence on society is achieved through concrete measures, like the creation of memory supports, or in other words, the implementation of tools which demand the recognition of a past that has been deliberately buried, forgotten and silenced by the official versions of history, and contribute to the production of ethical principals which hopes to promote the democratic construction of the present and the future. The Brazilian State and the government of Rio de Janeiro have this outstanding historical debt. Making public what happened in those dark times strengthens citizenship, reinvigorates democracy and paves the way to a more just future.

It is necessary to occupy memory so to not forget our history!

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11. Motion Of Support For The Transformation Of The Former Political And Social Order Department (Dops) Building In To A Memory Space Of Resistance And Human Rights Memory Space In Rio De Janeiro

The building that housed the former Political and Social Order Department, inaugurated in 1910, in the centre of Rio de Janeiro, was built to be the headquarters of the Central Police of the Brazilian Republic. This institution’s main objectives were the pursuit of “vagrancy”, the criminalization of capoeira and Afro-Brazilian religious worship. Over the years, the building housed different political police responsible for repressing the activities of different social groups that could supposedly compromise “public order”, especially during the dictatorship periods. From 1962, the Political and Social Order Department of Rio de Janeiro (DOPS-RJ), one of the main organs of political persecution, torture, and the death or forced disappearance of people during the last civil-military dictatorship.

The building is listed by the State Institute of Cultural Patrimony (INEPAC) but the building is still under the administration of the Civil Police, and is in an awful state of conservation, with deteriorating archives proving the destruction and abandon by the public authorities of historical patrimony. Furthermore, there is evidence that currently the Government’s intention is to create a Museum of the Police and an arcade of shops in the premises, disregarding the former Governor, Sérgio Cabral’s promise, who on the 8th May 2013, during the inauguration of Rio de Janeiro’s Truth Commission, committed to transform the building into a memory site.

It has become more urgent, with Brazil’s undeniable setback in the Transitional Justice process, the destination of this building, by the state governor, to construct a space committed with the memory of resistance and social struggles, which makes the relation between the violations carried out by the State in the past and the present explicit, stimulating measures which prevent the repetition of such practices. The transformation of this building as a whole into a space aimed to promote human rights policies, in a dynamic way, bringing together production, safekeeping, and circulation of information, documentation, archives, projects and proposals about the right to memory, truth and justice is fundamental. For this to be possible different social movements must play a central role in the construction and management of this space, with effective decision-making powers.

The reparation of the damage caused by the impact of State violence on society is achieved through concrete measures, like the creation of memory supports, or in other words, the implementation of tools which demand the recognition of a past that has been deliberately buried, forgotten and silenced by the official versions of history, and contribute to the production of ethical principals which hopes to promote the democratic construction of the present and the future. The Brazilian State and the government of Rio de Janeiro have this outstanding historical debt.

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12. Stop Visa Wrangle from Preventing Great Art from Reaching the World

A Pakistani fish seller in the UK may soon be as popular as Gangnam Style star Psy, with his catchy song to attract customers notching up more than 3.6 million views on YouTube and landing him a record music deal.

"Come on ladies, come on ladies, have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very very good, very very cheap, one pound fish," fish seller Muhammad Shahid Nazir can be seen singing at an east London market to attract customers.

Once you've heard it you can't get it out of your head, and it might just be the Christmas No 1.

Nazir's 'One Pound Fish Song' just reeled him a record deal with Warner Music, The Sun reported.

He was spotted after a YouTube video of him singing at an east London market notched up more than 3.6 million views. Not bad for a guy who was rejected by the X Factor panel.

Now Warner Music executives reckon he could be as big as South Korean Gangnam Style star Psy and are pitting him against the winner of X Factor for the most remembered hit of the year.

Alesha Dixon and US boy band Mindless Behaviour have both recorded versions of the song and Rio Ferdinand has tweeted that he's a fan.In Queen's Market, Upton Park, 31-year-old Shahid seemed like an unlikely pop star in tracksuit bottoms and old beanie.

But the moment he starts to sing was suddenly surrounded by a sea of fans.

Yolanda Riley, 20, travelled from Ashford in Kent just to meet him. She says: "I am obsessed with his song, I had to meet him. He smelt like fish but he was amazing. I'm so happy now."

Shahid says the attention is not unusual."People have come from Australia, the US, Canada and all over Europe. They don't come here to work or shop, they come for One Pound Fish Man," Shahid said.

Shahid moved to the UK just over a year ago with only a bag and the hope of making enough money to send to his wife and four children in Pakistan.

On his first day working on the fish stall, Shahid's boss told him to shout to the customers to get their attention. He didn't like shouting so made up a song.

