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Protect the sovereignty of Vietnam

Petition published by thanhthanh8873 on Jun 04, 2011
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Target: protection of Vietnam's sovereignty
Region: Vietnam

Petition Background (Preamble):

Protect the island country-VietNam.

Vietnam became independent from China in AD 938 after their victory at the battle of Bạch Đằng River. Successive dynasties flourished along with geographic and political expansion deeper into Southeast Asia, until it was colonized by the French in the mid-19th century. Efforts to resist the French eventually led to their expulsion from the country in the mid-20th century, leaving a nation divided politically into two countries. Fighting between the two sides continued during the Vietnam War, ending with a North Vietnamese victory in 1975.

Emerging from this prolonged military engagement, the war-ravaged nation was politically isolated. In 1986, the government instituted economic and political reforms and began a path towards international reintegration. By 2000, it had established diplomatic relations with most nations. Its economic growth has been among the highest in the world in the past decade.

According to Citigroup the high growth will be continued and based on Global Growth Generators countries Index, Vietnam got the highest Index among 11 countries. These efforts resulted in Vietnam joining the World Trade Organization in 2007. These economic reforms also introduced inequality in many spheres of life in Vietnam such as income distribution and women's rights.


Protect the island country-VietNam.

The Protect the sovereignty of Vietnam petition to protection of Vietnam's sovereignty was written by thanhthanh8873 and is in the category other at GoPetition. Contact author here.

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