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1. Stop Burning and deforestation in Nan, Thailand

In many places around the world, burning is used for a quick and easy way to prepare farm lands for planting or dispose of farming waste. Since large companies like CP and Monsanto found their way to the Nan Province of Thailand, the destruction of the forest and nature in this area in particular over the last 10 years have been devastating.

Every year hundreds of acres of forest are destroyed by setting fire to it to grow the ever increasing hunger for corn. Consequently all these fields and crop waste are set on fire at every harvest. And the burning is not just limited to the farm fields, but it is common practice and even tradition to burn anything around you as way to “clean the mess”.

As the burning was limited to two or three months in the past, the blue haze is now present for most of the year. The secondary effects of deforestation and burning are rapidly starting to show as well. Increase in asthma cases, flooding, drought, heat, mudslides, etc.

There is no visible action from (local) government accept a few posters along the road. Actually a lot of the burning and farming is done within the National Parks of Nan, often right next to a checkpoint or park office. Most of the road shoulders which are government property are set on fire as well instead of cutting them. So government and law enforcement must be aware of what is happening but it seems they are not trying to actively do anything about the problem.

As I love Nan, the beautiful scenery and the amazing people that live here, it hurts me to see the destruction that is happening. I hope this petition will help to start a change for the better before it will be too late. On behave of all citizens of Nan and those affected, I Thank you for your help!

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2. End the corruption in BIEK exams

The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi is very corrupt. I and many other students worked hard but we failed. Today the breaking news is :
KARACHI: The government on Wednesday night decided to launch an investigation against Chairman Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) Akhter Ghauri after he and Controller Examinations Imran Chishti traded allegations, accusing each other of selling top positions in inter exams.

Meanwhile, the Controller Exams has been transferred to Mirpur Khas and Secretary Education Qazi Arshad and his Assistant Qamar Iqbal have been ordered to report to the Sindh Education Department.

Earlier today, the chairman and controller came face-to-face over the corruption scam at BIEK involving buying and selling of top positions in inter exams.

Chishti claimed that Ghauri was involved in tampering the exam results and issuing mark sheets without even bothering to get them signed by the former’s signatures.

A day earlier, Chairman BIEK had made a startling disclosure that the board was involved in trading of top positions in exchange for millions of rupees every year.

Both the chairman and controller admitted that buying and selling of positions went on at the BIEK.

Not only the first, second and third positions were sold but good grades were also given against hefty amounts of money.

The Board is very corrupt and is playing with the future of its students.

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3. Taxpayers demand accountability for $21 million dollars waste

On May 20, 2015, The Star published an article “Cost of audit into Senate expenses expected to hit $21 million”. It was to our astonishment and disappointment that Canadian tax payers are expected to pay for this audit.

Canadian tax payers work hard to earn their bread and butter, and pay our due taxes trusting the money will be spent in the best interests of Canadians and wisely by the Government of Canada.

Canadians do not authorize nor elect Senators into Parliament; therefore, our tax money should not be used to launch audits of the Senators' questionable spending habits. The cost of this audit should be recovered from the Senators themselves who are found guilty and the political parties which appointed them to the Senate.

We, Canadian taxpayers, are opposed to the waste of our tax dollars investigating Senators. This responsibility should fall on the political parties which appointed them.


Jaffar Hashmi
Canadian Taxpayer

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4. Set term limits for our U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress

It has come to the attention of the U.S. Citizens that we have not had in place a time limit for service in the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives.

We have term limits for our President and respectfully request the same limits be placed on the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives.

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5. Register AIPAC as a Foreign Entity & Ban Campaign Contributions

In 1992, the President of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was caught on tape bragging to a potential Jewish donor about his organizations’ extreme, undue influence over the American political system. AIPAC president David Sterner admitted to the manipulation of high level US politicians in exchange for the political appointments of Jewish and pro-Israel candidates, among other things.

Since that tape was released, AIPAC’s power has steadily risen, as evidenced by: (1) the 2005 spying scandal in which two AIPAC employees were caught red-handed spying on America for Israel, but were released with no consequences (2) AIPAC’s successful lobbying campaign for the 2003 Iraq war (3) AIPAC securing several high level government appointments for pro-Israel/Jewish candidates, (4) AIPAC remaining the ONLY FOREIGN LOBBY in America allowed to operate WITHOUT registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, as per the law!

Today, when AIPAC sends a letter demanding Congressional support for a political position, almost every single congressman immediately signs it. This has to stop! Our government should not answer to any foreign power - it is supposed to do the will of the American PEOPLE! Sign to end this illegal and treasonous occupation. Take America back from big money CRIMINALS! Thank you...

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6. Tell Bulgaria: Stop Abusing People Who Care For Animals

In Bulgaria one can get away with almost anything, even murder. There is one thing, though, one can never get away with - showing compassion and kindness towards animals.

