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1. Keep All Animals Safe

Did you know most pet store inspections are only looking at dogs and cats? Quoted here from, “Please note, however, some licensing inspections may only cover the care of cat and dogs (or just dogs).”

This means many other animals could be abused and they are not checked on my inspectors who are supposed to protect the animals.

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2. Lobsters have feelings, too

Have you ever been into a restaurant or stores that has live lobsters in tanks or in a tank and felt sickened and upset about the thought that these wonderful, interesting creatures will, at some point, be killed and eaten? You may have even contemplated the idea of buying one and then releasing him/her back into the sea.

However, although buying one or a few of these poor creatures may save the one/s that you pay for, you will be paying money to go to support more abuse and cruelty towards lobsters if you do this.

Lobsters, despite what you may think, are actually quite intelligent creatures. There is even one idea around that they may actually be able to escape traps.
Lobsters also have very advanced nervous systems. In fact, it has been said before that they will continue to feel pain until their nervous system has been destroyed.

The traditional way of killing a lobster, in many parts of the world, is to plunge them, alive, into boiling water. Even when they are killed quickly by electrocution, they still feel pain. They normally take just five seconds to die but, if as I have said above, lobsters have very advanced nervous systems, they could still be in quite a lot of pain for those five seconds that it takes to kill them in this way. Also, taking a life needlessly, no matter how humanely it is done, is still one more life lost tragically due to the brutality and selfishness of human beings. Violence is violence is violence.

Did you know that animal cruelty has been connected to violence against human beings? Many slaughterhouse workers have been to commit violent crimes against humans. Coincidence? I think not...
Also, did you know that Rod Ferrell, the guy who thought he was a vampire and murdered two innocent people needlessly, may have actually broken into an animal shelter and mutilated puppies? Coincidence? Again, I think not...

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3. Save the Pigs

Signers, please be civil when you sign this petition. This school has already had quite a lot of abuse directed at it due to the pigs's plight and they do not need any more of this. Hate, abusiveness and rudeness will not get us anywhere with this campaign.

Peasenhall Primary School has bought three piglets as part of a project to teach children about how food is made and, presumably, about the food chain as well. The project has many other benefits, such as getting the children outside in the fresh air and having work together. However, there is one small downside. THE PIGS ARE GOING TO BE KILLED AND EATEN!

They were bought from a local farmer and have quite a nice pen but, unless the school halts its plans to send them to slaughter immediately, they will, probably, be packed up in a cramped, filthy truck. They may get a limb or more stuck in the door/s as they will, almost certainly, be packed with very little thought or care. They will then be taken on a journey that may mean that they will be given little or no food or water to a slaughterhouse, where they will, likely be paralysed using a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and air or some other inhumane method/s before having their throats cut. It may then take them minutes to die.

I would suggest that the school implants a project that will be about growing vegetable or even fruit produce instead. If the people who own the property are okay with this, they could even see about going down to a local farm or garden and help out there, for a learning project. At least that would mean that they weren't purposefully having innocent animals killed.

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4. Stop Organ Harvesting in China

Tens of thousands of illegally imprisoned Falun Gong believers have been used as a living organ bank, killed on demand to fuel China’s lucrative organ transplant industry, as outlined in 'The Killing Rooms', a special coverage report by The Epoch Times.


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5. Put a Humane force in Las Vegas

Many states have a NSPCA humane force A.K.A animal cops. Las Vegas does not have one. We need one desperately. We need one NOW! The abuse has become so bad that even my next door neighbors are doing it.

It seems left and right animals in Las Vegas are hurt and abused for no reason except for a persons sick fantasies. I'm not asking for money im just asking for help so if you can contact any major officer (mayor, governor, president etc.) please send this to them.

I may be only 15 but this is what I want to do, defend animals of Las Vegas and let them have a good life.

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6. Concern, Compassion & Un-Common Sense for Canada

The Marihuana Medical Access Division of the Canadian Government is archaic, wasteful, inefficient, and incapable of serving those who depend on it. Police have shut down Compassion Clubs in every province outside BC. They provided OUR ONLY SOURCE for a SELECTION of high quality, safe, effective, organic, medicinal cannabis products ~ the government DOES NOT!

MMAR applications are long, complicated, multi-part paper forms which have to be filed and re-filed ANNUALLY! Most patients who obtain a license WILL NEVER BE ANY BETTER! Why complicate and bog down an already horrendous process by repeating the unnecessary? Do they assume if you don’t re-apply that you have died? The doctor provides a prescription, the onus should be on him to modify it, if required, or stop it. Once approved, additional “paperwork” should be the exception – NOT THE RULE!

