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Support CCSVI Research in Australia

Petition published by Donald Calder on Jan 28, 2010
2209 Signatures 
Target: The Health minister of Australia
Region: Australia

Petition Background (Preamble):

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency... it’s a chronic (ongoing) problem where blood from the brain and spine has trouble getting back to the heart. It’s caused by stenosis (a narrowing) in the veins that drain the spine and brain. Blood takes longer to get back to the heart, and it can reflux back into the brain and spine or cause edema and leakage of red blood cells and fluids into the delicate tissue of the brain and spine.

Blood that stays in the brain too long creates “slowed perfusion”...a delay in deoxyginated blood leaving the head. This can cause a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) in the brain. Plasma and iron from blood deposited in the brain tissue are also very damaging.


This Petition is to get CCSVI researched in Australia and to help the 20,000 people in Australia with MS.

This petition will go to the MS Society of Australia, The Prime minister of Australia, The Health minister of Australia and to who ever will listen. Thank you for your time with this fight to help your follow Aussie's

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