After the scandalous institutional harassment and persecution of d-r Litov in 2013 and the illegal trespassing on his property by a lynch mob, which resulted in a brutal attack and beating of the crippled dog Borko, rescued by the doctor, it is his mother now - Maria Litova, a 78 years old, disabled pensioner, who is about to pay the price for being a responsible human being. Litova was harassed and threatened by municipal authorities on numerous occasions for feeding, nursing and rescuing stray cats and dogs, even questioned by the police, regarding her "activities". When it didn't work, the Bulgarian government cooked up a ridiculous charge against her, only to make an innocent and helpless old lady an example of how caring is wrong!

At the end of 2014 Litova was served with a municipal order, signed by the mayor of Plovdiv - Ralio Ralev, accusing her of "altering the structure???!!! of her home without a building permit". Litova lives in a small, one bedroom flat and her only "crime" is securing the balcony with a safety wire net, to protect her four cats from falling. According to the applicable national laws /Territorial Management Code/, minor upgrades, which do not change the overall construction of the building, do not require any permission whatsoever.

It is evidently clear that securing a balcony with a wire net is no different than putting up a mosquito net or a sunshade, especially if there are no concrete or masonry repairs, wall tear-offs or heavy drilling. Despite the absurdity of the charge and all the evidence of her innocence, despite the fact that there is no such legal precedent in Bulgaria, Litova was taken to court and wrongly convicted by unscrupulous Judge. Not only does she stand to loose her pension, in order to pay the attorney and court fees, but she may soon face a raid of her property by government officials and police, who will forcefully remove the safety net, exposing her pets to imminent danger.

We can not let this happen. Every single time a rogue government official or a Judge abuse their power, we must all raise our voices. It is the only way to protect both citizens and their animal companions. Things won't change in this godforsaken country, unless the outcry is international and sustained.

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7. No to Eskom's massive tarrif rise 2015

Eskom wants to raise electricity tariffs from April in order to make up its R225 billion cash-flow shortfall.

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8. Please STOP the massacre of innocent farmers

Today, 1st January 2015 the most parts of the world is celebrating the new year. But the people of Awdheegle, a district in southern Somalia, are mourning the massacre of poor protesters, who were protesting against their farms being destroyed by the livestock owners who constantly bribe the police and government forces to carry out these assassinations and transgressions to those who try to voice or protest against this injustices.

The saddest part is when the local residents sued the these senseless murderers, all the 10 witnesses were arrested by the government forces. These people have been struggling for more than 20 years in and out with war and situations of constant fear, discrimination and widespread lack of protection for human rights, even though there is a central government that is recognised by the international community, but human rights conditions in Somalia remain grim, with assassinations, targeted bombings, harassment, rape and the mass displacement of people an ongoing problem in some parts of the country, some of which are carried out by the government forces. All those abuses are contrary to human rights. Those abuses are happening to these poor and voiceless farmers every day.

Most of these injustices are not reported for many reasons one of them is Journalists being constantly under attack. For his part, National Union of Somali Journalists Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim said journalists continue to suffer human rights abuses in carrying out their work.“We have recorded the killings of at least five journalists this year, while another six were wounded. Two were killed in Baidoa, two in Mogadishu and the fifth was killed in Galkayo,” he said. “Also, there have been about 30 cases in Mogadishu where journalists were arrested. Two of them are still in jail. In Somaliland, 45 journalists were arrested.”

Ibrahim called on the Somali government to bring to court two journalists who were working for Sky FM and Shabelle Media Network, or to let them go free, since they have been held in custody since August without charges.

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9. Stop the Casino at the Source Mall in Westbury

As of December 30, 2014, the Nassau County Off Track Betting Corporation has decided that it will place a 1000 terminal Video Lottery Terminal Casino in the vacant Fortunoff Store in the Source Mall.

Residents of the surrounding residential areas are opposed to such a Casino as the area will be burdened with additional traffic that existing roadways cannot handle, increased crime due to an increase in the overall area population on a daily basis and the fact that the facility will be open 20 hours per day.

The site is within 600 feet of a senior citizen residential area as well as near over 300 private family homes, in addition to schools within a short radius.

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10. Samoa! Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

We need closure for Maria Kolotita Kirita Pune regarding her land case in Samoa. Her case went to trial in the Supreme Court of Samoa in 2003 before Chief Justice Sapolu. To date, a decision is still outstanding and well overdue despite numerous requests by Maria’s lawyers for a decision.

In March 2014, Maria’s freehold family land in Tuloto, situated in Apia’s commercial town area was sold illegally to Samoa Stationery And Books Limited (SSAB) in a mortgagee sale by Samoa Breweries Limited. Caveats that had been placed over the Tuloto land in 2002 were illegally removed by the Ministry of National Resource Environment (MNRE), a government registry office for lands and title, to allow for the sale. This was also despite a Court Order to have caveats remain as the Court had yet to deliver a decision in Maria’s case heard in 2003 regarding freehold lands.

Following Tuloto land sale, Maria’s historic family home that was on the land was bulldozed and demolished. Her parent’s graves that were also on the land was forcibly removed and transferred disrespectfully to an unmarked grave in a public cemetery.

In Septemer 2014, prominent lawyers in opposition are demanding Maria pays ST$163,000.00 for "security" costs to Samoa’s Legal System.

