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Support MidIowa Paranormal

Petition published by MidIowa on Jan 18, 2009
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Target: Newton, Iowa/Jasper County Board of Supervisors

Petition Background (Preamble):

Our goup of paranormal investigators had our meeting with the board of supervisors on Feb.3rd 2009 and we had been denied again in access of the Jasper County Care Facility. We are still going to go forward in getting access to this site because of the extreme history of the building and site itself.

MidIowa Paranormal is wanting to research this site to determine if there is any activity in this building. We have has several reports of activity from former employees of the home.

We are wanting to go in level headed not to harm anything. Going in with equipment to possibly find evidence or claim no activity at all.

Our team had decided that we are willing to go in the site with appropriate precautions necessary to protect ourselves and the county.

There have been several reports from witnesses that we will not mention to protect privacy that had strange experiences when they had worked there in the facility.

(Jasper County residents MORE PREFERED in this matter, thanks.)

We are going to petition out until next spring to pursue our efforts in this building. Seeing that 2 county officials are ending their term in 2010. We are asking for as much county support as we can in this case. Please pass on to ther county residents as well as any other county or state. Any questions please contact us at Any other concerns for yourself please feel free to contact us as well. Thank you for your time in reading our case.


We, the undersigned, would like to have Midiowa Paranormal to investigate the Japser County facility to better research the building and possibly lay to rest the stories of the site.

The Support MidIowa Paranormal
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