"My customers said to me, 'Your song is very good, so catchy'" Shahid explained."They said, 'You should be a pop star, you should go on X Factor,'" he said. He appeared on this year's live auditions but was voted out.

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13. Free Iranian Student Activist Roham Barkachizadeh, Sentenced To 7.5 Years For Participation in 2009 Protests

Roham Barkachizadeh, an atomic student of Shaheed Beheshti University, was arrested by Intelligence Service officials when he had passing pre-university course in 2011.

Authorities allegedly seized Roham’s personal belongings during the raid and investigation at his grandfather house. He has been at Ward 209 of Evin prison since his detention.

It should be noted that Roham had been freed on the bail for a while, and he has returned back to the prison to serve his seven year, six month prison sentence. He as arrested because of participating in the mass protests during the unrest of the presidential election in the summer of 2009.

Roham was sentenced to seven years and six months on the charge of collusion against national security, propaganda against the regime of Iran and insulting to the Supreme Leader and previous president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, through the demonstration in Revolutionary Court which chaired by Judge Salavati on 2012

“It is obviously in violation of the Children’s rights Convention for Islamic Republic of Iran to convict Roham in the Revolutionary Court” as Human Rights activists have acknowledged in the exclusive report of Exiles Activists website by Vandad Olad Azimi.

The article 37 of the Child Rights Convention says that No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Neither capital punishment nor life imprisonment without possibility of release shall be imposed for offences committed by persons below eighteen years of age, and also notes that no child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or arbitrarily. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be in conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time.

Iran has joined to the convention of children rights since 1969. All teenagers who are committed a crime when they are under 18-years-old as Roham should be tried in juvenile court according to the article 220 of the Public and Revolutionary Courts Procedure Code of Iran and commitment to the Children’s Rights Convention.

From a translation by Kaveh Taheri, BCR Group

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14. Don't Let Mark Die in Prison

Mark has been in the Georgia Department of Corrections since 2010. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis-C prior to entering prison.

The State of Georgia, Georgia Department of Corrections has never provided the necessary drugs and medical treatment for the Hepatitis-C, even though there is a cure.

Mark has now been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and end stage liver failure. He will dead within a few months; without better care it could be weeks due to failure of other organs, a heart attack or kidney failure.

Mark should receive a medical reprieve and be released to his family immediately.

No one should have to suffer in this manner, it is cruel.

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15. Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for Singapore's policy toward Malaysia

A good muslim is one that tells the truth and seperate the lies created by extremist muslim. Anwar is a good muslim that wrote this in his blog regarding the Charlie Hedbo attack that took lives of 12 people. Here's his words:

""""""Freedom of expression and double standards

Nevertheless, much as we must defend our fundamental liberties, the fact is that there is no such thing as absolute freedom of expression, not even in Europe and certainly not in France. When the comic book on the life of the Prophet was first published in France two years ago, I had deplored it as sacrilege against Islam. Indeed, I had called for calm and rationality in response even as we should denounce the cartoons as vile and contemptible.

To my mind, the Danish cartoons, Charlie Hebdo caricatures and the rest of the tasteless and insensitive publications ridiculing Islam and the Prophet are mere manifestations of Islamophobia in all its varied guises. They appear to betray a deep-seated Freudian prejudice or animosity harking back to the Crusades.

A clear line must therefore be drawn between freedom of expression and hate crimes.

So, while I condemn the Paris killings, I cannot subscribe to the chant of “je suis Charlie” because I do not support the portrayal of the image of the Prophet, let alone caricaturing him in any way. Likewise, I do not support blasphemy against Christians, Jews or any other religion. Neither do I support the freedom to incite hatred against anyone or community on account of religion, ethnicity or culture.

The publication of the Charlie Hepdo cartoons was highly offensive to many Muslims. The French government did nothing to hold to account the people responsible for that act of profanity. Now, in the aftermath of the Paris massacre, just a few days later the magazine republished the offensive cartoons and this was officially sanctioned by the French authorities. """"""

Now he was jailed in Malaysia because of Sodomy charges. Never did sodomy had sufficient evidence to jail him but due to the lack of integrity in Malaysia police and political power of UMNO (BN) government, he was jailed after fighting the rights of good muslim faith and humanity in the name of the Malaysia people.

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16. Support Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Legislation in Wisconsin

In 1982, Wisconsin became the first state to pass a non-discrimination law based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations. No similar state legislation exists for people of differing gender identities.

Today, 18 states and the District of Columbia have surpassed Wisconsin in the enactment of vital protections for the transgender community.

Sign to show your support in the pursuit of non-discrimination legislation and move Wisconsin forward to equal rights for all.

Feel free to contact the author with any and all questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and support.

