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1. Make our students safe

Due to the past school violence and with the most recent tragedy in Sandy elementary school, leads me to have concerns with the students’ safety.

We have seen innocent people die by the hands of mentally ill persons with access to deadly weapons and that needs to be stopped before it gets to our doorstep.

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2. Child Care Resources & An Infrastructure to Create Over 9.7 Million New Jobs

Our groups, the Universal law of Economic Observation, etc. are about combining the economic and military histories of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Americas or West into a new scientific perspective involving the marketing warfare strategies and tactics of global markets, through the simultaneous implementation of the genetic and molecular sciences to immediately begin the processes of creating over 9.7 million new tech jobs.

This process is best defined @, and

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3. Support the Puente Project

The Puente Project is an academic preparation program that for more than 25 years has improved the college-going rate of tens of thousands of California's educationally disadvantaged students. Its mission is to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who:

•Enroll in four-year colleges and universities
•Earn college degrees
•Return to the community as mentors and leaders of future generations.

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4. Save Rutgers College classes '09 and '10 graduations

The several colleges that made up Rutgers were always granted their own ceremonies with their own traditions. When these colleges were combined into the School of Arts and Sciences future generations lost this privilege.

While future generations may not have individual colleges there are still classes entitled to a separate ceremony for each college.

This amalgamation also denied the opportunity for the Rutgers College classes of 2009 and 2010 to claim the Rutgers college ring that they are entitled to as well.

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5. Introduce properly qualified MD medical teachers in Indian medical colleges

British Medical Journal last year, highlighted the deplorable situation of most private medical colleges in india as medical teachers are MSc people with very poor medical education standards. most of indias 187 medical colleges do not have proper or adequate infrastructure, qualified MD staff, or facilities, while at the same time charged heavy capitation. most of the professors, associate professors and lecturers shown by the colleges worked on part-time basis -as if medical study is done by distance education.

The report also depicted a shortage in skilled non-teaching staff, such as essential laboratory support staff This was coupled with a deficient physical infrastructure and shortage of equipment in almost all the colleges and sharing or instruments between medical colleges as in medical colleges at chennai. Most obvious deficiencies were in the number of beds available for teaching and in clinical materials.

Many colleges flouted the norms of recognition set up by the Medical Council of India (MCI) that has always reiterated staff shortages to be not more than 5 per cent. However, it is worth noting that these same colleges were recognised yearly by the MCI and ministry of health.

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6. Erring medical college teachers in india should be taken to task by MCI

Medical Council of India (MCI) has recommended "large-scale" punishment of erring medical teachers across the country and asked for their names be removed from the Indian Medical Register maintained by it.

In a list submitted by the MCI 65-medical teachers were blacklisted for being found to be employed in more than one medical college at the same time. While a large number of medical teachers are from the Andhra Medical Council, the list has teachers from Tamil Nadu Medical Council, Hyderabad State Medical Council, Orissa Medical Council, Maharashtra Medical Council, Karnataka Medical Council and Tranvancore Medical Council.

And while this is the largest number of medical teachers to be ever `blacklisted'. Meanwhile, for the listed medical teachers, their names will be erased temporarily up to July 31, 2007, and they will not be eligible to be counted as a teacher at the inspections to be carried out by MCI, a large number of doctors and PhD nonmedical teachers employed abroad, claim employment as medical teachers in more than one medical college at the same time. Names of the doctors shown as medical teachers in a particular medical college are getting repeated in the inspection reports of new medical colleges. Ultimately it is the innocent students who get admissions into such medical colleges where the minimum required number of medical teachers are shown in such a dubious manner that they suffer.

Patients who may be treated by such half-baked students who would not get their exposure and training with the `small' number of medical teachers available to them.

To curb such unscrupulous tendencies, MCI claims to be taking stringent action including introduction of the `declaration forms' to be signed by doctors, claiming employment as medical teachers in any given medical colleges and that they also remain present with their declaration forms at the time of the conduct of the inspection of that college.

Also, provision for endorsement by the dean/principal of the medical college should be introduced in the declaration form .

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7. Banish Medical Council of India

Indian Medical Council regulates medical education, including the establishment of new medical colleges and the number of students colleges can admit, and has enormous power and is controlled by Indian health minister.

Many new private Indian medical colleges have inefficient unqualified non medical faculty as they come cheap... use non resident indians to cheat MCI, are corruptly managed,cheat MCI on staff availability. Running medical colleges--many of which are known to be controlled by politicians of different parties-it is a big business since billions can be made from students seeking admission.

MCI presidents are known corrupt characterless individuals who do large scale bungling in medical admissions yearly. Evidence exists on manipulation of inspection records of two medical colleges in Pune and Ghaziabad for granting them recognition and many more in chennai/pondicherry.

Minutes of the council meetings showed that all critical decisions were concentrated in ex MCI president Dr Desai's hands. Dr Bhalla presented details from an income tax raid at Dr Desai's house last year, which showed unexplained receipt of 6.5 million rupees (£95000; $136000) via bank drafts in the names of his wife, daughters, and himself from several people in Delhi.

Supreme court judges in india ruled that Dr Desai had misused his position as president of the Medical Council of India. "We cannot allow an unscrupulous and corrupt person to function as the president of the MCI observed Justices Chopra and Kumar and directed that Dr Ketan Desai shall cease to hold office of president of the MCI with immediately but still his irongrip remains.

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8. Say NO to reservation in higher education

May 18, 2006

HRD Ministry Government of India is planning to increase the reservation for backward classes from 22.5% to 49.5% in central universities and colleges from next academic year.

It means national universities and colleges will have 50% student just on the basis of their caste not on the basis of their merit. This is definitely going to ruin our prominent education system.

This further may lead to reservation in private sector jobs and other sectors like defense and judiciary.

So please raise you voice against this motion and say NO to reservation in schools and colleges.

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9. Change Certificate of Attendance for students in Special Education to an IEP Diploma

August 31, 2005

Currently in Alabama Special Education students are required to take and pass four years of English, history, science, and math based on their Individual Education Plan(IEP).

Therefore they deserve to receive upon graduation a diploma based on their IEP not a certificate of attendance which means I attended school for 12 years. With the NO Child Left Behind these children were pulled out of their self-contained classes and put in regular classes like algebra, biology, american history etc. and was expected to pass them.

There are many colleges that have programs for Special Needs Children as long as they have some type of diploma not a certificate. When they apply at colleges with a certificate will be instructed to take and pass the GED which is harder than regular school so they need their own diploma.

Many states give these students IEP Diplomas.

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10. Lower The Costs Of College Tuition

This petition was created to lower college tuition costs. It is to stop colleges from raising their tuition every year. Instead, all colleges would remain at certain fixed rates, each year. This would only change if a college were to have financial problems, then that certain college may raise it's tuition as needed.

College tuition needs to be lowered so that more common folk may be able to attend, because they are the ones that are always the most ambitious and want to attend college the most.

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11. Change Central Valley School District Grading Scale

Central Valley School district's grading scale is ridiculous. The bottom of an A is a 94% rather than the traditional 90%. In the western united states, this is a challenging grade scale to top. Colleges do not consider grading scales when accepting students. Many of my friends have chosen to enlist because Colleges won't accept them due to grades that would be a whole letter higher if the scale was changed.

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12. Abolish military obligations for Polish graduates

This peition is to abolish military obligations of any king for the graduates of Polish universities and colleges. Poland is forcing MSc recipients to military traininig on higher-rank level which is unacceptable both within NATO and the European Union.

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13. Ban grading in academia

This petition is to ban grading in colleges and universities as unconstitutional and leading to corruption.

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