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Get Dexter back home where he belongs

Petition published by rachel lee on Dec 06, 2012
238 Signatures 
Target: west yorkshire police

Petition Background (Preamble):

On 5th December Dexter was taken from his home and family by the police and seized under the Dangerous dogs act. Dexter is not a dangerous dog, he is a staffy cross and he comes from a loving family who have been left distraught without him.

He has not done anything to warrant him been taken, he has not bitten anyone or anything so why should the police be able to come into a home and take him without a valid reason? They have taken him to a secret kennells and don't give you any other information as to how he is. please sign this petition to help bring Dexter home to his family where he belongs.


I the undersigned call for the immediate release of Dexter who has been seized under the dangerous dogs act.

The Get Dexter back home where he belongs petition to west yorkshire police was written by rachel lee and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: ,

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