In October 2014, Chief Justice Sapolu prolongs his decision with further delay tactics and pressure's Maria into mediation with the children of her late brother - (former Minister of Justice of Samoa) to salvage family relationships. "Mediation now is pointless", says Maria. What’s more important now, is that there are bigger issues of law that the Supreme Court must address;

- Case Pending a decision from 2003
- Decision still outstanding and well overdue
- Unlawful removal of caveats
- Unlawful disobeying of a court order to have caveats remain
- Unlawful bulldozing and demolishing of a historic family home
- Unlawful removal of graves to public cemetery

This petition is written in the hope that:

1) Justice for Maria Kolotita Kirita Pune is served;

2) Samoan people become more aware of what is happening in Samoa regarding
land matters. If you have lands in Samoa, check registration of land titles
regularly at MNRE offices. Lands may be transferred illegally, unknowingly from
you and your family.

Please show your support and sign the Petition for Maria and her cause for Justice. This petition will then be presented to; the Samoan Parliament,
the Honourable Prime Ministers of Samoa, Tuilaepa Malielegaoi and
New Zealand, John Key.

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11. More poker tables at Jupiters Casino

This is the most horrendous poker room not only in Australia but maybe the world. When all the factors are taken in to consideration of the location and transient style city the Gold Coast is, this casino should be looking to accommodate the 1000's of thousands of visitors we get every day to the establishment. Echo Entertainment, as the name suggests, is here to entertain, yet what I see almost every day (I play poker 5-7 times per week, mostly at nights), is long lists of visitors and locals who can not play the game they would like to play.

During the weekend of the 15th-16th of November, where the hotels on the Gold Coast were at capacity due to the G20 summit long weekend, numerous other functions on, there was a list which was so large that there was a scrolling bar on the left, I had to start this petition. I heard at least 30-40 people last night lose their cool at the ridiculous 3 HOUR WAIT TIMES to get a seat. This is not entertainment Echo, this is an embarrassment.

The thing I don't understand, is why out of the two South-East Queensland casinos, Brisbane has a decent amount of tables, yet Gold Coast does not. The nature of our city, lends it self to "a great night out", for many men and woman, that includes a game of poker, however, they are so often, unable to get a game.

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12. Change City Charter To Include Ethics Reform

The American Anti-Corruption Act sets a standard for local, state and federal laws that:

Stop the bribery

The Act prevents lobbyists from donating to politicians and/or offering them any deals that could influence policymaking.

End secret money

The Act mandates full transparency: disclosure of all political money and “bundlers” who gather contributions for politicians.

Empower the voters

The Act imposes strict limits on PACs, and gives voters an annual $100 tax rebate to be spent supporting the candidate or party of their choice.

Let's Put these Ideas into Our City Charter and End Corruption Once and For all!

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13. Restore Liberia: Independence Initiative

Presidents around the world, including Nixon resigned after failing those who elected them, sparing their nation the ordeal of impeachment.

We call on Sirleaf to do the same; but if not, we as a nation are prepared to enforce our constitutional rights by ensuring our ELECTED legislatures employ constitutional remedies and act on the required 10,000 to change a referendum—an impeachment of Sirleaf.

Sirleaf has clearly abused her authority and acted unconstitutionally as illustrated:

1. Sirleaf failed to obtain congressional authorization for the over 100 concession agreements signed which has now mortgaged over 60% of our land to foreign companies. Out of 100 plus concessions, international watch bodies have declared over 90% of them illegal and in gross violations of our human rights. To this, our Liberians from our southern coastlands, to northern mountains, and every part of Liberia are living like refugees in our own country, with 9 out of 10 people subject to less than $1.00 per day, while foreigners exploit and plunder our land and invest profits from our land outside Liberia.

2. Top appointed and elected officials, including Sirleaf, caught on audio recordings expressing orchestrated and executed plots in which they have extorted and laundered 100s of millions of US currency, meant for the development and life improvement of the everyday citizens. To this, listen to audio recordings on CJJI.ORG/recordings.

3. Embarrassingly ranked #1 most corrupt nation in the world as reported by USA today in July 2013 and now # two most poverty stricken country.

4. Historical devaluing of Liberia currency.

5. Documentations from Finance, State Ministries and NSA of their signatures to pay Marc Amblard $150,000 after he was found guilty of being responsible for CDC killing during the contested 2011 election.

6. Lobbying in the US to the tune of over $300,000,000 Million USD, particularly during presidential election years, when other ECOWAS nations spent under $70,000 during same period.

7. Chastised by US State Department latest report.

8. Chastised by UN numerously.

9. Chastised by ECOWAS numerously.

10. Sanctifying an established “Corruption Clique” as described by Senator Clarice Jah; where elected officials are ordered to be paid by Sirleaf to pass bills; hence deceiving the world that government conducts investigations of improprieties

You all have sent in your reasons why President Sirleaf must be impeached. Please visit Reasons for a comprehensive list as indicated by you.

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14. Grant Visitors Visa for 2 week visit

I'm in urgent need of assistance. I have been given power of attorney, by a good family friend to apply on his behalf for a South African visitors visa, as he is unable to apply in his own country Egypt:

A) due to the political unrest, the South African consulate is not opening regularly;

B) he lives 7 hours away from embassy;

C) he is a paraplegic and is unable to go to embassy.

