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Immediate release of Asia Bibi and review of the laws of blasphemy

This petition was published by Mariacarmela Ribecco on Aug 14, 2012

Your Excellency,

We wish to appeal to you on behalf of Asia Noreen who is the subject of our deepest concern.

Asia Noreen, better known as Asia Bibi, is a Pakistani Christian woman who was convicted of blasphemy by a Pakistani court, receiving a sentence of death by hanging.

We request the immediate and unconditional release of Asia Noreen.

We ask, moreover, a strong diplomatic pressure in the review of the norms on the blasphemy introduced in 1986 from the former president and general Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (articles 295 B and C of the Pakistani penal code). A law that in these years has become instrument of dead and tortures for the religious minorities in Pakistan.

In awaiting your reply, be assured of our most respectful sentiments.

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