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Happy SasuNaru Naruto Shippuden ending

Petition published by Hatsu on Jul 05, 2012
Closed on Nov 23, 2014
6788 Signatures 
Target: Masashi Kishimoto
Region: GLOBAL
Thank you everyone who signed this petition!

Despite that this petition achieved nothing and we got that ridiculous Naruto ending!

I hope you keep supporting and loving SasuNaru!

Good luck.

Petition Background (Preamble):

In an interview Masashi Kishimoto told: 'If there were enough people, who would like to, I would make a SasuNaru ending, because it's my favorite pairing'.

Make the author and fans happy!


Hello, guys! A lot of you have been asking if this petition is real. Yes, it is! Actually my goal has been 20 000 signatures. I see that almost 2 years has passed and we have less than 5000. I still haven't lost hope tho, so please sign this and share with your friends! WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Let's make a happy Naruto Shippuuden SasuNaru ending!

The Happy SasuNaru Naruto Shippuden ending petition to Masashi Kishimoto was written by Hatsu and is in the category Anime at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , ,

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