We have been struggling since the end of February to get his visitors visa, he needs to attend a wedding that has been postponed until his arrival. He couriered via DHL all the necessary documents as per request of DHA, johannesburg:

a) passport with 4 visa photos

b) return flight ticket

c) invitation letter

d) power of attorney

e) full itenary of his 2 week stay

f) proof of residence ( where he will be staying)

g) proof of income ( funds available)

h) full original south african visa application filled and signed by him

I) copy of south african host' id

J) proof of income ( funds available of host)

K) proof of residence ( he will stay with south african host).

As per DHA call centre + DHA website with a power of attorney I will be able to apply on his behalf due to his disability. How ever upon my arrival at DHA Cape town after a 4 hour que. Im only rudely responded to as we don't do visa's in cape town. With a suggestive "but if you willing to pay R5000 it might be able to work".

I work a full time job for a company that has a huge number of clientele, my working hours are mon - sunday 8am -8pm. When do DHA suggest I fly up to Johannesburg to submit the application ( as this is what I have been told to do) and wait 5 days and then fly back. I have approached my employer whom is not willing to do that and give me time off.

I have contacted numerous visa organization e.g. nwis visa, visa pro, visalogix, and each one are given a different reason why this application cannot be approved. We find this discriminating toward my friend with his disabilities, and the lack of compassion home affairs hav e towards people with disabilities, yet hundreds of illegal foreigners daily get entry into our country with out DHA even winking.

My friend is coming to attend a wedding, not to ask for jobs, and government grants, the lack of assistance of DHA of home affairs are putting our government organization's in a very bad light. Its unacceptable, with the lack of service, and qualifications these officials hold that occupy these positions.

I'm disgusted by the corruption within our departments that they openly ask for bribes in order to assist with something that they are actually employed to do.

Therefore im sending you this email, please direct me to someone senior enough and authorized enough to actually assist me and not waste any more of our time. We have started a world wide petition and have so far 6000 signatures of disabled organisation's putting in grievance as per regards to this matter.

I have received no responses, but just copied automated emails saying query are being attended to. Suddenly info on website gets removed but I took screen shots. Please share this with all your friends, its a matter really important to me

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15. Ban those who Bribe Government Officials

People wanting unfair financial and other advantages bribe politicians, political parties and public servants. They often do this by making "donations" to election campaigns or to individuals.

There is nothing wrong with making donations if the donor receives no benefit from the relevant government, but there is if they do.

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16. Transparence dans la gestion de nos recettes minières

Il apparaît du plus récent rapport sur les flux de paiement et des recettes minières guinéennes que seulement 13% des recettes minières sont transférées vers les préfectures, les CRD et les collectivités locales en Guinée. Les 87% de nos recettes minières sont destinées à un fonds dit "fonds d'investissement minier" dont la structure institutionnelle et le mode fonctionnement sont totalement opaques. Nul ne sait donc où sont et comment sont utilisés 87% de nos recettes minières. Ceci est un scandale.

L'opacité dans la gestion de nos recettes minières est un scandale pour nous, et ce fut une déception pour les experts de l'Association pour le Développement International (ADI) et du FMI qui affirment, dans la plus récente note consultative sur la Guinée, qu'ils sont DÉÇUS de la lenteur du gouvernement Guinéen à répondre aux exigences du Processus de Kimberley et de l'Initiative pour la Transparence dans les Industries Extractives (ITIE).

La Transparence et la bonne gestion de nos recettes minières est une condition indispensable pour mettre un terme à la corruption, garantir la bonne gouvernance, et assurer une contribution positive de l'exploitation de nos ressources minières dans le développement de la Guinée.

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17. Put a Stop to Corruption... GLOBALLY! Let's fight for a corrupt free globe!

“The Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 serves as a reminder that the abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery continue to ravage societies around the world. The Index scores 177 countries and territories on a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). No country has a perfect score, and two-thirds of countries score below 50. This indicates a serious, worldwide corruption problem.” – Transparency International

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18. Eliminate Corruption in Scotland

The justice minister Kenny MacAskill MSP stated “We know there is corruption within Scottish justice system” we find this is totally unacceptable.

The foundation of any democracy is its justice system and if parts of this system are corrupt, then we do not have real democracy.

Corruption undermines every aspect of our society and this campaign calls for compulsory random drug testing for anyone involved within the court system.

As in many other professions regular random drug testing is the norm in order to protect the public and the integrity of that profession, therefore we call for random drug testing to be introduced within specific sectors within the court system. This should include solicitors representing clients.

We believe that this will restore the public’s faith in the Scottish justice system. Therefore I hope you will sign our petition to introduce regular drug testing of those who work or earn their living from the Scottish legal system.

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19. Democracy NOW at the Folklore State Centre of Georgia საქართველოს ფოლკლორის სახელმწიფო ცენტრი

Clandestine and manipulative actions are currently being undertaken to put into place an unsuitable candidate as the Director of the Folklore State Centre of Georgia.

This is a result of yet another purge which threatens an emerging democracy. This petition calls for a clear, transparent and considered process to take place with consultation across a broad cultural community before any decisions are made.

