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Stop Lebanese Internet Censorship Act

Petition published by christian on Mar 13, 2012
Closed on Dec 31, 1969
102 Signatures 
Target: Lebanese Parliament
Region: Lebanon
This petition has been closed.

Petition Background (Preamble):

The Lebanese Minister of Information has submitted a draft law concerning electronic media (internet). The law and its articles are very vague in what it does or who it protects.

The Lebanese Constitution protects our rights of free speech and expression through any medium available. This law is in direct violation with our constitutional right to express ourselves free of censorship, intimidation and fear. To read the entire law and find out more please visit the links below.

Please sign the petition to help keep the Internet free!

(Minister behind LICA) : @Walid_Daouk

Tweet him this message :
@Walid_Daouk I urge you to withdraw the Lebanese Internet Regulation Act. #Lebanon


We, the undersigned, with all due respect, call on the President of the Republic of Lebanon, The Prime Minister of Lebanon, The Speaker of the House, all Ministers and Members of Parliament, to vote against the Lebanese Internet Regulation Act.

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