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1. Rename Burlington St. to Nikola Tesla Expressway

Update Oct. 14/15: Hamilton City Council today approved the name change, to "Nikola Tesla Boulevard", conditioned on NTEC raising the funds to pay for the costs of the sign changes. See today's Hamilton Spectator article. The change to "Boulevard" was necessary to address a concern of the local Councillor, who felt that with an "expressway" designation, people might assume that they can drive faster then the road was designed to handle safely. Currently it is designated as a "Road", and we accept "Boulevard" as a reasonable compromise. Thank you everyone for your support so far.

Next, we will start a campaign to raise the necessary funds. Let's correct the great injustice to Tesla, and recognize him for what he contributed to humanity, and let's start rebrading Hamilton as a centre of education, technology and innovation.


Update Oct. 6/15: Great news! Today NTEC made its presentation to the City of Hamilton Planning Committee, and the Committee approved the proposal! See today's Hamilton Spectator article. Next the proposal goes to the City Council, on October 14/15, for approval. Council typically approves the recommendations of the Committees, but this is not guaranteed. Please keep promoting the Petition, and try to get as many additional people to sign as possible by October 14'th, so that when it goes in front of the Council, we will have even stronger support!

Let's not ease up, and let's not let this success lower our guard and resolve. Let's keep working hard, right through until the new signs are up and proudly displaying the Tesla name! Thanks everyone for your continued support.


Original: The City of Hamilton was once know as The Ambitious City! It was the industrial heartland of Canada. It was the Steel City of Canada, as Pittsburgh was once the Steel City of America. But, as the steel industry, and other manufacturing, declined, so has the City of Hamilton. It is time for Hamilton to reinvent, and re-brand itself. Just like Pittsburgh, it is time to embrace education, technology and innovation.

What better way to start than to re-establish links and association with Nikola Tesla. This man was a world famous inventor, innovator, and genius who changed the world, and influenced the industrialisation of Hamilton. His name and ideas continue to be relevant today, and are associated with creativity, education, invention, innovation, technology, wireless, electric cars, renewable energy, sustainable development, etc. Let's associate Hamilton with Tesla, and those attributes, and reinvent this city. Let's be "The Ambitious City" once again!

The Nikola Tesla Education Corporation (NTEC), is a Registered Canadian Charitable organisation, with the mission to educate the public about Nikola Tesla’s work and to inspire the youth to understand his work, and to pursue his innovative spirit and higher education. NTEC, in an effort to raise awareness of Tesla, has committed to raise funds and pay for the costs of highway and street sign changes required for the name change, so that this can be done at NO COST to the City of Hamilton. Our goal is to inspire youth, but for that we need the youth to be aware of Tesla, his inventions, and to be informed of his significant contributions to the world, to Hamilton, and to the way we live today! Think how much electrical distribution, the electric motor, and wireless transmission have made our life better. This is all attributable to Tesla. We want to make sure the youth know that, and are inspired by him. See more at NTEC

Why Hamilton? Why Burlington Street? As mentioned before, Tesla helped Hamilton become industrialised in the first place! The city of Hamilton was the 1'st major city in Canada to have AC electrical power, which was received from DeCew Falls, Generating Station No. 1. Built in 1898, DeCew Falls 1 is the oldest continuously running hydroelectric power generating station in Canada, and one of the first to recognise and implement Nikola Tesla’s 1888 invention, “Polyphase Alternating Current”. The station was built by the “Five Johns” of Hamilton (Dickenson, Gibson, Moodie, Patterson, and Sutherland). The Cataract Power Company, assembled the hydro-electric generating plant about 35 miles from Hamilton in 1898. Current flowed to the city for the first time on August 25, 1898. See The Hamilton Spectator August 26, 1898 article “Power Turned On”

The City of Hamilton prospered immensely in the early 1900’s, with major manufacturing companies being established or opening branch plants in Hamilton. The massive investments in plants in the east end of Hamilton resulted in an increasing need of workers. The population doubled in the first 14 year of the 20th century. The Five Johns were successful in transmitting the power over a great distance, the second longest transition in the world at the time. Hamilton reaped the rewards of their achievement and was known a “The Electric City”. The city advertisement of “Hamilton’s cheap electricity” attracted even more industries. The existing steel related plants quickly converted to electrical power as it was cheaper than other forms and sources of power. With the abundance of the steel from the mills, other plants that required the steel established plants in Hamilton, in the North End, around Burlington Street. And, the rest is history!

