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Request removal of Phillipa Stroud from Government position

Petition published by Shane Woodhouse on May 16, 2010
22 Signatures 
Target: UK Government

Petition Background (Preamble):

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has taken on Philippa Stroud as one of his closest Whitehall advisers.

Mrs Stroud sparked a furious row amid claims earlier this month that she was involved in churches which, for a decade, attempted to cure homosexuals by praying to drive out their "demons". She also heads the Centre for Social Justice think-tank.


We, the undersigned, request the removal of Phillipa Stroud from her position as advisor.

We believe that due to her questionable beliefs, she is not best placed for the position due to possible bias and outside influences.

We request that she be removed from her position immediately.

The Request removal of Phillipa Stroud from Government position petition to UK Government was written by Shane Woodhouse and is in the category Politics at GoPetition. Contact author here.

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