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Save Rhos Library - Cadwch Llyfrgell Rhos ar agor

Petition published by WREXHAM INDEPENDENT GROUP on Nov 08, 2013
441 Signatures 
Target: 2000
Region: Wales

Petition Background (Preamble):

Wrexham Council is proposing to close 3 libraries, including Rhosllannerchgrugog. This is to save £92,000 as part of the council's cuts for 2014/15. In 2008 Rhos library was awarded £100,000 grant from CyMAL to refurbish the building which is a key part of day to day life in Rhos and the surrounding communities of Penycae, Pant, Ponciau and Johnstown. The nearest library, if closure is agreed, will be in Ruabon.

Mae Cyngor Wrecsam yn bwriadu cau tri llyfrgell, gan gynnwys un yn Rhosllannerchrugog. Bydd hyn yn arbed £92,000 fel rhan o gynllun toriadau'r cyngor. Yn 2008 cafodd y llyfrgell £100,000 o grant er mwyn adnewyddu'r adeilad, sy'n rhan annatod o fywyd y pentre a chymunedau Penycae, Ponciau, Pant a Johnstown. Os bydd yn cau, y llyfrgell agosaf fydd Rhiwabon.


We call on Wrexham Council's Ruling Labour/Democratic Independent Group alliance to stop the closure of Rhos Library and look for savings to be achieved in a different way.

Galwn ar glymblaid rheoli Llafur/Grwp Annibynnwyr Democrataidd i stopio'r cynllun i gau Llyfrgell Rhos ac arbed arian mewn ffordd wahanol.

The Save Rhos Library - Cadwch Llyfrgell Rhos ar agor petition to 2000 was written by WREXHAM INDEPENDENT GROUP and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition. Contact author here.

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