Hamilton can once again become a prosperous, relevant and growing city, an ambitious city, by embracing education, innovation, and technology. Tesla's ideas remain relevant, and even futuristic. His name is associated with creativity, education, invention, innovation, technology, wireless, radio, x-ray, electric cars, renewable energy, sustainable development, etc. Let's re-establish our link with Tesla, through this initiative, and re-establish a link with these attributes to the City of Hamilton.

Let's reinvent and re-brand the City. If we start looking at our city differently, so will others. Let's be the Ambitious City once again! Let's rename Burlington Street to "Nikola Tesla Expressway", so that millions of people that drive along the Queen Elizabeth Highway to Toronto, or to Niagara Fall, where Nikola Tesla built the first hydro electric generating station, can see our pride and ambition loud and proud!

As an added bonus, renaming only the upper portion of Burlington Street, and making it distinct from the ground level portion of the street, would also make the road safer for Emergency Service. We have been told that numerous times there was confusion as to where the emergency is occurring, on the upper or lower portion. This would help avoid confusion, save minutes when they really matter, and potentially save lives. With NTEC's stated goal of funding the costs of the change, this additional benefit would come FREE to the City of Hamilton.

The City Council of Hamilton is scheduled to hear the proposal on Tuesday, October 6'th, 2015. Please show your support by signing the below petition, and, if you can, make a pledge to offer financial help to pay for the street sign change. All donations will receive a Canadian Charitable Organisation Tax Receipt.

Please spread the word and let all your family and friends know about this initiative and ask them to sign the petition.

Thank you.

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2. Ainslie Wood Community Recreation Centre

The People Of Ainslie Wood Need And Deserve An All-Ages Community Recreation Centre

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3. Andy Hamilton: Dedicate Lightwoods Bandstand in his memory

Andy Raphael Thomas Hamilton (26 March 1918 – 3 June 2012). Resident jazz musician at Bearwood’s Corks Club the ‘grand elder statesman of the Birmingham Jazz scene’ will always have a special place in our hearts.

Thanks to the Bearwood Promoters who organise great gigs such as The Bearwood Shuffle, Bearwood has a great track record promoting live music.

One day we hope bands will be proud to say, we are playing the Andy Hamilton Bandstand.

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4. Support the Kim Family's Permanent Residency in Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has rejected the Kim family’s application for permanent residency, and stated that the family must leave Canada because Taehoon (the youngest son)'s autism represents a potential burden on social and health care. We believe this decision is groundless, since Taehoon’s condition does not require any medical care from the government.

If the family were sent back to South Korea, Taehoon may face intolerance and discrimination on account of his disability. He will have difficulty adjusting to the Korean society and school system, because he grew up in Canada since he was 3 years old. Prejudices against people with disabilities will likely mean greater limitations and fewer opportunities for Taehoon in South Korea.

The Kim family has been living in Hamilton, Canada, since 2003. Mr. Sungsoo Kim is an Database Administrator at Pattison Outdoors, Canada’s largest outdoor advertising company. Together with his wife, Sunmi Kim, he is an active member of his community, having been serving as a committee member, a youth leader, and a Sunday school principal at St. Peter Yu Roman Catholic Church in Hamilton.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim have a daughter named Bookyung (Lisa) - 3rd year nursing student at McMaster University, and a 15-year-old son named Taehoon who has been diagnosed with autism. He is currently attending Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School in Ancaster, and has made tremendous progress since coming to Canada, adjusting very well to his new home and enjoying his school life.

Hamilton Spectator:

Hamilton Spectator:

Canadian Korean Times: tba

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5. Petition to lobby Council to approve Homemaker Centre on Coleraine Rd Hamilton

Please sign this Petition if you believe Hamilton, Victoria will grow and become a larger populated city with the approval of the Klobas Property Group's $25 million Homemaker Centre on Bullocks Paddock off Coleraine Rd.

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6. Keep Prince Philip Elementary School Open in Ainslie Wood

Prince Philip Elementary School is an integral part of the Ainslie Wood neighbourhood.

We deeply believe the best interests of its students are served by keeping the school open.

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7. Save Elizabeth Bradford Holbrooks Stone Panels From Demolition

In 1954 the Canadian noted Canadian sculptor Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook was commissioned by the government to create 8 large relief stone panels for the facade of the Federal Building in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.

These works of art today are regarded as historically significant as they depict the then thriving wildlife and industry in Canada. Images carved by Holbrook include the now endangered species of the Caribou, Grizzly Bear and Beaver as well as threatened industries such as cod fishing, mining and lumbering. All once a vital part of our nations history and still today topics of relevant concern.

