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1. Replace Ben Affleck In Man Of Steel Sequel

Heath Ledger didn't die for this!

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2. Help Find Ben Needham


Ben Needham from the UK was abducted whilst with his family on the Island of Kos, in Greece in 1991, aged just 21 Months. Much evidence and leads arose but were never properly investigated. To date, Ben has not been found.

Please visit our Facebook Page at and our official website at

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3. Pour un Procés de jugement des Trabelsi

Les membres du clan "Trabelsi" par leurs crimes commis contre le peuple Tunisien doivent être jugés afin que justice soit rendue et afin d'honorer les vies de ceux qui sont morts pour cette cause.

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4. Don't let Cousins back

There have been numerous petitions calling for the re-instatement of Ben Cousins to WCE, however I'm yet to see one for him not to return to WCE.

In the interest of not being biased I believe all those who don't want Cousins to return should have a voice as well.

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5. Preserve Benevolent Society site, Ocean street and Wellington street in Bondi

Planned redevelopment of the Benevolent Society site between Ocean street and Wellington street in Bondi.

This site currently contains heritage listed buildings and trees, 2 schools, 2 child care centres and a church.

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