The aim of the appointment ought to be to focus on the future of Georgian Folklore and how it is developed and represented on the world stage.

Taken from Rustavi 2 Broadcasting 26 Dec 2013
Staff rallies at Folklore State Center of Georgia
26.12.13 12:15.

The staff of the Folklore State Center of Georgia held a symbolic protest outside the office of the center today. They nailed the entrance door of the building with a banner today and presented their statement of five demands addressed to the Minister of Culture.

The staff of the center is objecting to the decision of the supervisory board of the center, which elected Giorgi Donadze as the director yesterday. They say both the staffing of the board and the election of the new director was carried out with violations and call on the ministry not to sign the decree on Donadze`s appointment.

The previous director of the center Giorgi Ushikishvili was dismissed from the position on the grounds of the violations revealed in the office by the state audit office. Giorgi Ushikishvili and the staff of the center assert that the processes are controlled by Anzor Erkomaishvili.

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20. Stop corruption in education in Zimbabwe

Let me say that those in power have a tendency of showing favoritism in our educational sector through appointing of their relatives to jobs such as teaching resulting in poor results in and for our country.

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21. Support Congressional and SenateTerm Limits

The current Congress is a dismal failure and is desperate need of new ideas, procedures, and influence.

Politicians are less likely to be focused on special interests and pork-barrel spending if they cannot stay in office indefinitely.

Lack of term limits leads to a system of seniority, meaning those who have spent the most time in office gain more power (in committees, procedures, etc.); consequently, politicians focus on staying in office, districts & states don't receive equal power in Congress, and fresh new elected officials have limited ability to make changes.

Presidential term limit of two 4 year terms was enacted in 1951 for many of the same reasons.

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22. Institute constitutional and competent courts

Since more than 30 years, American citizen and US government officials deprive the Marshallese people of competent national tribunals, an unalienable right under the DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, Article 8.

The RMI Supreme Court does not even exist and is presently run by the Assistant Attorney General of Alaska aka illegal chief justice of the non-existing RMI Supreme Court, Daniel N. Cadra somewhere in Alaska. The High Court likewise is not a competent national tribunal and is run by two American citizens as a criminal enterprise.

Litigants in the Marshall Islands are subjugated to illegal dispossessions and seizure, forgeries of official documents, involuntary servitude, and verifiable patterns of deprivations of unalienable rights in courts without rule of procedure and rule of evidence. Marshallese who collaborate with the illegal Americans who posture as judges, are given immunity by them for misconduct in public office and misappropriations of government funds and other felonies.

The security forces are either frustrated or non-existent, and the Office of Attorney General is run on a selective basis. The result of all this anarchy is a non-existing national economy, increasing crimes and abuse of children*, illiteracy, insufficient care in the hospitals**, and increase in contagious diseases. Some Marshallese go hungry, and children work in the production of copra. Because of the anarchy, where a few do as they please, while the others can do nothing to protect themselves, more than 20 percent of the Marshallese people left their country over the last 10 years.

An exhaustive document based on irrefutable evidence is available:

Since years, we attempted to convince the Marshallese government to return the Marshall Islands into the legal framework of the Constitution and institute legal and competent courts. Likewise did we address United States Government Officials who are the superiors of those who pose as illegal judges in the Marshall Islands. Our letters and evidence were either ignored or returned to us to avoid creating files. In December 2012, we petitioned the Government again with evidence of the pattern of Human Rights violations in the non-existing courts. Our petitions were suppressed. On March 8, 2013, President Loeak and some members of the Cabinet pressured the Nitijela into an unconstitutional ratification of illegal “re-appointments” of the existing illegal judges for yet another 10 years. With scant majority, the Nitijela ratified this gross violation of Article VI, Section 1 (4) of the Constitution.

*Because rape and sexual abuse by pedophile sex offenders kept increasing, the Nitijela (Congress) changed the criminal law in 2011. In order to protect the pedophile sex offenders, Nitijela withdrew the existing protection of children up to the age of 16 years, and reduced it downward to the age of under 14 years.

** In 2012, President Christopher Loeak refused to take a stand concerning the chaos in the Majuro Hospital and the misappropriation of funds by stating that he could do nothing since half of the hospital’s employees were either his relatives or his friends.

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23. Abolish Pork Barreling

Pork barreling is the appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or primarily to bring money to a representative's district. This fund is given to Legislators including Senators. This fund is also known as Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) is being used with anomalies.

They've been wasting the fund that supposed to be used to eliminate poverty, save thousands of life for medical benefits, help thousands of farmers, improve hundreds of infrastructures, build thousands of classrooms, exterminate flooding through out the country and so many more projects.

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24. Order The Henderson, Nevada Justice System to be Federally Investigated for Corruption

Please take a moment and watch my YouTube vlog titled: Match Killon Vlog Week 2: Corruption In Henderson, NV

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25. Hand over two recordings

Update: January 2015

They still will not hand over the recording of the conversation where they allege I made the threats.

This petition still needs your signatures. The police backed down and and agreed to give me their recording of the allegations soon after the Petition started but have never assisted in a full disclosure.