Mr. Vranich, President of Burlington-based Vrancor Group, bought the federal building in 2004 for a condo project, but the structure has been vacant since. In 2008 the city took back a $4 million renewal loan after Vranich failed to move on the project. In 2009, he and his company were fined after pleading guilty to breaching fire regulations by using the building to illegally store propane tanks, carpets, mattresses and wooden furniture.

On January 13th Mr. Vranich issued a permit to have the former Federal Building and its sculptures by Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook demolished. Clearly Mr. Vranich does not understand the hisotrical or cultural importance of the stone sculptures created by Dr. Holbrook who received the Order of Canada for her contributions to Canadian art.

City officials say unless Vranich is willing to negotiate removal of the sculptures, there's nothing they can do because the building is not protected by a heritage designation. The only real hurdle stopping the wrecking crew is a requirement he give the city 60 days written notice of its demolition.

We need to strongly request that the City of Hamilton designate the former Federal Building with Heritage Designation to prevent these works of art to be lost forever.

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8. Reclaim Our Waterfront, Build The Stadium There

The ticats are saying NO to redevelopment at the Rheem site aka a brownfield, due to the fact that the Pan Am stadium is supposed to be about leaving a legacy, i believe it is important for it to be built there. it would signify another step that has been taken to relcaim our waterfront from industrialization.

There are many people who will look at rheem and fail to see what it can become, therefore leaving the site to decay further. ... However, there are people who have a vision, just like when harbourfront park started to get cleaned up, people scoffed at the idea of the land being transformed into a beautiful park where families goto fish, walk, jog, rollerblade etc. Look at that park today, it is thriving, 10's of thousands of people visit it yearly and imagine if the naysayers won and that park was not reclaimed.

Where would those families go? Where would that civic pride disappear to?for our sake i hope we do not let this opportunity slip through our fingers; the ticats are suggesting 3 alternative sites for the stadium: aldershot (not even hamilton), chedoke park (NEC would not allow burlington to build a smaller stadium, why would they allow a large one?) and right by the QEW/red hill express-way (imagine how great it would be to be sitting in a seat when one of the steel mills has another burp of carbon soot, or breathing all the exhaust from cars on the hwy) when all is said and done, the best location for the city of hamilton is the rheem site!

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9. Lower Property Taxes in Hamilton

Taxes in the City of Hamilton have risen steadily. Local politicians turn a deaf ear to people who call in to complain about property taxes. Together with this increase has occurred a loss of industry, a loss of jobs, a decrease in wages, a decrease in services, such as street cleaning. Hamilton now has the distinction of being the highest taxed city in Canada.

People are being forced out of their homes because they can no longer afford to live in them. We the people must take action. We need 100,000 signatures or more!

Make your MPP stand up and take notice.

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10. Stop Hamilton Popeyes Drive Through Expansion

- Popeye's Restaurant is planning to construct a 427 square foot addition and add a drive-through window.

- Fast-food restaurants are not permitted in this Community Commercial zone (they are grandfathered in), and therefore are requesting a variance for the expansion as well as an exemption for off-street loading.

- This location is 1100' from a School and Church, zoning laws prohibit fast food to with in 1500' feet of either.

- There will no longer be a loading area for the building on site and must use Winslow Avenue.

- Entrance from Nottingham Way will be in one direction only now, as you will not be able to make a left turn from Nottingham.

- Winslow Avenue will serve as an entrance and the only exit point.

- Patrons who are unaware of the new traffic pattern and cannot turn left into Popeye's will be forced to drive through our neighborhood to reach the Winslow entrance (Nottingham to Crescent to Fenwood to Winslow).

- In addition, vehicles will also use Fenwood Avenue off of Route 33 to turn on to Winslow to enter Popeye's.

Our concerns:

- Public Safety as result of increased traffic.
- Public health, we do not want our children exposed to this unhealthy food. We have enough fast food near by.
- excessive traffic
- deterioration of streets
- safety of residents, especially our children
- increased noise, light, odor and litter pollution
- loss of parking on our residential streets
- depreciation in property value.

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11. Formula one fans united in their support of FOTA and it's cause

FOTA wants to help F1 move forward where as the FIA wants to see it's grip on power secured.

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12. Stop University of the West of Scotland Nursery Closure

The closure of nurseries at the University of the West of Scotland may force student parents at Scotland's newest university to drop out of their education if the closure of on-campus nurseries goes ahead.