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17. Revoke Immigration Deportation for a Vulnerable Young Man

A young Man who fled his native Country at 7 under threat from his family, came to the UK with other family members, only to suffer harm and neglect and the loss of his brother to Illness. Left alone and under the Care of UK Social Services, he struggled to find a sense of Identity, grieving for his one true companion, and family member, his brother. His one goal was to regain the family member he had lost. He became involved in Gang Culture, he found himself involved in some difficult experiences and even though he lost himself at that point , he also started to build strong connection with some of his cousins and peers.

He served a short 4 month sentence, it allowed him time to reflect on his life and turn it around, this was 3 years ago, He now trains daily, to become a Professional Boxer winning Trophies and Inspiring other Young men to turn away from gang life and channel their own pain and hurt into something productive. Living as part of the Uk now for over 14 years, the UK government says he must return back to Jamaica. He has little recollection of any relationships before he came to the UK but shudders with fear and is distraught about returning to the place of birth.

Terrified about living a life of walking the fear and poverty.He is the Youth of tomorrow, as a Parent myself, I could not bear my own child to suffer in this way, knowing he sits at this very moment in a Detention Centre in Gatwick, celebrating his 21st Birthday in Handcuffs and restricted of any Liberty. He is a child victim of Adult Incompetence and Neglect, he has been reared by Our System under a Duty of Care, that no longer Cares, and he is now to bear the Punishment of being sent back to the Country that doesn't want him, could not protect him or offer him any kind of Future.

The Home Secretary, needs to look at each case in it's own merit and each person in their own Right and make decisions based upon what is Ethical and Compassionate, in relation to each individuals experiences.

This Young Man's plight needs to be rationally evaluated, and some accountability needs to occur in relation to this UK Government, Revoke his Deportation and give him the Right to a Family and Private Life, without being afraid, and help him change the lives of others as he has been doing with his OWN powerful testimony.

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18. 'The Interview' Can Make a Human Rights Difference

This Is America, where we are GUARANTEED the Right To Free Speech...

So how is it some Lunatic Fringe Government has brought us past our knees to the point a HUGE Entertainment MegaPower has pulled an $80 million project out of the market, promising to bury it.


How on Earth could a mook who considers Dennis Rodman his good friend, and has ruled no one else in his country may have the same name OR THE SAME HAIRCUT, bring 'The World's Greatest Superpower' to CAVE like this?

But, wait, there's a solution that benefits the poor people suffering under this clown-and-his-father's regime AND makes SONY out the Hero!

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19. Free Mokhtar Assadi

Mokhtar Asadi Member of the Association of Teachers of Kurdistan Was summoned to serve his sentence of one year in prison.

مختار اسدی عضو انجمن صنفی معلمان کردستان عصر روز پنج‌شنبه جهت گذراندن حکم یک سال حبس خود احضار شد

به گزارش بام،ارگان خبری بنیاد اکبر محمدی به نقل از کمپین دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و مدنی‌،امروز پنج‌شنبه ۱۵ آذر ۹۳، مختار اسدی عضو انجمن صنفی معلمان کردستان به صورت تلفنی برای اجرای حکم زندان احضار شد.

این معلم کرد سنندجی در سال ۱۳۸۵ در اعتراض بزرگ نمایندگان کانون‌های صنفی معلمان با فراکسیون مجلس توسط پلیس امنیت بازداشت شد و برایش پرونده‌سازی کردند.

در آذرماه ۱۳۹۱ آموزش و پرورش استان کردستان حکم تبعید مختار اسدی، فعال صنفی معلمان را برای پنجمین سال پیاپی تمدید کرده بود که با شکایت نامبرده به دیوان عدالت اداری حکم مذکور لغو شد.

پس از آن مختار اسدی در سال ۸۹ پس از دستگیری‌های سریالی اعضای کانون صنفی معلمان مانند: محمود بهشتی‌لنگرودی، علی‌اکبر باغانی، سیدمحمود باقری و اسماعیل عبدی بازداشت و پس از دادگاهی فرمایشی به بند ۲۰۹ اوین رفت. اسدی پس از ۶۶ روز بازداشت با وثیقه از زندان آزاد شد و قاضی صلواتی در شعبه پانزده دادگاه انقلاب به اتهام تبلیغ علیه نظام برایش حکم یک سال حبس صادر کرد.

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20. All Children Need Their Fathers

Bita is six years old from Iran, and when she was two years old moved to Sweden with her parents. Her parents divorced because of a lack of understanding, then her father sent to a faraway location by the Sweden immigration, and although Bita had perfect emotional attachment to her father, she has been far from her father.

Her father sought help to see her from the department of social services in the city where Bita lived. Bita could see her father just 4 hours per month in the one place that it was determined by the department social services.