Patients and growers apply – AND WAIT – for months, or years! Many forms are returned for reasons that neither the patient NOR the doctor can figure out…they tell you there is a problem, not what it is. The BEST case scenario today is a 3 month MINIMUM before you can even ask about the status of your application. If you make an “inquiry” before the 10-12 week window they quote, you are told that IT WILL BE DELAYED!

Our government PRODUCES & DISPENSES SUB-STANDARD MEDICATION. Cannabis replaces MANY different medications and relieves 200 ailments and symptoms. They offer only “cigarettes” or seeds; one Grade (B); one strain (Indica); process it like tobacco to further reduce its efficacy; and sell it to us. They sell a lower grade product for about the same price as the “criminals” on the street offer.

Imagine the government closing pharmacies, making you apply for your medicine, making you wait AT LEAST 3 MONTHS to see whether or not you can have it, if you ask about it before then IT WILL BE DELAYED, and IF they let you have anything it will only be aspirin and YOU HAVE TO BUY THE STUFF THEY MAKE!

This absurd situation has precipitated the ABSOLUTE NEED for Compassion Clubs. If there is a problem with ONE NEW outlet, raid them. The more established, responsible clubs require letters from doctors – verified. They do not allow non-members inside or loitering outside. They dispense only what is allowed and no more than 2 weeks supply. They keep records and conduct business in an ethical manner.

The government approves licenses if you provide the correct form, sworn to, that you have a medical problem but can’t get a doctor to fill out their form. Is that so different from a notary? That problem is the person lying or the notary swearing to it >>NOT THE COMPASSION CLUBS!

The Canadian Government does not know what it is doing. They should ask for help from the network of Compassion Clubs, growers, and patients. We possess the first-hand knowledge, experience, skills, and insight needed to make this right. WE WANT TO HELP – JUST ASK!

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7. Intention for the Well Being of ALL

To my friends and global family,

It is time to join together to declare a new vision for our world. My intention is to have ten million people add their signature and energy to help transform human consciousness.

If you feel moved to help in this endeavor, please share the following declaration with others.

Thank you.

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8. Support a Woodstock National Holiday

As an original Woodstock Survivor who sat in the mud with 500,000 brothers and sisters the weekend of August 15, 16, 17, 1969 I witnessed first hand the love , the sharing, and the sacrifice of those that attended. A half million people were galvanized in the mud together. Here the seeds of brotherhood and compassion were sown which healed this Nation.

It's time for us to return to these core values once more. a National Holiday will help us focus on what this histroric event has come to symbolize.

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9. Encourage Animal Care and Compassion from Childhood

Animals are part of our world and deserve to be considered and cared for in a responsible and compassionate way. If parents and educators teach care and compassion for all living creatures to the children and the youth, we will create more humane generations for the future. This will improve conditions in general. It is a well known fact that people who care for animals, also care for people.

Compassionate leaders like Mahatma Ghandi and Albert Schweizer and Saint Francis of Assissi all agreed that you can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals and its children.

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10. Innocent Must Stay Campaign

June 8, 2006

Innocent Nkung, a teacher and human rights campaigner, arrived in the UK in May 2005 after fleeing for his life from the "Democratic" Republic of Congo where he had been demonstrating for free elections and for an end to the large-scale attrocities and human rights abuses that the Congolese people are currently facing.

He is being supported by local people who have helped him in his campaign to stay in the UK. We have been raising awareness of the issues in Congo by arranging Congolese social evenings for the community with traditional food and music.

Here we have discussed such topics as the reasons for the poverty in Africa and the refugee crisis and why globally we are all responsible. Innocent has given so much to our community in terms of devoting the majority of his time to volunteering for good causes and in providing unpaid french tuition to school children and we continue to support him in his aim to present 5,000 signatures to the UK Home Office to support his application for asylum.

He has also gained the support of our local media, our MP and the UK Respect Party. At present we have 3,000 signatures and we hope to reach our target by the end of July when we shall present them to the Government.

If we fail and the Government decide to ignore all the current evidence of what awaits those deported back to Congo, this warm and amiable man will certainly be murdered upon his return.

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11. Abolish The Death Penalty in the USA

A petition to abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S.

Please abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S. We are supposed to be a land of forgiveness and freedom. What ever happened to the morals in our Great country? The Bible states, "Thou shall not kill." I can not find where it says ,except for government. We can not, and will not stand for the State sanctioned murder of anymore human beings.

Please find the compassion in your heart and souls to put an end to the heartbreak and suffering of all the families and friends of the victims on both sides.

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