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Stop CHP Presence Being Withdrawn from EDH Schools

Petition published by Victoria Joseph on Feb 09, 2012
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Target: Commander of the CHP Valley Division

Petition Background (Preamble):

As you may already know, the CHP vehicles that you occasionally see when parents are dropping and picking up their children at public schools in El Dorado Hills is scheduled to end soon.

This CHP service is provided by senior CHP volunteers. However, we have been told by a senior CHP volunteer that an alignment is occurring within the Rancho Cordova CHP office. There is no Senior CHP volunteer program in Placerville so the program will come to an end in El Dorado Hills.

We firmly believe that an end to this program could reduce the safety of our neighborhood not just for traffic related violations that may occur when children are present, but also as a deterrent for non traffic violations (out of area burglars and/or sex offenders that might be casing the neighborhood).


We, the undersigned, call on local law enforcement to reconsider your decision to withdraw CHP presence at schools within El Dorado Hills. We believe this presence is critical to the safety of our children and communities.

The Stop CHP Presence Being Withdrawn from EDH Schools petition to Commander of the CHP Valley Division was written by Victoria Joseph and is in the category Law Reform at GoPetition. Contact author here.

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