The court gave Bita's custody to her mother because her father didn't have a resident permit in Sweden, and the immigration office is trying to return her father to Iran while they know that he is facing the risk of torture and even death in Iran. And now Bita is 6 years old and she is in risk of losing her father forever.

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21. Support the Secularization of the Global Society and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Secularism is an optimal contribution for the welfare of humans and of the environment. It sustains prudence and science for the conservation and protection of the terrestrial life.

It does not accept the lies of deities, supernatural and life after death, and thus supports a clear understanding of the life and the universe, and of the human responsabilities. It avoids the intelectual and material spill on offerings for some inexistent gods.

All religions could and should become rational associations, engaged in education, science, culture, social assistance. The rational humans must contribute to a democratic secular society that ensures a decent life for everyone on the unique planet Earth.

That is why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has to become secular.

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22. ابوالقاسم (جواد) فولادوند FREE Abolghasem Fooladvand

According to reports from inside Iran on February 13, political prisoner Javad Fouladvand was sentenced to 18 years in prison because of his membership to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and his contact and contribution to Simay-e Azadi, the Iranian Resistance TV, a round the clock satellite television station broadcasting from Europe. This sentence was handed down on February 8.

His torturers told him that they knew he made a contribution to Simay-e Azadi and collected money for it. They told him he had violated Islamic Republic law and committed Moharebeh, punishable by death.

Other reports indicate that Fouladvand’s family is in a poor financial situation. His youngest child is facing problems continuing his education and his oldest child lost an opportunity to participate in the nationwide test for entering universities. Even if he could take the test, his affiliation with a politically active family would make his admittance highly improbable.

Fouladvand officially asked that his wife would have the authority to sell their taxi or to rent it out as their only property to make ends meet. This transfer of authority was rejected by Judge Salavati as a means to bring added pressure on Fouladvand.
on 08 Feb 2014: Abol-Ghasem (Javad) Fouladvand Sentenced to 18 years in prison + 24 lashes for cooperation with MEK

ابوالقاسم (جواد) فولادوند زندانی سیاسی بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوین از سوی دادگاه انقلاب به ۱۸ سال زندان و ۷۴ ضربه شلاق محکوم شد.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، ارگان خبری مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ایران، ابوالقاسم (جواد) فولادوند روز شنبه ۱۹ بهمن ماه از بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوین به شعبه ۱۵ دادگاه انقلاب انتقال یافت و حکم ۱۸ سال حبس به وی ابلاغ شد.

فولادوند ۵۱ ساله به اتهام «بغی از طریق عضویت در سازمان مجاهدین خلق» به ۱۵ سال حبس تعزیری و به اتهام «توهین به رهبری» به ۲ سال حبس تعزیری و به دلیل شرکت در اعتراضات سال ۱۳۸۸ و اتهام «اخلال در نظم عمومی» به یکسال حبس تعزیری و ۷۴ ضربه شلاق محکوم شده است.

مجازات بغی از چند ماه پیش و با تصویب قانون جدید مجازات اسلامی به جای مجازات محاربه در مورد محکومان سیاسی اعمال می‌شود.

۱۸ سال حبس تعزیری برای این راننده تاکسی ساکن شهریار در حالی صادر شده است که این زندانی سیاسی مدت یکسال و شش ماه نیز در دههٔ ۶۰ به همین اتهام در زندانهای جمشیدیه و قزل‌حصار به سر برده است.

ابوالقاسم فولادوند خرداد ماه سال جاری به همراه فرزند ۱۷ ساله خود توسط وزارت اطلاعات دستگیر شد.

Interview with brother of political prisoner of ward 350 evin Abol-ghasem Foladvand.

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23. Free prisoners of conscience in Iran

Recently a young woman, named Reyhaneh Jabbari, was hanged in Iran. Her crime was that when she was 19 years old, she stabbed the man who was trying to rape her. The time to speak up for Reyhaneh has past. But there is still time to save others who have been wrongfully imprisoned or face a death sentence.

When you read history, don't you wish you could be present at the time of Galileo or Jesus so you could speak up for them? Well, you are alive now and these people will go down in history as Galileos of our time. You have an opportunity to make a change and all you have to do is sign this petition. Don’t let it pass you by. You have come across this petition for a reason. Don’t let the memory of your inaction haunt you when it’s too late.

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24. Save the Snowflake Babies

UPDATE - Amy Adams has advised that she is not able to intervene as Minister of Justice and that the appeal will have to be put before the NZ Parliament to change the HART Act. This petition will therefore be added to an application to the NZ Government.

On November 22nd 2014, 2,000 NZ children, frozen as embryos, are to be destroyed over the following year. This action is in accordance with the HART Act of 2004 in NZ, which prohibits them being kept any longer in frozen storage facilities without ethical approval. Their lives will be ended unless some intervention is carried out. They are also not protected from scientific experimentation under NZ law.