When the petition was growing at it's fastest at the start of September 2013 they retracted their prosecution and this cancelled my conviction and cancelled the arrest warrant. But at the exact same time mental health issued a letter stating they needed to talk to me.

So I still face what was initially why I ran. Indefinite detention and brain damage.
The criminal convictions were always just a way of eliciting the use of police resources in finding me and the cancellation of the ridiculous and unjustifiable manhunt for me does not mean I am safe.

I need those two recordings where everyone can see them in the court of public opinion and even then I won't feel totally safe but it will be a safe situation than now.

So please, for goodness sakes, sign the petition.

CQC have refused point blank to hand over the recording and are pretending they have not been asked for any other inforamtion. I have asked for all information they hold which relates to myself. I have repeated this request for EVERYTHING in all correspondence.

The ICO (Information Comissioner's Office) are as bent as a nine bob note and maintain there is no need for CQC to hand it over. Only a huge show of contempt will make them budge.

Here is the original description of this petition...


If you read the petition text, it is clear what I am asking for is a perfectly reasonable request.

I am asking for two recordings.

The recording of a police interview where an officer says what I am supposed to have said in a phone conversation. They say I threatened to randomly attack members of the public. They also say I threatened to walk into a government building with explosives strapped to my body and then blow myself up.

The recording of the phone conversation. A complaint call containing nothing remotely resembling the accusations and where I actually complain about similar false allegations in another call.

I already have one page on my website which is convincing people to sign my original petition. It gives people evidence of a lie being perpetrated against me...

This incident confuses people and I want the recordings necessary to give people a page to look at featuring a less confusing even more ridiculous invented terrorist style attack.

The background to these two items of evidence is described in the following two webpages...

I also ask for other information to be released but these two recordings are the principal reason for creating this petition.

Simply asking the government to listen to the recordings will achieve nothing.

Firstly they will ignore such requests as they don't see a need to check their facts.

Secondly (if forced to sit and listen to them) they will continue to squirm either by pretending they don't see the significance of them or by just plain lieinng about what they hear.

These recordings must be passed to me so I can upload them to my website and place them where you the public can hear them.

If I am guilty then these will nail my coffin shut.
If I am innocent then they will vindicate what I have been screaming from the rooftops since two months before this particular example of lieing by government employees.

I say these prove one instance of lieing where there have been a mass of other instances very similar in nature.

Whatever these recordings say, let's have them where you can hear them so you can make an informed decision on whether their is something horribly wrong in my case.

I beg you to sign the petition for what it's worth.

I can't guarantee they will hand the recordings over if you sign. I can guarantee they won't hand the recordings over if you don't sign.

I have had to live in hiding since August 2012 a year ago at the time of writing this. The public have to hide me in safehouses because while this problem is not addressed I can be the victim of further invented terrorist style accusations with the impunity thus far demonstrated by local government.

By stalling me all this time they have proven to you that I need this petition and that they will not do this willingly. CQC have acknowledged I have fulfilled all legal requirements for a subject access request but then have refused point blank to hand over the recording and will not discuss why this is. Lancashire Constabulary are asking for ID I do not possess and refusing to discuss the matter with me.

The whole thing could have been brought to a halt in August 2012 (when I first accused them of lieing) by listening to these two recordings if our government was not a bunch of crooks in charge of a lot of other crooks.

With the evidence I am presenting at the moment the odd person is sufficiently interested and convinced. They sign and share the post but often there is nobody among those who see their shared post who is sufficiently interested and convinced and the chain of signing and sharing is broken.

The perjury_1 page mentions suicide and people are confused by that (in their minds, it means I am mad). It also makes me sound like a scrounger and that is another reason to ignore my plight.

I need a page that interests and convinces a sufficiently high percentage of the people who see it. Thus, it will keep getting shared and go viral.

The invented bomb threat out of the mouth of a police officer with the innocent complaint phone call will leave enough people "sufficiently interested and convinced".

It's a mathematical problem and my solution is a mathematical solution.

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26. Eliminate injustice against families and children by the UK Judiciary

Background information, history:

Urgent action on this petition is required.

TODAY IT IS MY CHILDREN AND MY FAMILY TARGETTED AND ABUSED BY UK AUTHORITIES, BUT TOMORROW IT COULD BE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR FAMILY. Act now please and sign the petition to save your families. It is not the question of status or nationality, but it is the question of families and children.

We, as professionally teachers in the United Kingdom and parents of 3 children, have taken the initiative to bring to light the injustice and disrespect shown towards vulnerable families by certain members of the Judiciary and other organisations. Time has elapsed since people suffered in silence and allowed themselves to be discriminated and humiliated, nowadays, we have the right to speak and to express our opinions with regards to our freedom of living peacefully as a family without the interference of the State. Being unrepresented legally is a factor for the powerful members of society to cause degrading treatment and abuse the process. Being vulnerable can be another factor or simply because one has raised their voice against injustice. We request Justice FOR ALL. A justice which prevails in the United Kingdom but which has been abused by certain individuals to achieve illegitimate aims. It is time to eliminate this injustice and protect our families, as today, we are suffering but tomorrow it can be you. Please share your views against injustice and sign this petition to support our campaign against injustice towards vulnerable families with children

