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Make Wolverhampton Bus Service Better

Petition published by Veena on Feb 12, 2012
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Target: National Express

Petition Background (Preamble):

I have wrote to National Express and West Midlands Travel a number of times about buses that don't turn up, come late and make me late for work. Changes that have been made have caused the public difficultly getting to their destination.

Removal of bus services and changing of bus stops has caused people to walk further, longer journey times and spend more money.

I have decided to set up a petition as I have spoken to many people who are not happy with the changes made. I have spoken to people who have attended meetings with relevant people to persuade them to bring back the 333 bus with no success.

I feel strongly about this, as I and many others are unhappy and would like someone to listen to us.


We the undersigned would like National Express/West Midlands Travel to return the 545, 544, 333 and 546 West Midlands Bus Services, so we the public have a better connection to the surrounding areas.

We believe it has caused problems for the elderly, students and workers to get to their destinations.

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