I have been in dialogue with my MP Jaqui Dean who has sent my concerns to Dr Johnathan Coleman, the Minister of health, who has in turn written to the Minister of Justice Amy Adams. She has recommended a course of action to bring the matter before the NZ Government.

The HART clinics have been working with the department of Health to contact parents. Time is running out for these little lives to be saved before November 22nd.

Only a ministerial action can intervene to stop their destruction in time.

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25. Stop Amendments to the Migration Act of 1958

The Australian Government says that it wishes to stop "people trafficking" and consequently the number of deaths that have occurred at sea, due to this illegal practice. But in fact the Government seems more intent on punishing those who have fled persecution in the face of torture and death, in what more and more evidence is pointing at, modern concentration camps under the guise of detention centers.

The Government still continues to deny the inhuman conditions, the torture, beatings, threats, sexual abuse and deaths. The long term consequences of depression, mental break downs, self harm, attempted suicide and the slow suffocation of the human spirit. That is why they have no concern in sending toddler Ferouz Myuddin or 300 others waiting for the same fate, back...into what has been recorded as a condemned environment.

Scott Morrison says HIS amendments to the Migration Act will make it easier to send Asylum Seekers to other countries. If Cambodia, one of the recorded highest raking inhumane countries is not good enough, then Asylum Seekers with only a 49% chance of torture or death, should be sent back to face the consequences. He wants to raise the bar from 10% to 50% and no matter that our legal system is based on the premise "innocent until proven guilty", Asylum Seekers will now have to prove, NOT TO AUSTRALIA but to the Immigration Minister him or her self, AND TO THAT PERSONS OWN DISCRETION, that the Asylum seeker is in fact "who he says he is", a refugee. This is of cause without legal assistance. The changes will also see the removal of some procedural safeguards designed to promote certainty, consistency and fairness in protection status determinations.

These changes will apply to All Asylum Seekers processed in Australia whether they arrive by boat or Plane. The changes to the Bill will also remove provisions for family reunions for asylum seekers who have previously arrived in Australia by boat, this is aimed at discouraging family members of protection Visa holders from arriving in Australia. Scott Morrison thinks that he has the answer.

The Human Right Lawyers, the Law Council of Australia, the United Nations, International options and several thousand Australians are all under miners of his own self righteousness. Do not pass this inhumane and dangerous Bill, especially into the hands of some one who does not have the ability to hear.

Please sign not only this petition but contact your own Federal Member to vote against this Bill.

You can also contact the Prime Minister on Thank you

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26. We want Canadian Titleholder Property Rights

All Canadians want Property Rights identical to Aboriginal Canadians as in the Supreme Court’s historic judgment in the Tsilhqot’in First Nation case.

The Supreme Court says (Aboriginal) Crown Land Grant Titleholder gives “the exclusive right to decide how the land is used, and the right to benefit from those uses.” but Titleholders “title is not an absolute right.”; “There’s a balancing act going on.” All Canadians Interests (vs) an Individual or Group of Canadians Interests. Government “can infringe (aboriginal) Titleholders title, for the general economic development for prosperity and the benefit of all Canadians could justify infringement of the Titleholder rights by The Federal and or Provincial Governments; but in order to do that they, “must consult adequately”, and “must get the consent of titleholders”, “must justify the projects under clear criteria”, “must have a substantive and compelling legislative objective”, must meet a “PROPORTIONALITY TEST”.  That test requires three things: (a) a government must establish is necessary to achieve a “compelling and substantial” public goal; (b) the law must go no further than necessary to achieve it; and (c) the benefits “that may be expected to flow from that goal are not outweighed by adverse effects on the titleholder (aboriginal) interest.”

Today Government Officials power and lack of accountability has turned them into bullies that actually has resulted in seniors being thrown out on to the street homeless, hard to believe but it happened to my family.

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27. Immediate & Unconditional Release for Omid AliShenas

Omid AliShenas, social activist and children's rights activist was arrested by security forces on Thursday 4 September 2014.

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28. #Free_Zied

Arrêté le vendredi 20/09/2014 chez- lui, rue Sanhaja à Khzema, gouvernorat de Sousse, Zied Younes âgé de 25 ans, doctorant en ingénierie mécatronique a été obligé sous la menace d’un pistolet pointé sur sa tempe de mener l’unité antiterrorisme venue l’intercepter chez ses parents vers le domicile de Mohamed Nacer Hadj Béchir appréhendé lui-aussi dans la même affaire et avec lequel Zied jouait parfois au foot. La maison de Zied Younes n’a pas été fouillée, les agents de la brigade antiterrorisme se sont contentés de saisir son ordinateur portable et celui de sa mère qui fut à l’occasion jetée à terre et piétinée pendant que son fils essayait de montrer aux agents de la brigade ses médicaments contre la tension et le diabète dans l’espoir de la protéger des violences policières.