We are writing this letter in order to petition against the high level of corruption and abuse of power which exists in the UK Judiciary and other organisations such as The Secretary of State for Home Department, Local Authorities and other organizations which deal with complaints procedures (Office for judicial complaints, Judicial Appointments commission, …) based on the following grounds:

I am a mother of three children and the wife of a disabled asylum seeker in the United Kingdom. I am a UK qualified teacher who has worked in the UK for years and in this capacity, I am preparing this petition to be considered by the European Parliament. My children and myself are dependants of my husband’s asylum claim which has been refused and rejected to be decided by any court in the UK. We have submitted an application tot the European Court of Human Rights in 2011, but this has also been struck out without reasons. We are confirmed with evidence that there is a high level of corruption inside the UK Judiciary with regards to our lives and this has extended until the ECHR.

We have been deprived fair access to justice and no trial has been provided, this has been a severe violation of our Article 6 Convention Rights, Article 13 – Right to Effective Remedy and we have been provided with inhuman and degrading treatment in a country where we have sought protection.

The UK Judiciary and other associations have attempted to harm us in several ways, by preventing access to medications, assaults, manhandled, and most importantly imposed Extended Civil Restraint orders. Today we have been served with a General Civil Restraint orders which prevent us to have access to courts in order to look for a redress.

There has been use of high level of corruption, payments have been made to government agents and other organizations. Police officers have also been sent to threaten me when I was heavily pregnant last May 2012. I have also been deprived of further treatment and medication after delivery.

In 2011, an article entitled Asylum Seekers Pay for us to have a Hol was published in The Sun Newspaper without our prior knowledge or consent. The Court provided certain information to the newspaper and the Secretary of State for Home Department has also contributed to the article. This has harmed us with regards to our private information being breached and our character defamed. The legal representatives were also threatened by UK Judiciary members and left our cases.

The information about my husband was provided to Sri Lankan authorities. Subsequently, access to court was deprived which at all material times were against the Geneva Convention 1951 and against the International EU Law.

Our children were not heard by any court which was a severe violation of EU Convention on the Exercise of the Rights of the Child. There was no trial in the UK.

Our petition makes references to the following supporting documents:
1. The General Civil Restraint order
2. The Order of LJ Goldring
3. The letter sent to the court after the Civil restraint order
4. The ECHR grounds
5. The judgment of Lord Justice Laws
6. OT Assessment of Mr ismail
7. Pre protocol letter of Judicial review sent to Master Yoxall.

The circumstances surrounding our petition are:
Mr Ismail sought asylum in 2010 in the UK. His asylum application was refused, he was pressurized to withdraw the appeal and when he refused, he proceeded with the appeals to the tribunal. On January 2011, his appeal was refused and the comments of the judge were: “Mr Ismail has only cut his palm rather than his wrists”… The judge commented as such despite knowing that Mr Ismail was a mentally ill patient and therefore provided suicidal techniques to him. Complaints were made but there were no investigations. As a consequence, Mr Ismail cut his wrists in January 2011.

In July 2011, a defamatory article entitled Asylum seekers: Pay for us to have a Holiday appeared in the Sun Newspaper, online and republished by several websites and newspapers.

The Court, Queen’s Bench Division shared the information on a particular of claim to the media and divulging our private and confidential information, thus breaching our Article 8 ECHR – Right to private and family life. We were shunned and our characters were spoilt. We were ridiculed by the society.

A defamation claim was launched in the Queen’s Bench Division, High Court, and subsequently, in October 2011, the case file for the UKBA’s human rights claim was stolen from the court. Until today, our confidential documents are missing as the file has not been recovered.

IN January 2012, we were represented by Thomas Goodhead, a counsel. He discussed privilege matters with Adam Wolanski, the Sun newspaper’s counsel. They agreed between themselves to withdraw pleas of malice and breach of private information, which thus rendered the case to be struck out by Justice Eady and subsequently by Lord Justice Laws. There was subsequent abuse of powers and corruption involved in public offices by the Sun Newspaper (Newsgroup Newspapers Limited) usual methods of covering up issues.

The UKBA – Home Office also commented on the article. They were engage din corruption by sending several letters or threats for us to be moved outside London, in an area where we do not have any relatives or connections, despite knowing that our children are schooling and therefore disregarding their best interests.

Extended Civil restraint orders were imposed on us in April 2012 when Mrs Ismail was heavily pregnant. In August 2012, we were forcefully and violently evicted from our family home. Mr Ismail’s neck was squeezed by bailiff officers from Bow County Court, children were beaten and thrown out as soon as they woke up from the bed by police officers, and Mrs Ismail with the baby of 2 weeks were put out. She was not recovered from a third degree tear and recent delivery. We asked for some time to take our things/belongings, but were refused and we were out on the streets, without our belongings. The Civil restraint was issued by Rabinder Singh QC, the Home Office’s usual counsel. In May 2012, police officers attended the home to threat Mrs Ismail, who was heavily pregnant. They advised her that the UK Government know people in ECHR and despite launching cases in this court, nothing will happen. Our case sin ECHR will always be struck out without consideration.

