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In Support of Wake County (NC) School Board

Petition published by Anthony Pecoraro on Jul 05, 2010
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Target: Wake County (NC) Board of Education

Petition Background (Preamble):

Submitted by Judy Keener

The Wake County School Board is working to offer parents more choices in the education of their children.


Petition of Appreciation to the Wake County Board of Education

We the undersigned hereby express our sincere appreciation to you, the members of the Wake County School Board:

Appreciation for the long hours; the boundless energy; and the personal sacrifices you have made because you care about the education of our children.

Appreciation for providing ALL FAMILIES choice in education, allowing the best opportunities for their family.

Appreciation for recognizing the importance of FAMILIES and their involvement in their children's education.

Appreciation for keeping your word.

Appreciation for your persistence in doing what is best for our families and communities.

Appreciation for your willingness to abandon failed policies and practices in favor of those which will empower our children to become educationally successful.

And especially, appreciation for your kind and gracious manner in response to relentless and unfair attacks & pressure.

Please keep up the good work. Do not get discouraged. Remember that we support you and are deeply grateful.

Thank you.
Written by Judy Keener

The In Support of Wake County (NC) School Board petition to Wake County (NC) Board of Education was written by Anthony Pecoraro and is in the category Students' Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , , ,

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