Une fois Mohamed Nacer arrêté Zied fut jeté dans une voiture de police la tête couverte de son Qamis, ses vêtements de dessous très fins dissimulant à peine son corps Menotté derrière le dos et la tête toujours recouverte il se rendit quand même compte de l’arrestation bruyante et violente de plusieurs autres suspects à Sousse puis à Monastir. Ceci ayant encombré les voitures de la brigade antiterrorisme Zied dût par la suite faire le chemin de Monastir à Gasserine dans le coffre d’un 4*4 avec Mohamed Amine Sassi et Kamel Nakai. Arrivés à Gasserine ils furent accueillis par des gifles, des claques et des coups de pieds dispensés dès leur descente de voiture par les mêmes personnes qui les ont arrêtés. Il a pu distinguer l’un d’eux, brun, moyen de taille et portant une casquette et se souvient qu’un autre portait une barbiche en forme de zéro. Zied se rappelle distinctement avoir vu Mohamed Nacer recevoir une très forte claque sur la nuque suivie par un ironique : ” attends je vais te faire un massage” prélude à une pluie de gifles. Interrogés ensemble et sans procès-verbal, Zied et Mohamed Nacer menottés dans le dos et debout subirent les sévices de cinq enquêteurs tortionnaires qui se les renvoyaient comme des balles à coups de poing et à coups de pieds à un rythme tellement rapide qu’il était impossible de prévoir la provenance du coup. Puis ils furent dénudés et obligés de se regarder l’un, l’autre totalement nus et subissant une bastonnade à l’aide d’un bâton et de barre de fer. Puis avec des tuyaux et un ceinturon. On les a suspendus en poulet rôti ce qui a été difficile concernant Zied vu sa taille et sa carrure. Entre temps les enquêteurs les sommaient d’avouer avoir détenu des armes et avoir comploté des actes terroristes. Ils nièrent en bloc.

Menotté dans le dos depuis sans arrestation, Zied souffrait énormément car il avait subi antérieurement une chirurgie lourde au niveau du biceps droit suite à un accident remontant à plusieurs années. Et malgré supplications, il ne put obtenir d’être menotté les mains devant lui. Et passa d’ailleurs par la suite 90% des six jours de sa période de garde à vue menotté dans le dos. Au bout de plusieurs heures, ils furent emmenés à Tunis dans une véhicule cellulaire très encombré et non climatisé. Ils faillirent être asphyxiés. Zied y a vomi. Mohamed Nacer n’était plus avec eux.

Ils passèrent la nuit à Bouchoucha dans la puanteur et l’encombrement indescriptible, n’eurent rien à manger et ne purent pas dormir. Le lendemain (deuxième jour de garde-à vue) ils furent transférés à Gorjeni et y passèrent le reste de la période de garde à vue. Accueillis par les gifles et les claques, ils furent jetés dans la geôle de Gorjeni . Zied fut obligé à s’agenouiller menotté dans le dos durant une très longue période s’est évanoui au milieu d’une mare de sueur on lui versa de l’eau sur le visage pour le ranimer puis on le força à se remettre à genoux avec les mains levées en l’air jusqu’à ce qu’il s’évanouisse de nouveau. Il a été empêché de dormir, privé d’eau, empêché de faire ses besoins naturels à cause des menottes. Dans la geôle pleine comme une boite de sardines, un gardien a entendu du bruit. Il a alors décidé de punir tout le monde, il a ordonné d’enlever tous les matelas puis les détenus ont été obligés de s’agenouiller et ont reçu pêle-mêle des coups de partout pendant 2h et demi. Zied a été jeté à terre dans une position douloureusement inconfortable et toujours menotté dans le dos et a reçu des chocs électriques au niveau du cou et de la main. 6 gardiens de geôle frappaient indistinctement dans le tas humain jeté devant eux en même temps. Il en a distingué un qui a une crête de cheveux tirant vers le blond. Il n’osait pas trop les regarder. Il a été témoin de la torture inouïe dans sa violence d’un dénommé Oussama 19 ans originaire de Gasserine.

Zied a subi constamment des menaces d’être descendu à la cave pour être traité” comme il le mérite”. Le mercredi il a entendu des cris de femmes. Plus tard dans la journée il a vu 4 femmes : 2 voilées, une niqabée et une sans voile ramenées par les gardiens.

