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Stop the Trophy Hunt - Faltering Light

Petition published by Stopthetrophyhunt on Mar 05, 2010
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Target: The Govenment of BC, Canada
Region: Canada

Petition Background (Preamble):

March 1st 2015 Update - Sadly the BC government has opened the 2015 trophy hunt for bears.

The second edition has been delivered to Premier Christy Clark via Pamela Martin, Minister Terry Lake and Minister Thompson during 2012. Behind the scenes we have worked with MLA Jane Thornthwaite to try and effect change. Sadly this effort has yet to yield results for Ministers Thompson and Lake still strongly support unconditional Wolf and poorly managed trophy bear hunting.

Imagine making a difference. The Faltering Light visual petition is a high quality book containing an open letter to the BC government demanding that trophy hunting of bears is stopped. It contains insightful essays from leading environmentalists, stunning sepia toned bear photographs and 1,000s of signatures from British Columbians supporting the termination of the trophy hunt. Please join us in signing the book today.

This petition is supported by:

The Spirit Bear Youth coalition, Pacific Wild, Bluewater Adventures, Bears Matter B.C., Ursa Freedom Project, NaturalArt - Brad Hill Photography, Sierra Club B.C., Ocean Adventures, Maple Leaf Adventures, Valhalla Wilderness Committee, Wilderness Committee, Ecojustice, The BC Environmental Network, Knight Inlet Lodge, Forest Ethics, Grizzly Bear Ranch, Cold Coast Photography, Wildernessprints, Rainforest Kayak Adventures and John Marriott Photography.


The Petition - Dear Premier Clark:

Please stop the trophy hunting of bears in British Columbia.

Sincerely, the undersigned petitioners.

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