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make the serial of prithviraj chauhan of 1 hour

Petition published by aishwarya on Apr 21, 2007
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Target: sagar fims { India }
Region: India

Petition Background (Preamble):

dharti ka veer yodha ....prithviraj chauhan ...the great warrior who fought bravely and is a true warrior of our nation .....prithviraj chauhan the ruler of ajmer and delhi fought well for his well-beings.

sanyogita ....princess of kannauj ....who prayed alot for prithviraj chauhan ....she took many difficulties for prithvi ....

in the serial DHARTI KA VEER YODHA PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN....rajat tokas is playing the role of prithvi & mughda chaphekar is playing the role of sanyogita


rajat tokas ..playing the role of prithvi in prithviraj chauhan ....mughda chaphekar ..playing the role of sanyogita, are the most liked actors ...... the serial is popularized by their marvellous acting ......viewers of the serial go sad as the serial ends so fast ....i have opened this petition to request them to make the serial of 1 hour so that the viewers can enjoy the serial for 1 hour please join my petition ....

The make the serial of prithviraj chauhan of 1 hour petition to sagar fims { India } was written by aishwarya and is in the category Television at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags:

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