Les trois premiers jours, il a énormément souffert de la faim et de l’interdiction de dormir. Le 4ème jour on leur a donné des sandwichs mais son estomac a refusé la nourriture Il a entendu la voix de Mohamed Ali Jaballah et celle d’un enquêteur qui l’a torturé à Gasserine le 1er jour et qui a dit à l’occasion s’appeler Walid. Il a pu voir Mohamed Ali Jaballah avait l’œil très enflé et l’a entendu continuer à proclamer son innocence sous les coups de plusieurs personnes qui le frappaient en même temps en criant :” lève la tête”.Il a entendu l’un d’eux dire ‘’ et son œil ?’’ et l’autre répondre ‘’ frappe-le encore là-dessus ‘’. Vers minuit on lui a dit qu’il allait être interrogé à nouveau. Zied avait peur et très faim. Il a dit aux enquêteurs tortionnaires : ‘’je suis prêt à avouer tout ce que vous voulez mais ne me frappez plus je suis une ferraille humaine. J’ai subi une opération chirurgicale lourde vous risquez de me rendre handicapé.’’ Ignorant totalement ce qu’on lui demandait d’avouer Zied a demandé à l’enquêteur-tortionnaire de lui dire ce qu’il fallait avouer puis a signé le procès-verbal qu’on lui a présenté sans le relire après environ 7h d’interrogatoire à propos d’armes et d’attentats terroristes au sujet desquels il affirme ne rien savoir en réalité.

Le cinquième jour, il a été emmené à un hôpital (il croit que c’est l’hôpital Habib Thameur mais il n’est pas sûr) .Il a pu voir un médecin : une doctoresse qui lui a fait une injection de Dogmatil. Il lui a montré les bleus et écorchures qui parsemaient son corps mais ne sait pas si elle a consigné ce qu’elle a vu .Il a pu par la suite manger.

Le sixième jour il fut amené devant le juge d’instruction qui a reporté son interrogation quant aux accusations portées contre lui et l’a mis en détention provisoire en attendant. Ses avocats ont insisté pour faire consigner dans le procès verbal ses déclarations relatives à la torture et le détail des traces violacées sur ses poignets, sa nuque et ses chevilles. Ses avocats ont aussi demandé l’annulation de tous les travaux de l’enquête préliminaire en raison de la torture subie par leur client et sa mise en liberté et insisté pour qu’il subisse un examen médical immédiat avant la disparition des traces visibles de la torture. Leurs demandes furent toutes consignées dans le procès-verbal. Zied Younes est actuellement incarcéré à Mornaguia et sera interrogé par le juge d’instruction le 08 Octobre prochain.

Il a reçu la visite de son avocate au cours de son premier jour de détention à Mornaguia et lui a raconté tout ce qui précède.

Maître Ines Harrath

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29. Immediate & Unconditional Release Saeid Shirzad & Atena Faraghdani, children-rights-activists

Demand for Immediate & Unconditional Release Saeid Shirzad & Atena Faraghdani, children-rights-activists.

does addressing the miserable and wretched situation of poor children of Iranian society in accordance with the Islamic republic laws consider a crime?

Mr. Saeid Shirzad, children-rights-activist, was arrested on 2nd June 2014 at his working place in Tabriz. Back in August 2012, he already faced judicial problems; he was forced to prison by state officials to handing numerous people in East-Azerbajdan being affected by a big earthquake. He was bailed-out after 19 days and later charged for a year on probation. Reporters of Harana informed, that Saeid currently is about to be sentenced once against to court as a danger to national security.

He did not appear at his last hearing in court because he refused to put on the unhygienic and disgraceful official prison clothes. As a punishment for that, the visitor’s right of his family was withdrawn.

For the beginning of the school term, Saeid wrote a note from prison where he appeals to children of feeling with him and being in solidarity with him.


Another Iranian prisoner is Mrs. Atena Faraghdani who is children’s rights activist and painter that has been arrested in August for unknown reasons. Her house was investigated by security guard of regime. She is not in favorable conditions and her tendon was injured in an accident that needs surgery for fifth time.

A source who wanted to remain unknown, informed Harana’s reporter that there is no any information about her sentence and allegations and reason of arrestment.

This source informed, “we suppose Atena is kept in ward 2-Alef in Evin prison.

We, the undersigned, strictly oppose the arrest and sentence of Said & Atena, children-rights-activists, and demand their freedom now and without conditions.

—We request that the international human rights community investigate the cases of prisoners of conscience in Iran, and especially the cases of Saeid Shirzad & Atena Faraghdani.