The University of the West of Scotland is currently reviewing its childcare provision and could decide to shut the nurseries at Hamilton and Paisley. The review follows the creation of the new institution in 2007 when Paisley University merged with Bell College in Hamilton.

About 80 children attend the nursery at Hamilton and up to 20 staff face losing their jobs if the facility is closed.

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13. Stop the Old Firm bully tactics!

As you will have seen in the press. This season, Rangers and Celtic sent proposals to all other SPL clubs asking them to pay a 5% surcharge to distribute tickets to their own supporters for away matches.

i.e If Celtic played Hearts at Tynecastle last season. Hearts sent tickets to Celtic and Celtic sold them. The money for these tickets then went back to Hearts.

This season Celtic would only send 95% of that money back.

All of the SPL clubs disagreed with these plans.

This morning (1st August 2008) Dundee United have stated that they have had to accept this 5% charge as Celtic have told them "If you don't pay, we don't take ANY tickets!" which stands to cost United £100,000.

In other words. The two biggest clubs in Scotland are now standing together to BULLY the smaller teams out of money that most of them can ill afford.

It's time for the 10 other clubs to test the resolve of Rangers and Celtic. If they threaten to send no fans. Fine! Sell those tickets to your own fans. Create an atmosphere that is as biased as the ones you face at Ibrox and Parkhead. Or close those areas of the ground that they normally take up saving money in policing and stewarding costs.

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14. Bring the NHL Back to Hamilton

Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe are a hotbed for hockey, yet it has been 82 years since Hamilton has had an NHL team.

Do your part to help bring the NHL to Hamilton by signing the petition!

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15. NHL hockey in Hamilton

We the above signed, believe that Hamilon Ontario has consistently proved itself as a hockey town, that has done whatever was needed to regain it' s place in the hockey world as an NHL city. Regardless of past mistakes were made by skipping over Hamilton, we urge those in position, to finally see Hamilton is built on Hockey!

Our love, and respect for the NHL is not hype, or a novelty. It is as strong as it was the day Copps Coliseum was built, for an NHL team.

Let our city show, what the true benefit of your new league, and player agreement was for.

Let us show, how a small market team can flourish under this new league agreement.

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16. Opening a MEC in Hamilton

We believe that many forces (an increasingly younger downtown population, a non-stop flow of potential MEC members through McMaster and Mohawk, proximity to other similar markets -- Guelph, St. Catharines, etc) would combine to provide an ample customer base for such a location. The following cities (and their populations) could be serviced by a Hamilton MEC:

Hamilton (692,911)
London (457,720)
Kitchener (451,235)
St. Catharines-Niagara (390,317)
Guelph (127,009)
Brantford (124,607)
(Total 2,243,799)

We also believe that there are more MEC members (and potential members) within the Hamilton area than the MEC membership data suggests. Most students and temporarily employed people (grad students, medical interns, researchers) are likely registered to MEC with their home (or parents' home) address. For this reason, MECs records probably do not show a high concentration of members in the Hamilton area despite there being a large number of temporary (turning permanent) residents in the "target demographic".

You do not need to be a MEC member in order to sign... but if you ARE a MEC member, it would be very worthwhile to include your MEC member number (and update your address at

Update regarding a MEC location in Burlington:
Why Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) chose a bad location for their Burlington store.
More details about the problems with MEC's Burlington location

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17. Holloween Dance for South Hamilton High School

For South Hamilton High School students:

This dance should be approved due to the large amounts of students in favor of this activity.

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18. Skate Park for Hamilton

Feb 03, 2006

This petition is for us skateboarders who don't have a place to skate. If you live in the Hamilton meadows then you have nowhere to skate.

I have been taken home by the cops for skating in the streets when i was doing nothing wrong and recently 9 of my friends got tickets for skating in the streets. The cops told us to go skate at the local schools so we started skating at the schools and the schools got upset for no reason.

We werent destroying any property or breaking any laws and they banned us from skateboarding on school property one of my friends got a dayy of iss for getting caught skating on school property when it was asfter hours and school was out.

The reason you need to sign this is because this is not only happening in Ohio this is happening allover the U.S. and I think that since the authority dont want us to skate in the streets that they should provide us with a local place to skate as they should with all areas that dont have skate parks.

There are over 12 million skateboarders world wide who actively participate in skateboarding. We want to skate.

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19. We Shall Not Be Moved

This petition is all about convincing dealers to buy Wrexham A.F.C as soon as posible as well as telling Hamilton we won't move. If he decides that he won't sell he'll get the bulldozers on The Racecourse - we'll stand outside and won't move.

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