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Stop Ontario BSL

Petition published by kayla on Feb 02, 2009
258 Signatures 
Target: Breed Specific Legislation
Region: Canada

Petition Background (Preamble):

Most people, who are unfamiliar with the American Pit Bull Terrier, falsely believe that they are dangerous dogs. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls have a bad reputation because of some mean people who have abused their dogs and trained them to be aggressive.

Pit Bulls are actually very stable, intelligent, and highly trainable. They are strong athletic dogs, and they require a guardian who is responsible and will give them plenty of exercise and training. They are very loving and loyal.


Please help stop BSL. Don't ban the breed we're just asking to keep them legal but with stricter rules like: keeping your pit bull leashed, keeping your pit bull muzzled at all times while in the community, pit bulls must be reg'd to your local animal control and micro chipped, all pit bulls must receive a temperament evaluation once a year.

Please help save the APBT.

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