With the Civil restraint order, the Court refused to provide us with injunctions or any support, despite cases was pending. We were thrown out form the court with 3 minor children. The Children’s services, despite knowing that the children will be homeless, did not do anything. We wandered on the streets until 6 pm on 7 August 2012 and then went to the Children services in person in Beckton London. We were then provided with a temporary accommodation in which we are currently living in as the home Office did not provide us with appropriate dwelling (OT Assessment).

Subsequently, every single application we make to the court is refused despite evidences were provided. The administrative staffs hold the application and preventing it to be decided by judges. We were sent threatening letter by the Newsgroup Newspapers Limited, their solicitors, the Home office and the court. Until yesterday 6 June 2013, we were served with a General Civil Restraint order. This order prevents us from seeking redress or remedy for any injustices caused to us. We have approached several complaints organisations but was discriminated and rejected.

Currently, the above circumstances have prevented us to have access to justice. Our lives are being interrupted and interfered by the UK authorities, they are controlling our lives. Our freedom of movement is controlled. The freedom to exercise and acquiring redress and justice has been deprived. Currently, we are unable to access to basic healthcare. We cannot acquire fee remission to seek justice. Children as innocent members of society have been given degrading treatment. We have been intimidated and humiliated. We are unable to fulfill our basis needs.

We have been forbidden to work and earn. We have been deprived of catering for our family and lead a normal family life. Day by day, we fear that someone will put us out on the streets or throw us out. If we go to court, we have been warned that we will end up in imprisonment (Article5), we are unable to approach the court for any violation or urgent circumstances.

The UK has abused the CPR 3C – Civil restraint, this CPR is incompatible with the convention obligations. They have abused and used this as a trump card to harm and cause maximum damages to Asylum seekers’ families or others in the UK who have brought legitimate and lawful clams with merits.

The Children despite being British born (since 6 years) have no identity. They have been kept as stateless for 6 years (elder), 4 years (second), and 10 months.
As a result of this situation of being victim of corruption and degrading and inhuman treatment on us as asylum seekers with 3 children, we would appreciate your approval of our petition.

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27. Full inquiry into Police Corruption in Victoria

Corruption in the police force is leading to wrongful convictions and even imprisonment of innocent people.

Tampering, destruction and falsifying of evidence is common practice, and condoned by many divisions of Victoria Police.

The corruption has gone unchallenged for almost 20 years. It's time for it to end.

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28. Salary Reform for Elected Leaders

Do you know what federal politicians and cabinet members actually earn every year?

Here is a breakdown:

• Congress members (Representatives and Senators): $174,000;

• Senate and House Majority/Minority Leaders: $193,400;

• Cabinet members: $199,700;

• Speaker of the House: $223,500;

• Vice President: $230,700;

• President: $400,000.

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29. Urge the Alberta Government to protect the rights of Injured Workers, and amend the Workers Compensation Act

Previous to CIWAA's inception the WCB and the Government have relied on Injured Workers inability to organize and remain fragmented leaving many voices without a united message.

We must unite all the Injured Workers under one group and one message. That group is CIWAA and that message is We will not allow WCB to deny legitimate claims of Injured Workers in order for corporate Alberta to benefit with the lowest WCB premiums in Canada at Injured Workers expense.

NOTICE: The name and address of every person who signs this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is in proper form to be presented to the Legislative Assembly.

To Contact Injured Workers:

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30. Sanjay Dutt must serve his prison sentence like anyone else

Sanjay Dutt is one of India’s best and most distinguished actors. However this should in no way influence the way in which he has to face justice for a serious crime he has committed. There cannot be a system in India where the privileged can escape punishment.

He has been convicted of the offence of using his privileged position to arrange a safe venue for a cache of arms and explosives that had been received from Pakistan by the Mumbai underworld to organise the serial blasts in March 1993 that killed 257 innocent people and seriously injured another 713. Whether or not he knew what these gangsters/terrorists were going to do with the weapons and explosives has not been proven, but the undisputed fact is that he knew that he was helping illegally procured firearms and explosives be procured and distributed by criminals.
His conviction has been upheld by the Supreme Court, and he has been convicted to 5 years imprisonment.

Sanjay Dutt and his family are very privileged parts of India’s upper class elite, with very powerful friends. His late father was a successful actor turned politician, as is his mother. His sister is a Congress Member of Parliament for Mumbai North Central.

There is a powerful push underway, orchestrated by connections of Sanjay Dutt to have him pardoned by the Governor of Maharashtra, B Shankarkand, (who apparently has the power to do this). The Governor of an Indian state is essentially a political appointee of the ruling party, and therefore there will be considerable pressure on the Governor to grant pardon to Sanjay Dutt.

This petition, directed to the Governor aims to bring together the voices of persons in India and around the world who think there should be ONE RULE OF LAW for all, and that the rich, famous and well-connected should not be able to circumvent the law in any way.
For further insight into the issues at stake for India, please read:

- Pardon Cry smacks of Law for the privileged - by Swapan Dasgupta -

- Rebuttal of Markandey Katju’s arguments in favour of pardon of Sanjay Dutt -

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