درخواست آزادی فوری و بدون قید و شرط سعید شیرزاد و آتنا فرقدانی؛ از فعالان حقوق کودک
آیا رسیدگی به وضعیت بغرنج و اسف بار کودکان محروم جامعه ایران، طبق موازین حقوقی جمهوری اسلامی یک جرم است!؟
سعید شیرزاد، فعال حقوق کودک روز دوشنبه 12 خرداد ماه 1393 (2 ژوئن 2014) در محل کار خود در تبریز بازداشت شد.
سعید در تاریخ جمعه 31 مرداد ماه 1391(21 آگوست 2012) نیز در حالی که برای کمک به مردم زلزله زده آذربایجان شرقی رفته بود، بازداشت و پس از 19 روز با قید وثیقه از زندان آزاد شد. او در شعبه 26 دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی، به دلیل این پرونده به تحمل یک سال حبس تعلیقی محکوم شده بود.
بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، سعید شیرزاد که در زندان اوین به سر می برد، قرار است روز سه شنبه 15 مهرماه 1393(7 اکتبر 2014) به اتهام اجتماع و تبانی علیه نظام جمهوری اسلامی مورد محاکمه قرار گیرد.
مسوولان قضایی جمهوری اسلامی ایران از انتقال سعید شیرزاد، به دلیل ممانعت او از پوشیدن لباس فرم غیر بهداشتی، غیر قانونی و توهین آمیز زندان، به دادسرای شهید مقدس اوین برای ارائه آخرین دفاع خود، ممانعت کرده اند.
سعید به دلیل امتناع از پوشیدن لباس فرم زندان بنا به دلایل فوق، از داشتن ملاقات حضوری با خانواده خود نیز محروم بوده است.
او به مناسبت آغاز سال تحصیلی جدید در ایران نیز یادداشتی را در راستای ابراز همدردی و همبستگی با کودکان، از درون زندان خطاب به آنها نوشته است.
دیگر فعال حقوق کودک که اکنون در زندان به سر می برد،آتنا فرقدانی؛ فعال حقوق کودک و نقاش است که در شهریور ماه 1393 بدون هیچ گونه توضیحی بازداشت شده است.
ماموران امنیتی پس از بازداشت آتنامنزل او را نیز مورد تفتیش قرار دادند. او از شرایط جسمانی خوب برخوردار نیست و با توجه به پارگی تاندون دست اش، برای پنجمین بار نیاز به عمل جراحی دارد.
یکی از نزدیکان آتنا که نخواسته نام او فاش شود، به هرانا گفته است: هیچ گونه اطلاعی در مورد حکم و اتهام آتنا در دست نیست و گمان می رود که او در بند 2 الف زندان اوین نگهداری می شود.
ما امضا کنندگان متن بالا، بازداشت سعید شیرزاد و آتنا فرقدانی و محکومیت آنها را تحت هر عنوانی در زندان های جمهوری اسلامی محکوم کرده و خواستار آزادی بدون قید و شرط و فوری این فعال حقوق کودک هستیم.
از جامعه حقوق بشر بین المللی نیز خواستار پیگیری پرونده زندانیان سیاسی وعقیدتی در زندان های جمهوری اسلامی و به ویژه پرونده سعید شیرزاد و آتنا فرقدانی هستیم.

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30. Stop Female Genital Mutilation; Promote women reproductive rights

Today, more than 20 million people die each year due to inequalities in global health. More tan 150 million people face unaffordable health care costs each year. And more than 100 million people each year are plunged into poverty.

About 140 million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been cut in the 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East where FGM is concentrated.

If current trends continue, as many as 30 million girls are at risk of being cut before their 15th birthday. It’s no longer enough for any one group or country to take action. What we face is a global crisis that needs a global movement to end Female Genital Mutilation and promote women reproductive health.

The Barefoot Grannies are leading efforts to promote reproductive health, promote girl-child education, end Female Genital Mutilation and fistula. More information and videos here

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. In some cases, girls bleed to death or die from infections. Later in life, FGM can lead to complications in childbirth and increase the risk of the mother and/or baby dying. The practice also violates women's rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death. Its our duty to protect and observe women rights, end the social, cultural and political causes of Female Genital Mutilation and promote women’s reproductive rights.

Join us. #InspireChange.
Tell East Africa Governments to promote health equity for all, make firm commitments to end Female Genital Mutilation and hold promoters of this practice accountable.
The Barefoot Grannies works on a completely volunteer basis in order to change their communities. These are the women and grannies on the frontlines of change working to strengthen women’s rights, improve girls education, increase economic opportunity for women, and promote human rights in their communities. Join the by signing the petition and supporting their work and campaign. Copy and paste the following link is your browser

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Join us on October 25 for the Day of Action: We are running one mile, JUST one Mile to remind our selves, our communities, our governments of their obligations to promote health equity and to make firm commitments to end Female Genital Mutilation. Invite a a couple of friends and Run One Mile for Health Equity , share the campaign on facebook

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