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Hawaii Community Stands Ready to Help Offset Impacts of Teacher Furloughs

This petition was published by Ramon K. Madden on Oct 05, 2009
Closed on Jun 11, 2010
Thank you everyone who signed the petition. As you probably know furlough Fridays are officially canceled and our children will now be able to go back to a regular school year. Only through a concerted effort where we able to get our representatives to stop the furloughs so congratulate yourself. Again, thank you for supporting our children.

The Hawaii Community is available to provide the following services at no cost to the taxpayer:

1. Provide statewide coordination of community volunteers to serve as skeleton staffing at public schools on furlough days so students have a safe place to go and learn without additional cost to the parents;

2. Provide statewide coordination of private fundraising to offset school fund losses;

3. Contract, using such raised and other private funds as appropriate, furloughed teachers to return to the classrooms on a part‐time basis on the furlough days so community volunteers have guidance from teachers and teachers can recover at least some of their lost income while continuing to serve the students and families
they were hired to serve in the first place.

In order to do so, we are asking for cooperation from the relevant agencies and unions, including:

1. Waiver of state‐union contract terms and/or state guidelines which prevent HSTA teachers from volunteering and/or working for pay under separate private contract in the public classrooms on furlough days;

2. Waiver of state‐union contract terms and/or state guidelines related to minimum salaries and staffing at public schools;

3. Waiver of state‐union contract terms and/or state guidelines related to minimum school administrative staffing;

4. Waiver of criminal and sex offender record check fees for processing of community volunteer applications;

5. Assignment of a Deputy Attorney General and a liaison from each of the DoE, the HSTA and the HGEA to serve with Hawaii TEA Party officers on a Rapid Response Team to provide fast solutions to the regulatory and procedural challenges that this unprecedented operation will entail; and

6. Such other assistance and cooperation as may be needed.

This petition is now closed.

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