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Stop animal sacrifice Nepal

Petition published by Animal Welfare Network Nepal on Jan 29, 2010
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Target: Government
Region: Nepal

Petition Background (Preamble):

In Nepal annually hundreds of thousands of animals are killed in the name of culture and religion, some in an extremely cruel manner.

After 200.000 animals were killed at Gadhimai festival in 2009, the Animal Welfare Network Nepal launched a 5-year campaign aiming at a phase wise ban on blood sacrifices. We call on the government to support our efforts.


We, the undersigned, call on the government of Nepal to ban animal sacrifices and cruel sports. Nepal in the past banned human sacrifice and widow burning. We feel the time has come to ban blood sacrifices for the following reasons:

1. It hurts them;

2. It hurts us humans;

3. It strengthens vested interests;

4. It contradicts the spirit of laws and treaties;

5. It is bad for tourism.

We request the political leaders of Nepal to do what it takes to stop cruelty against animals in the name of culture or religion.

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